Sticky: Asian Women and White Men: Why the Mental Health of Hapa Sons and Daughters of White Men (With Yellow Fever) and Asian Women Needs to be Addressed, and Why You Should Reach Out to Hapa People; by the son of a Holocaust denying, conservative, shy, black-hating white man, and a hair-dying, colored contact wearing, mentally ill, insanely violent Hong Kongese mother, the two of whom had a "crazy" fetishistic "marriage."

I changed the above picture for fear of doxxing; ironically, the picture is now of another Eurasian male who went to an Ivy League school, had a conservative white dad, and an Asian mother, and had a public meltdown. Use this blog as an example of how troubled Hapas can be, some worse than others. I wrote this essay about two years ago, at the peak of a very, very damaging breakdown. Since then, thanks to a supportive community and a (now large) group of Eurasians putting their brains together, I have transformed this blog into a rational discussion of the dangers of hatred, the reality of race relations even in romance, and even discovered the source of why I was so crazy; my older posts (if you go back to the beginning) can be used as a representation of the kind of damage that was done to my mind, and the kind of psychosis that can be found in mixed young men and women without proper intervention. If I hadn’t started this blog, I would likely now be dead or imprisoned, and ironically by writing I found the source of the very unsettling problems I had no more than two years ago; hence I won’t change the title. If you don’t believe that I am Hapa, continue reading. I try to present the issues as honestly as I can.

nicholas-cage-alice-kim-custody-battle-kal-el-cage-pp.jpgI am a formerly well liked, handsome, outgoing, popular, Dartmouth educated Eurasian man – a literal brown haired, hazel eyed dream Hapa boy – born to a mentally ill, violent, Chinese mother who sought out marriage into the powered WASP class – but then realized too late that the man she married was an underemployed, emotionally damaged, meek, rapidly balding, hyper-racist, hyper-conservative conspiracy theorist male who was an “Asiaphile” who wanted a “traditional, chaste Asian wife who wouldn’t sleep with black men” – and she essentially killed herself. At around age 20 I encountered anti-Asian racism (ironically from Asian women in my own family and white “friends” who actually liked Asian women because they were easy) and due to inheriting my father’s entitlement to the world and being raised to be superior, I was unprepared to deal with it; I am emotionally unstable, self-loathing, deeply mentally disturbed, addicted, underemployed, have strong intimacy issues, and to this day still unable to undo the damage that the Eurasian myths and family’s racism did to me, and unable to form proper relationships due to my self-hatred instilled on me during the first 20 years of my life. Unlike other Eurasians who find self-esteem in underpaid modeling jobs, are gay, permavirgins, or leverage their half-whiteness to Asian women, my self-implosion has been broadcast to the world to the point that I am internet famous. I am not afraid to be as viciously honest as I need to be in order to speak on the reality of this world.

If you don’t think this website is valid – go to, which received 13.5 million views in 2 years, and 2 million views in the last two months. Also – find half Asians with Asian fathers and compare their behavior to those with Asian mothers.

There are very specific issues with being the children of anti-feminist, racist, unattractive white men, and self hating Asian women who try as hard as they can to integrate and create white children, due to their hatred at their marginalization, and their hatred of their undefined facial features.

There are very specific issues pertinent to the “je ne sais quoi” of white men and Asian women, and the incredibly weird, unbalanced, uncomfortable, fetishized “dynamic” of “superior White man,” and “dainty, beautiful Asian woman.”

None of these apply to the children of Asian fathers. Almost every single part-Asian that people use to justify the superiority of Half Asians involves a Half Asian with an Asian father or grandfather (or both): Keanu Reeves, Dean Cain, Brandon Lee, and his father Bruce Lee. The reason why the sons and daughters of Asian men and white women fare better is simply because they are raised to not view whiteness as a superior entity; which both of my parents did, both of them being white supremacists.

Asian women specifically hate Asian men – and hope to create Eurasian children in order to raise their status; White men use Asian women as a means to get laid, provided that they are unable to do so with non-Asian women, whereby meaning that Eurasian childrens’ only value is to look as un-Asian as possible, meaning that Eurasian children are highly prone to mental illness, extremely racist parents, and broken homes. Failing to look attractive (our primary stereotype), means that many Half Asians just look Asian – which are essentially the bottom of the barrel in the racial hierarchy in the West. This also doesn’t take into account the extreme,  cruel, controlling, demeaning, calculating nature of Asian women, where they explicitly hope their children look White, so that Asian women can feel “superior” in wresting the White woman’s status and power away from her at the side of the White man.


Asian women are the ONLY race that explicitly goes out of their way to attack men of Asian appearance in an attempt to integrate and raise their own value. I do NOT like Asian women, firstly because they are physically unattractive (the fact that they look constantly angry, and the fact that they seem to have no life to their appearance, and just look like they’re always scheming), and also because their behavior is off-putting, controlling, hateful, calculating, and rude, as many others have noticed about them; they seem to pick lower status, unattractive white, and only white men, while Asian and Eurasian men will marry anyone, while Asian women only marry white males. Asian women will actually go out of their way to attack Eurasian men, as well, in a desperate attempt to bring Asian looking men down with them, and lower status, unattractive white men will use this as a ways to validate their whiteness – at the expense of anyone of Asian appearance, including Half Asian men. Asian women will attempt to control their Asian looking sons’ dating choices – pushing them towards Asian women; while white men who marry Asian women will act upon their insecurity and lack of control of their marriage, and lash out at Asian men, black men, and white women. Asian women are so unattractive that they pursue bottom of the barrel men of all races, men who are unable to get White women (their first choices), putting Half Asian children in danger. They will also go out of their way to ensure their flimsy “status,” my assaulting or attacking non-Asian women who are sympathetic to or even date Asian men, out of fear that the equal status of Asian men will reveal that Asian women are in fact not as good as they think they are.

Even Kip Fulbeck, king of all Hapas, admitted that the Hapa male process of self-hatred is such a problem, that it should be a cause for concern.

Iimage1-5magine being raised by two racists – your own parents. Your own mother wanted a white man, yet here you are – a half Asian, a man who looks very Asian. Except you have a white father. Is it possible to raise a healthy child considering the loaded, white-worshipping nature of yellow fever and white fever? How can a biracial child be expected to be normal if he looks Asian, and the entire basis of his parents’ relationship was that the man not be Asian? How can Asian women outmarry at such high rates, have an open ‘white fetish,’ and expect Asian looking sons to be emotionally well adjusted?

In short: I am the son of a foreign born Asian woman from Hong Kong who deliberately married a tall (6’3″, skinny), red-haired, blue eyed, bearded white man. She, like many Asian women, sought out a man who had a “Western” background so that she could feel integrated into her new home, and better than her fully Asian peers. She was by and large mentally ill, violent, abusive, cruel towards my father when he wasn’t making enough money, extremely controlling, and had self-image issues, changing her entire appearance to “look white.” She did not and never did love my father, and only used him because he was white; their entire marriage was violent, loveless (father sleeping on the floor for fifteen years), and calculating.

This man (a semi-famous paleoconservative Homophobic activist on par with the Westboro Baptist Church) was interested in Asian culture and married because he was socially unable to marry a white or non-Asian woman due to his political beliefs and personality quirks (he is very socially conservative, very racist against blacks, Hispanics and Muslims, a Holocaust denier and anti-Semite, extremely over the top homophobic, very shy, not many friends, belief that white women are too liberated, extremely distasteful of feminism, extremely meek and unable to make eye contact with others, steps off the sidewalk when larger men approach, unwilling to work or make money for fear of violating Christian scripture). His interest in Asian culture was largely dictated by his personality – in which he idealized Asian cultures as being more honorable and traditional, and mistook “white worship” (a cultural tick in which Asian women see themselves as less beautiful than white women and marry white men for status and integration), for “traditionalism” and “submissiveness.”

I was raised largely as a white child, yet turned more Asian in appearance with age. I was raised in an environment that had an undercurrent of anti-Asian male racism (America), saw Asian women (including five out of six of them in my own family, all of them, including my own parents divorced or separated – my mother being dead) throw themselves at white men (the majority of whom are racists, Republicans, or short and or meek), and also an over-current of false Eurasian myths about beauty and intelligence. I subconsciously always believed myself to be “less” because my own mother and her sisters all were married to white men and adamantly denied I was Asian for a decade. 

My parents’ relationship, as was the case in every single one of my female relatives, was loveless, violent and broken due to her disillusionment with my father after ten years as he failed to make enough money, and grew balder and fatter and no longer lived up to the White male Prince Charming she had wanted (separate bedrooms, forced to sleep on the couch, extreme violent fighting). My brother and I suffered extreme psychological and physical abuse (beaten with coat hangers by our mother, Tiger Mommed, had her threaten to kill herself with a butcher knife in front of us, threatened to crash the car with us in it while driving at 90 mph), and her behavior became worse and worse as she realized that her white husband wasn’t making as much money as her brother and sister, who both married Chinese partners. This is a story of someone who was very sick, and in recovery.

The behavior of Asian women, in particular, is like nothing else on earth, to the point that you can see the majority of all stories about abusive parents on Reddit’s AsianParentStories sub – complain about the mothers, including the second generation Asian mothers – like Amy Chua – who metamorphosize into the Tiger Mothers that they hate, despite claiming to hate Asian men. Celeste Ng, a New York Times best-selling author, personally attacked me, after I pointed out that her book “Everything I Never Told You” was based on the broken WMAF families in her friends’ circle, yet she had written it about a family involving an Asian father. Asian women have proven themselves to be extremely hostile against non-Asian women, something out of their deep self-loathing and cultural proclivity towards integration and status, wherein love is secondary if not nonexistent in favor of maintaining status, face, and power over women who they view, deep down, as more beautiful than them. They will even go so far as to attack Asian male / non-Asian female couples, and force their Eurasian children (like me) to marry Asian, in an attempt to maintain an image of false superiority over non-Asian women; (e.g., that Asian women are the most beautiful, when they are not, and heavily rely on yellow fever and male desperation for their feeling of integration and desirability).

When I got older, despite the fact that society told me that I was “unique” for being Eurasian, I was treated with contempt by both white people AND Asian people; Asian women would often express disgust at me for being Asian (scowling at me on the street, or smirking), and white people would constantly remind me that I was Asian in a way to demean and undermine me. Several of my “friends,” who were engineers and nerdy, actually would take every opportunity to remind me of my Asianness, while sleeping with Asian women, as Asian women were all they could get. This caused me to self implode from a popular, outgoing Eurasian to becoming a recluse and suicidal. My insanity grew more and more pervasive as I fantasized about cutting out my eyes to make them deeper, refused to look in the mirror for five years,

Two years after writing the below, I am leaving it word for word, as I wrote it, as proof of how I felt and feelings I still struggle with as a male of Asian heritage who clearly looks Asian, born to a mother who thought of Asian men as beneath her. I am highly educated, formerly well liked, popular, handsome, out going  and like many Eurasians I burned out in my twenties with the realization that people, even Asian women in my Asian family, hate my Asian side, so now I’ve turned my talents towards exposing the last bastion of White supremacy in the world as candidly as I can. I am literally dissecting White male / Asian women couples and the Eurasian identity to a degree that nobody else ever has.

I actually moved to China (which saved my life) in order to escape racism and feelings of inferiority – and was shocked on learning that my own mother (and many other Chinese) had moved to America in order to find the American dream – a dream that hated me for my Asian blood. 

highly recommend that any potential parent to half-Asian children make sure that they are marrying on a clean slate – with zero fetishism, zero white-worship, and zero undertones of racial hierarchies – and that they be completely honest about this, to avoid sending more young man down the path that I went. Hapa males in particular need special consideration due to the fact that we have zero privilege, and yet are raised by two people who want privilege without having to do any of the work.

I am doing this for every single half-Asian kid out there who has committed suicide, thought about suicide, suffered from racism, isolation, outcasting, and had two parents whose entire relationship was nothing but lust, selfishness, even hatred – leaving us with nothing but perpetual isolation. The world does not care about Hapa males if you look average or even a little bit Asian. The world – even Asian women, who truly believe that they are white – only care about whiteness and white men.

  • In short, we Hapa men, are Asian-looking men born from Asian women who overtly believed Asian men were inferior or unattractive or unmarriageable in every way; and our fathers were racist (or clueless) enough to support this by virtue of their desire for sex and partnership. The entire basis of our existence is that Asian women found Asian men inferior to white (or non Asian). White men will never admit this but it is by and large true. It also seems to be prevalent that the choice of an Asian woman is deliberate – and many men also avoid marrying Asian women due to the social stigma, one that ironically exists because they are too available to white men.
  • Asian women, and only Asian women, are the only group of women on the planet who marry outside of their race more than any other race of women, bar none. This obviously indicates that Asian women are unique in the regard that they value white supremacy and believe race to be of utmost importance. Asian women are also privileged in that they are highly valued and sexualized by whites, permitted to intermarry by white males, but we, their sons, are not. If a half Asian son looks even remotely Asian, he will face discrimination from men and women, even by Asian women like his mother. While Asian women are “accepted” into white countries, Asian men, including their own sons, are not. Why would an Asian looking Hapa – who gets humiliated and rejected romantically for being Asian – be proud that his own mother had “white fever?”
  • We Hapas / Eurasians / Half-Asian people are almost overwhelming born from white fathers, implying that Asian features, when on a male, indicate undesirability, not only romantically, but by society itself. Around teenaged years and college I came into contact with bullying, comments about my Asian appearance, and “I don’t really like Asian guys,” from girls – even Asian girls. That made me lose almost all respect for my mother.
  • The myth of “Hapa / half-Asian beauty” is just a myth used to justify extreme racism from Asian women who wanted “hotter” white men, integration, or status; and if we are not beautiful, or just look Asian, we are just reminded that Asian men are at the bottom of the hierarchy socially, romantically, as evidenced by even our own mothers’ choices. The entire value of Hapas then, becomes his looks or his ability to not look Asian, and if he fails to meet this criteria he will be poorly equipped to deal with it. Since Asian women are obsessive about traditionally white features such as white skin, tall noses, deep eyes – a Eurasian’s value is therefore how white he looks. We are also expected to submit to white male supremacy, where we face almost daily reminders that, “oh, of course it’s your mom who is Asian.”
  • I, like many Hapas who look more “Asian” went through long periods of self-hatred, sexual intimacy issues, self-harm, body dysmorphia, in an attempt to match up more with the “white” standard of male beauty; a good example was losing sixty pounds in three months to look whiter, considering dyeing my hair, cutting my hair very short to maintain a lighter natural color, bulimia, body dysmorphia, vomiting after meals, refusing to have photographs of myself taken for years, refusing to look at pictures of my parents, refusing to look in the mirror (which I still don’t do), suicide attempts and overall shame at being of Asian heritage when my own mother was one of millions who “preferred” white men. Naturally it made more sense to be proud to be white rather than proud to be Asian.
  • Feminist claims of cultural flaws of Asian men also conveniently coincide with Asian men being rated the least desirable and the white men, like my father, being tall and blue eyed. Moreover, my father as with many other Hapas’ fathers was an extreme cultural conservative and vitriolic anti-feminist, as well as borderline autistic, unable to find a white woman due to his extreme views and shy personality and by no surprise an Asiaphile (speaks Asian languages, loves Japanese films, martial arts, “honor” culture). Both of my parents were extremely racist against blacks; my mother thought she was white and my father hated white women for their liberalism.
  • Don’t believe me, ask for proof and I’ll provide; I literally am taking a monumental risk writing this blog as the details are fairly specific.
  • My father was borderline-autistic, unable to make eye contact, and saw Asian women as a “replacement white woman” when he was unable to get a white woman; my mother saw his blue eyes and height and saw him as a ticket to integration and higher status in her new life in the west.
  • Like many other White Male / Asian women couples the marriage was completely loveless, sexless, and angry; after marriage, naturally the marriage disintegrated because she never actually loved him, only what he represented.
  • I am asked to take pride in being Asian – but realize that the fact that my father is White means that being Asian is a flaw; I am so used to comments about “of course your father is white,” “ching chong,” “small dick,” that I take no pride in such an obvious fact, so while Asian women are celebrated and highly valued by white society, their Eurasian male children have to “brag” that even their own mothers wanted white men, reinforcing our inferiority. This isn’t like with half-black men who can brag that their own mothers wanted men who looked like them. We have to brag about bearing the physical features (eyes, hairlessness) that are objects of humiliation by white people…. and then admitting that our own mothers didn’t want them either?
  • On top of all these issues there is the actual experience of being Eurasian which at best is extremely confusing, draining, stressful, and loaded with societal implications of inferiority and superiority. The cliche is that whites don’t view us as white and constantly remind us of our Asian blood – while Asian men view us as the children of traitors and Asian women are either completely aloof from you unless you fit the “beautiful” Hapa myth. Asian women either want full white men – or full Asian men (less likely), so Hapa males who look Asian, are not good looking, or look ambiguous are essentially stuck. Essentially everyone dislikes you for nothing you have any control over.
  • It simply does not make sense for an Asian woman who, like millions of others, views Asian men as worthless, then has a half Asian son, and expect him to accept this, rationally. There is no political thesis or alignment that can explain the massive imbalance other than one that is self evident to no one but the children of these relationships and this blog looks to understand and expose them. In fact, none of it makes sense; it’s completely absurd.
  • At the end of the day, despite all the criticism leveled as Asian men, the defense-mechanisms of WMAW couples, and myriad excuses until the end of time – we still are Eurasian men born from uniformly White fathers, and we are left to figure out their sick, racist baggage.

Asian women and their insistence on marrying and having children with white men is not something based on love, but rather (at worst) on hate (largely of Asian men) or at best un-attraction, yet their sons are Asian men and we are taught from birth that love is not colorblind (I’ll discuss how loveless and hateful my parents’ marriage was, later in this essay).

I have come across enough Asian women who thought I was beneath them, to believe that all of us, their half asian sons, must resent our parents in order to truly punish them. Contrarily, embracing this and finding solace in hedonism with white women would effectively mean that I have to admit that I am able to do so because I am half-White; and this is not a moral or healthy choice. I would rather embrace my Asianness and expose these issues – as very few other Hapas are willing to. I no longer want to sit by and watch the hypocrisy and hatred flying through the Asian community and the effect this has on people much more susceptible than me (as you can see how susceptible I was two years ago).

For reference, I am in my 20’s, look similar to a whiter version of Hong Kong celebrity Daniel Wu (the kind of Hapa that looks white to some; Asian to others; yet photographs more Asian; porcelain white skin that sunburns, very dark brown, thick and difficult to maintain hair, brown eyes, hairless chest and arms but hairy legs, poor skin quality, fat cheeks), am Ivy League educated and from a considerably wealthy Chinese American family on the East Coast (the wealth is not mine, directly). I also have one mentally ill brother, in his 30’s, unemployed, institutionalized and a virgin, who looks significantly more Asian than me and is under watch by the local police department for being a potential spree criminal. My father was, when younger, 6’3″, blue eyed, red haired and with a large beard, my mother 5’3″ or 5’4″, slender, with dyed red hair, colored contacts, and a sexless and unhappy marriage as long as I can remember.

We are lauded up as some kind of beautiful Hapa miracle children, but in reality we are born out of nothing other than cultural fetishization and the pursuit of certain physical attributes, neither of which we are capable of having, since we are, after all, Asian men.

Only after we are born do our parents begin to panic and start trying to instill self-esteem in us by teaching us about our heritage (my parents trying to teach me Chinese, pushing me into Taekwondo, Karate and learning to use chopsticks), falsely encouraging us to believe that we will be accepted by whites, or worse, by Asians, the same Asians that our mothers were trying to escape from. The irony of teaching Hapas to be proud to be Asian when Asian women are willfully throwing themselves at white men, is staggering. Even worse is that we are not accepted by Asians and routinely reminded of our Asian heritage by our white friends / coworkers / classmates to the point that the psychological stress becomes unbearable.

A good example was when in college my friends would say, in a demeaning tone: “you look more Asian when you lose weight;” “you have an Asian look to you, do you wear glasses,”

But it’s obvious by just going outside, where you can see White male / Asian woman couples sitting next to other white male / Asian woman couples they don’t even know – that love is not colorblind, and as a Eurasian male this became evident to me in my teens, despite the fact that I did not look that Asian, yet gradually started to become more Asian in appearance during my later years.

In fact, Hapas and Eurasians are still treated as Asians by discerning whites (anyone who bothers to make the distinction will not make the distinction between full, and half) turned down not only by white women but by also Asian women, subject to jokes and insults by the white majority where he is, and then outcast by full Asians who view him as an oddity.

Hapas and Eurasians are supposed to merely accept that white men were the ideal in their mothers’ eyes, and that no matter what we will never be the full white person, or allowed entry into white culture, the same one that our mothers had such an easy time integrating with.

The only reason that talking about this is taboo is because of our culture in which such sensitive subjects of race and gender are immediately shut down in favor of a sugar-coated anti-reality that seeks to ignore that the vast, vast, vast majority of Eurasians have white fathers. So we literally see hundreds of thousands of Eurasians with white last names parading around like they are unique, when really we represent the obvious failings of Asian men to procreate. 

Still don’t believe me?

If love were color blind, then there would indeed be more Asian men marrying Asian women, black women, or white women, but instead Asian women rely on their privilege to negotiate relationships with white men in a perverse form of “marrying up”. If love were honest, and good, and unbiased, then Asian women would marry black men, Indian men, and Hispanic men at the same rate that they do White men. But they do not.

If love were honest, good, and unbiased, then Asian women would be as open to dating Asian men as they are white men. But they are not.

Hapa men are unique in that they are the direct result of hatred, not love (I will explain how my parents’  marriage was in actuality later) and “breeding up,” where we are considered inferior and superior at the same time. Just look at the fetishization of Hapas as being beautiful and talented, rather than the fetishization of Asians as being beautiful and talented; Whites are assumed to be beautiful and talented and Hapas only so because we are mixed with whites. After we are born, we are paraded around as accessories, our own mothers treating us preferentially on how Asian or un-Asian we look, all to the background of our parents’ marriage collapsing (e.g., separate bedrooms, constant fighting) since it was never based on the love in the first place.

We are a unique group of people who are destroyed the second we are conceived, and grow to become aware of the seething hatred our own mothers were capable of the minute we reach young adulthood. We literally are Asian men (even though some of us don’t even look that Asian, whites still remind us that we are) born to Asian women who, for whatever reason, savagely hated Asian men – then on top of that, our own fathers took these sadistic women into their homes and asked us to listen to their authority and advice on how to conduct our lives, because they believed that Asian women were deferential to whites. We are therefore the most unstable and at risk people on earth, and seek to destroy our own families, as mine as been destroyed with my dead mother and my pathetic, impoverished father and schizophrenic brother. I have nothing to live for – my belief in love and meaning is shot, only believing in the realities of evolution and sexual selection.

For this reason, I  refuse to be their “dream child,” I will live my life hedonistically and lazily and avoid success, and I will expose the poison that is this kind of relationship, and the lies about being Hapa, until I am dead. I am not alone in this feeling, as I’m sure there are hundreds of thousands of Hapa men who have, at one point in their life, questioned their own parents – especially with the amount of REAL LIFE hatred that these couples exhibit.

Whether they do this for status or for appearance is not relevant, though I do think that it is probably for the sake of appearance, since the taller build, wider face, and healthier skin color of white men might be the main reason why Asian women chase white males. Regardless of their reasons, they clearly will not stop doing it, and completely ignore the massive negative repercussions this has on their children, like me.

  • Hapa sons inherit all of the physical qualities that make Asian men unattractive, with the added advantage that we know that our own mothers attempted to breed it out. In my case I looked significantly “whiter” when I was younger and gradually, into my 20’s, began to look more Asian and was ill equipped to deal with the fallout from this. For example, on being told several times that I “looked more Asian” – as an insult, and denied relationships because (she) “didn’t like Asians,” made me realize that love itself isn’t real, as we would imagine it.
  • These physical characteristics include: smaller frame from our mothers, narrower rib cage, larger heads, oily skin, thick, unmanageable hair, narrower jaws, lack of normal skin coloring (a lot of Hapas have really pale skin, rather than reddish or tan), adiposity around the mid-section and chest, etc.
  • The Hapas who somehow deny this look white enough to “pass,” are gay, or essentially are so drawn in by the honeyed lies of their parents that they could never possibly imagine them being as awful as they were.

I was born of this relationship and to this day, I remain full of self hatred, lost, confused, and destined to die by my own hand, or to die having run to the furthest corners of the world, now for five years, to get away from the very thing that birthed me. I will, as a result, maybe as one of the only things I may accomplish in my life, write about the insanity of these relationships, how they are the ugliest thing on earth, and how they lead to pure disaster for their male children. I have long been known as eccentric, odd, weird, lost, all the while despite being described as “beautiful,” having had men and women photograph me randomly on the subway (seriously), having women balk at me in public, being labeled as gorgeous and as “the most handsome man” they’ve known in real life by my straight male, taller, more successful white friends; the day before Elliot Rodger’s massacre I even reached out to him on a popular forum and told him that I identified with his feelings, his self-doubt, his narcissism, his issues with his mother, and I said that they were uniquely Hapa male issues.

So, these relationships are corrupt, for the following reasons:

1) The white males (who range from anything from Anglo to Jewish to even Turkish), in many cases, view the Asian female as an easy alternative to white women, and as a valid vessel to propagate the continuation of their intelligent, master-race “genes,” whereas white women are seen as being sexually perverse, and prone to mating and having relations with the “lesser races.” My father is a strong example, having long harbored extremely religious, white-supremacist, and misogynist viewpoints; I was essentially raised as a white child, read western literature every night growing up, and spoon-fed antisemitic and conspiracy theory beliefs since childhood.

Some, in many ways, would consider my father a Men’s Rights Activist, or to a lesser extent, a MGTOW, who, like many other white men, felt entitled to a world where God reigned, valued the white man, and white civilization, rewarded the white man for being white, and, when white women failed to recognize his inherent “power,” (instead choosing to lie down with black males, or to party, or embrace liberalism or feminism), Asian women, of course, were the next best choice. I also know this because having come across numerous other blogs (, that talk about the same issue, my case seemed remarkably common. My father, for example, believes the Nazis were heroes, and my mother even called the police on him, when we were growing up, for talking about how the Holocaust never happened.

He strongly supports Mel Gibson, is an extremely devout Christian who despises gay people, believes that money is evil and that an ascetic lifestyle is divine, goes on racist rants about blacks, and vehemently hates Jews, Hollywood, and modern day American society. In this way, my “chaste,” Oriental mother was a strong alternative for him to marry, as Asian women are well known for worshiping white males (however I doubt he thought about it this way, since he’s incredibly naive). Ironically, despite all of this, my father is also a stringent Asiaphile, having strong fantasies (particularly about Japan) about Asian conservatism and social order; and even more ironically he dislikes the Chinese for their embracing of Communism.

2) The white males oftentimes are socially inept, socially awkward, or unable to compete in the modern day marketplace, both sexual and economic. My father would be diagnosed with Aspberger’s Syndrome if such a syndrome was known in his younger days. He is a social recluse, has almost no friends, listens to wave radio, believed that 9/11 was indicative of the coming Apocalypse, believes strongly in conspiracy theories that are very common to White Nationalists and anti-semites, and believes strongly in God and that God hates Jews and that the judgement day will eventually come; common to people like this, white supremacy, the belief in Aryan people at the top, with Asian people being a distant yet equal cousin, and Asian women, of course, being a healthy substitute for “hypergamous,” slutty, immoral White women, while Asian women remain “hypergamous” in their own right. I know this, because sadly, I am now both antisocial (having once been known as outgoing albeit eccentric), have long since disappeared from all of my friends, have gone through a thorough depression at the way American society was, and during the time period that I considered myself “white,” I too embraced white nationalism (sadly).

3) Asian women make divergent, opposing, and illogical statements about Asian men that will eventually find their way to their sons. The common claims from Asian women about why they don’t date Asian men come in two forms: The first is that Asian men are patriarchal, controlling, and conservative.  This is a patent lie.  This is a lie because the white men that they engage in relationships with are even more patriarchal, racist, and conservative, looking to Asian women as an alternative to feminist white women. The entire premise of white feminism is that white men are too controlling, patriarchal and conservative.

I know this looking at my own father, who is by far the most patriarchal, far-right individual that I know, so much so that it might have eventually contributed to my mother’s death; her rage at him, even calling the police because he had told her that the Holocaust did not happen (this is still a vivid memory in my head).  Again, there are several other races that Asian women can choose from, but they only choose white men, making this a complete fabrication and lie based on faulty logic and excuses. The very fact that they are capable of framing an entire group of men as the same while saying that another group (white men) are inherently better reeks of hypocrisy and hatred that I cannot ignore or forgive. The second claim is that Asian men are ugly, unattractive, small, with small penises, which contrasts strongly with the claim that Asian men are overbearing and too patriarchal.

The horrible danger of this claim is that it trickles down to Asian women’s very own sons, who begin to SERIOUSLY doubt that their mother’s “preference” has anything to do with character, and everything to do with physicality – whereby I have come to despise my own mother with a vehement passion.  Much of my history, if you care to read earlier in this blog, might stem from this ingrown self hatred that comes from being quite literally racially cuckolded by my own mother and women in my family, whose own belief that white men are physically superior mentally drains and destroys me, as her male offspring, and causes a bitter, catastrophic dichotomy within myself. Even the tiniest saying that “you look Asian” was enough to set me off, as I had long equated being Asian, in my subconscious, with being inferior, naturally.

Regardless of the “reasons,” or if sexual preference can be somehow discouraged, the very fact that it is so common and the fact that our mother’s choices were based inherently on preference for determinants of sexual / genetic health make all of our life choices irrelevant, because it is clear that ultimately our deciding factors and success in life and love are determined by our genetic makeup, so much so that our own mothers were driven in such a way to shoot down AN ENTIRE ETHNIC GROUP while giving unfair preference to another – means that any and all choices we make in life are hinged on our appearance and that nothing we can ever do can make us as attractive as a white male – as proven by our own mothers.

On top of this, I simply have no desire to be a “good son,” and merely want to either spend the rest of my life exposing these issues or, god forbid, as the title of the blog says, kill myself, which was the original plan when this blog started. (December 2015, 2 years after the blog began, I have decided to change this and instead devote time to writing, ironically this blog having been helpful in finding my sanity).

4) Our own mothers reinforce the horrible stereotypes about Asian men.  Regardless of their reasons, there are persistent stereotypes that exist in Western culture about Asian men. Whether or not they believed these stereotypes, we assume that they had no qualms about reinforcing the extreme negative image of Asian men by chasing, in droves, white men, and that our own mothers were very, very capable of betraying the possible future of their own sons by proving to the world, and their own offspring, that Asian men are and forever will be less desirable than white men. For every time that an Asian man is shot down for being Asian, the perception that Asian men are undesirable is reinforced, and our own mothers become guilty by association for actively being part of the self-congratulating group of Asian women who hate Asian men and think they are too good for Asian men. Naturally, most Hapa men who look Asian will suffer as a result and play up the fact that they are only half.

For this, my own mother is guilty, who I shall view with suspicion until my last dying breath, and I will never, ever, EVER be able to look at what she did in another way; I shall go out every day, very well aware that Asian men are so undesirable that my own mother sought to avoid them entirely, knowing that I can never, ever be viewed as desirable as them, and that any woman who notices me notices me only because I am whiter than I would otherwise be.

I really challenge anyone reading to describe exactly how a half-Asian son would not look at his parents and see either a stereotype, as WM/AW is the most stereotypical pairing, or see two people who got together on an imbalance of power that will affect their son, as well.

Or, you could keep pretending that I’m a full Asian male and just do what you do, and see what happens when millions of these maladjusted children come of age.

In Conclusion

Asian women will deny, lie, and beat around the bush until doomsday, but they will never admit that what they do is for purely physical reasons, and they will never admit that the ramifications it has upon their children is profound and disastrous. As I have read on some other blogs, this kind of relationship is purely selfish, simply because it follows the patterns of basic biology and evolutionary psychology, while deceiving its offspring into thinking that it is normal; the whole “Hapa” children or “mixed children” are valuable and / or beautiful is nothing more than a generalization and a lie, and it soon becomes evident that mixed children are birthed from couples forming extremely unbalanced patterns that favor women over men.

The male offspring of these relationships are then put at special risk and wind up imploding, as is the case of my brother, who is 32 years old, bed ridden, schizophrenic, and so badly damaged from his combination of racist/religious white father / self hating Asian mother, that he is essentially dead.

In short, these relationships are based on the hatred of the Asian male (in some cases, with the extra bonus of hating the white female), and the overvaluation of whiteness, and the resulting offspring, should he grow up in America, be keenly aware of this societal hatred, and grow, as I did, to despise his own mother.

Mine is dead, otherwise I would make it my goal to humiliate, demean and hate her, as I simply cannot love a person who would harbor such preference, if only because she is a rotten, ROTTEN person, and it is not enough to assume that “maybe” she did not hate Asian men – as the pattern exists enough that I would sincerely doubt her excuses if she attempted to explain it away.

The only reason it is me writing this blog and not some other Hapa is because I am free from the mental compulsion that my mother would otherwise have forced on me; I started out looking white but gradually have become more Asian in appearance; I am not a coward; I have empathy towards full Asian men; I am likely of above average emotional intelligence than is commonly found among Hapas.

Edit: I hired a translator! It’s game over for sexpats worldwide.

想象一下,你从一出生就被 – 你自己的父母 – 告知你毫无价值。你自己的母亲想要一个白人男子,这下好了,半 个亚洲人,一个看上去是亚洲人的男人。除了你有一个白人父亲。




总之,我们混血男人是看上去像亚洲人、亚洲女性降生的男人,她们公然相信亚裔男人在每个方面都低劣、或无吸引力、或不适于结婚, 或者白人和白人社会更有价值; 并且我们的父辈都是足够的种族主义者(或无能),以至于他们凭借自己对性的渴望和伙伴关系来支持这一点。我们生存的整个基础就是亚洲女性发现,亚洲男性逊色于白人(或非亚洲人)。

• 我们混血儿 /欧亚混血儿/半亚洲人几乎压倒性地由白人父亲降生,这意味着亚洲人的特点放在一个男性身上时不受欢迎,不仅在罗曼史方面,社会本身也是如此。在青少年时期和在大学里,我碰到了欺负、贬低我亚洲貌的话语,和女孩说的“我真不喜欢亚洲家伙”。

• “混血儿/半亚洲美”的神话只是亚洲女性用来证明极端种族主义的神话,
她们想要“更热门”的白人男子、混合、或地位; 如果我们不漂亮,或者只是看上去像亚洲人,我们就会被提醒,亚洲男性是在社会和浪漫等级制度的底部,甚至通过我们自己母亲的选择就是明证。混血儿的整个价值成为他的美或者他看上去不像亚洲人的能力,如果他不符合这一标准,他将很难对付这个问题。美既不能支付帐单,也不可将一个人准备成种族主义者。

• 像许多看起来更“亚洲”的混血儿一样,我经历了长时间的自我仇恨、性亲昵问题、自残、身体畸形,试图更多地匹配男性美的“白”的标准; 一个很好的例子是在三个月减肥六十镑看起来更白,考虑到染发,把头发剪得很短以保持较轻的自然颜色,多年拒绝拍摄自己的照片,拒绝看我父母的照片,拒绝照镜子(我任然不照镜子),企图自杀,和因为我自己母亲是几百万“偏爱”白人男性的人之一而具有亚裔传统时整体感到羞耻。自然地,为身为白人而不是亚洲人感到自豪更在情理之中。

• 女权主义主张亚洲男人的文化缺陷也很轻易地与亚洲男性被评为最不理想不谋而合,而白人,像我的父亲,高大和蓝眼睛。另外,我的父亲像许多其他混血儿父亲一样是一个极端的文化保守主义者和刻薄的反女权主义者,以及患有边缘自闭症,因其极端的观点和害羞的性格无法找到一个白人妇女,一点不奇怪,是一个Asiaphile(讲亚洲语言、喜欢日本电影、武术、“荣誉”文化)。我的父母都是反对黑人的极端种族主义者,我的母亲认为她是白人,我的父亲因为她们的自由主义而憎恨白人妇女。

• 我的父亲患有边缘自闭症,无法进行眼神接触,在他无法得到一个白人妇女时把亚洲妇女作为一个“替代的白人妇女”; 我的母亲看到他的蓝眼睛和身高,把他作为她在西方新生活以求混合和更高地位的一张机票。

• 像其他许多白人男性/亚洲女性夫妻一样,他们的婚姻完全无爱、无性、充满愤怒;结婚后,婚姻自然地解体了,因为她从来没有真正爱过他,只是爱他所代表的 – 当他未能给她提供她所期望的西方生活方式、未能匹配她兄弟姐妹的财富时,婚姻崩溃了。

• 更惨的是,白人男人和亚裔女人之间的关系代表了极端的权力不平衡,亚裔男子被看成敌人 – 而亚洲女性被种族歧视的白人当做“叛逆的”白人妇女的代理(我的父亲不断诽谤这样的事实;白人女性过于女权主义、解放或同黑人睡觉),我们欧亚混血儿童被当成白人儿子的“替补”,并被期望将在把我们看成“半下位”的文化中服从和维护白人至上主义 – 其中,我们被期望将采取保守的政治和否认任何“社会正义战士”或反种族主义行为,而且我们许多人,像马库斯·爱泼斯坦或艾略特罗杰,都这样做了。我们也被期望将成为白人和亚洲人之间的“中间人”,不如全白人,要不断地提醒这一点,并优于全亚洲人。

• 除了所有这些问题之外,还有一种作为欧亚混血儿的实际体验,这充其量是极其混乱、筋疲力尽、紧张、并充满自卑感和优越感的社会影响。老生常谈的是,白人不视我们为白人,不断提醒我们的亚洲血统 – 而亚洲男人视我们为叛徒的孩子,而亚洲女性完全疏远你,除非你符合“美丽的”混血儿的神话 – 因为大多数西化的亚洲女性要的是白人男性,而不是混血儿男性。基本上每个人都讨厌你,你无可赖何。五十多年来,我们根本没有求助 – 被告知,我们是“美丽的”,并没有对我们的状况或在世界上的位置进行解释。

• 就像数百万其他人,亚洲女性认为亚裔男人如草芥,然后则有一个半亚裔的儿子并希望他能合理地接受这一点,这根本就没有意义。没有任何政治命题或校准可以解释这种巨大的不平衡,除掉只对这些孩子是不言而喻的这些关系,这个博客看起来是要理解和揭露这些关系。事实上,这些全部没有道理的; 它是完全荒谬的。

• 在一天结束的时候,尽管所有针对亚洲男性的批评、白种男人-亚洲女人夫妻的防御机制、无数的借口,直到时间的尽头 – 我们仍然是欧亚混血儿男人,清一色地由白人父亲降生,留给我们要弄清楚这个令人难以置信的庞大的包袱,希望能够在这个越来越多、而不是越来越少的种族主义的世界上找到我们的位置。直到今天,没有人试图去做它。


作为参考,我二十几岁,类似于更白版本的香港明星吴彦祖(看上去一些人认为是白人,另一些人认为是亚洲人的那种混血儿; 但从照片上看更像亚洲人;陶瓷白的皮肤被晒伤,非常深褐色、厚而难以打理的头发,棕绿色的眼睛,无毛的胸部和手臂,但毛茸茸的腿),受教于常春藤联盟学校,来自东海岸一个相当富裕的中美家庭(财富不直接是我的)。我也有一个患有精神病的哥哥,他三十几岁,失业,拿福利,处男,他看上去比我明显地更像亚洲人。我的父亲,年轻的时候,六英尺三英寸高,蓝眼睛,红头发和大胡子,我的母亲五英尺三英寸或五英尺四英寸,苗条,一头红色的染发,彩色隐形眼镜,没有性生活和不幸福的婚姻,只要我还记得。

我碰到过足够多的亚洲女性,她们认为我在他们之下,请相信,我们所有这些是他们半个亚洲的儿子,必须怨恨我们的父母才能真正惩罚他们。相反,拥抱这种观点并从与白人妇女的享乐主义中寻找慰藉将有效地意味着我不得不承认,我能够这样做,是因为我是个半白人; 这不是一个道德或健康的选择。我宁愿拥抱我的亚洲人特质并且揭露这些问题 – 因为很少有其他的混血儿愿意这样做。我不再想坐视虚伪和憎恨流窜亚裔社区,别人比我更容易受到这种流窜的影响(你可以看到二年前我是多容易地受到影响)。在过去的两年里,大量欧亚混血儿犯罪分子不断在西方世界造成新闻 – 除10%以外,其余都是白人父亲和母亲亚洲; 在其他欧亚混血儿的帮助下,这个网站与其它手段一起,开始寻找答案。




0 thoughts on “Sticky: Asian Women and White Men: Why the Mental Health of Hapa Sons and Daughters of White Men (With Yellow Fever) and Asian Women Needs to be Addressed, and Why You Should Reach Out to Hapa People; by the son of a Holocaust denying, conservative, shy, black-hating white man, and a hair-dying, colored contact wearing, mentally ill, insanely violent Hong Kongese mother, the two of whom had a "crazy" fetishistic "marriage."

  1. Wow dude. You are not the first guy to think he is crazy, be antisocial and want to kill himself. There’s really no need to racialize it. Whites have their own issues. If you had a skanky white feminist mom, your life wouldn’t necessarily be better.

    Anyway, it’s not your fault that she died. You have to let it go. Stop blaming your parents. Stop blaming yourself. You are your parents.

    Recognize that a lot of what you are dealing with is genetic. the Aspy thing comes with benefits as well. You are a smart and capable guy. Harness your nervous energy to achieve.

    I can tell you have learned about red pill. you can clean up in China. I am a white guy living in China,but I have a Eurasian friend. Everytime we go out girls are all over him.. coming up and saying he is “piao liang”… and I’m not a bad looking guy, but he’s like a magnet. He carries himself well. He even hooked up with an Eastern European model here.

    I’ve had plenty of girls here tell me they aren’t into white guys. One said we looked like monkeys to her Anyway, life goes on. You are who you are.

    Enjoy life here. You mentioned a wife. How are thngs with her?

    Anyway, I will do my best to teach my kids that they are awesome just the way they are. If anything, Eurasians get a better deal than average whites or Asians in Asia, especially if they can speak English and Chinese/Korean or whatever fluently.

    When you get a little older you will mellow out a bit. Hang in there, bro.

    1. I agree with you that women make very silly reproductive choices,
      but why are you then basing your whole self worth on the judgement of women?

      Sounds like a young guy frustrated of not getting laid.
      There is so much more to life than getting attention of women,
      in fact you should consider yourself lucky that the lack of female attention
      spared you divorce rapes and sexless marriages.

      But i know it is difficult to think with the big head when you are twenty.

      Congratulations on your choice to move to china.
      Chinese women half indeed white fever so you will
      “enjoy” the reproductive advantage over there.

      Also no affirmative action and other male discrimination
      in China, i also want to live there long time as a white male,
      staying a mgtow ghost (no interest in any women), i am just interested
      in living a life of male dignity, which has become impossible in western countries
      due to feminism ( Your dad was 100% on the money there, but i am an atheist
      and think religious people are deluded)


      First off, Asians should not date whites because only whites truly benefit from the relationship and the Asian spouse is always forced to integrate to the white persons needs and culture. Whites have always used Asians as property to advance their own race. PERsonally, if I was a guy, I would most likely date an Asian or black chicks since they actually care about issues regarding the Asian community.

      Now onto the question: why does no one EVER talk about how DIFFICULT it is to get an Asian-AMERICAN guy? (I guess girls who like Asian males just move on due to the surplus of guys from every OTHER race who are EASY af to get as long as you are attractive, being friendly is a bonus)

      As stated In the article,
      1)FULL Asian males take relationships SLOW -true
      2) they seek the approval of their parents (when it comes to relationships and starting a family) -true
      3) they have a hard time expressing their emotions (due to the overbearing mass academic pressure and neglect of Asian men in western media and society) -true

      So if you’re a strong female who doesn’t have time for these games of “perfectionist bridal standards”, what the fuck do you do? I personally find it off putting to be friends with someone for 2+ years and then be confused as fuck in the friendzone waiting 3 years PLUS to finally reach “girlfriend level”.

      Also stating that literally guys from every other race are super easy af to get. All except for Asian-AMERICAN men. However, Asian guys from Asia are a lot easier to get than Asian-Americans but Asian guys from Asia internalize pro-white colonialism, so I don’t fuck with that.

      Anyways, those are my experiences and I’m sure many Asian females from AMERICA have also felt that way, and also non-Asian females who have the hots for Asian guys. Point in case: Ryan Higa, sought after by Asian females and non Asian females, popular, famous, has nice abs but CHOOSES to be single af, vs his other friends who are not full Asian, and are actively somewhat searching for love.

      Society acts like its such a taboo subject to express that Asian guys are hard to get. It’s a myth that Asian guys get friendzoned because they do all the friendzoning 🙂

      What I’m about to say next may be stereotypical (ps. This last section is only for humor) but from my experience on how to attract an Asian guy:
      1) be friends with them for 3+ to 5 years
      2) join their ALL-Asian friend group
      3) have a HUGE sense of humor
      4) don’t express any type of “craziness” or “emotional problems”
      5) do not have a history of depression or anxiety
      6) be smart af, I.e. 4.0, anything less will not be accepted, also must be in student government
      7) watch everything you say because you will be scrutinized under a microscope
      8) don’t have any imperfections because anything less is unacceptable!
      9) never be sad, ALWAYS deflect your sadness with humor
      10) don’t be your real self until you break down ALL their walls (which will take approximately 5+ years)
      11) stay in the friendzone and play their games of “what is this, is this ever gonna get somewhere” “everyone thinks we are dating but we are just friends!!”
      12) do not be sensitive as they like to make mean jokes and pull your hair
      13) have EXTREME patience, do not be impulsive or Asian-American guys will not wait on you

      How to get a guy from any other race:
      1) be mostly attractive & at least somewhat smart
      2) be friendly (optional)

      1. First and foremost: Depression is something that is serious and needs to be treated. If you feel you’re truly depressed, seek medical treatment ASAP. It’s pointless to be concerned about dating and interactions with other people, when really you should be concerned about your own health. I see these negative thoughts as a symptom or manifestation from the depression itself.

        I completely agree with this reply. I am Asian and I’ve dated plenty of Asian guys: White, Half Asian/White, Asian guys, and I find Asian guys to be very judgmental and unforgiving in terms of how they expect Asian girls to act. You need to be cute, submissive, sweet, easy-going, not weird in any sense of the word, under 110 lbs (MAX). They also play either the “self-pity” or “I am better than everyone” card. This type of behavior naturally pushed me into having longer relationships with white or non-asian guys since I was always ultimately rejected by Asians.

        I AM weird, NOT skinny (although I don’t think being 120lbs size 2/4 is that bad either, BUT too fat for asian guys), not submissive. I don’t cause drama, but I WILL speak up when I see bad behavior. It’s time for Asian guys to STOP blaming White guys for their issues and evaluate what is really going on with their own psyche. I think Asian guys do like the catty drama that pops up amongst Asian girls and materialism. It makes them feel manly.

        Also being Hapa is already an automatic win. Asian girls love that and naturally they are better looking.

        1. I don’t think there is anything wrong with blaming white guys. Because white guys are basically USING US AS PROPERTY. They could care less about Asian Americans suffering in America with immigration issues, lack of representation and sexual prejudice. It is white guys fault because they were obsessed with Asian women while bashing on Asian culture after WW2. White people have never really cared for Asian culture and tried to exclude Asians from immigrating to the US. (Back then, they only let Chinese prositutes in during the Chinese exclusion act) SAys a lot about how white men still don’t want Asians to build up their family in America!! They’re doing the same thing today but through sexual prejudice and media over-hyping ugly white guys with attractive Asian chicks.

          While I do agree that Asian-American guys are not ideal for dating, but good for marrying. However, how the fuck are you supposed to get through the marriage title without the dating title??? Then again, relationships/dating are very different from starting a family, which I believe Asian guys are the best for that. However, they really suck emotionally at the dating stage due to their naiveness and emotional stunt.

          Again, USUALLY (not all) white people dating Asians are low key racist or high key racist. As seen by the vast majority of white men with half Asian children joining white supremacy groups. (Marcus Epstein, John Derbyshire, etc)

          Also, Asian women are attractive and it’s not like only white guys like us. I don’t think an Asian woman should have to settle for a white guy when you could literally get a guy from any other race that WILL appreciate Asian culture and is NOT racist towards Asian men. I have talked to guys from all races, and ONLY white guys (or mixed whites who consider themselves white) are obssessed with Asian penises. No other race is like that. What does that say about white insecurity?

          Plus, I wouldn’t want to live in a world where people are racist towards Asian men! That’s horrible and I wouldn’t want to see my family members being discriminated against or bullied. Some of my male Asian family members have been physically assaulted because they were Asian. By black guys and white guys.

          Also, only Eurasians who embrace their ethnic side are cool. White worshipping Eurasians are disgusting and vulgar, such as Elliot Rodger.

          1. I like this very much 😉 my wife is Japanese (I’m Latino) and I have dated several white women whose preference were Latino and Asian men (few were high school teachers funny enough) and they all told me how the white men they turned down, after learning of the women’s preference, would question the women if they like small penises? Wtf is wrong with these insecure guys? Also, the stigma I constantly face from white men when I’m in public with my Japanese wife. It’s unreal but very real. Anyway, I respect Asians as a race whether they are men or women. I get along well with my in laws and wife’s siblings. So it frustrates me to hear when white boys marry into an Asian family but have zero respect for Asian men.

      2. No one is talking about living in China. If they move to America then they are Americans living in America, why pretend to be in China ? Also, besides race alone why would an Asian woman ever reject a decent white guy ?

    3. Also, Eurasian Writer is cool and NOT racist, but he shouldn’t feel sympathy towards racist losers like Elliot Rodger or stuffEurasianMaleLike because they are white supremacist. Sure their moms may have had preference over white guys, but I’m sure it was not at the extent of extreme white supremacy. If you look at Peter Rodger’s interviews, he is in no way a white supremacist. He is, however, a self centered person who could care less about interacting with his children. I don’t think it has anything to do with race tho since he is probly just a normal guy who was rich & vain. And I doubt peter Rodger has an Asian fetish, he seems to like other cultures, as he married a non-white and non-Asian woman after Elliot’s mom.

      Even stuffeurasianMaleLikes stated in his blog that he never cared for Asian issues, his Asian roots or the Asian community. And he said his parents were normal/good parents but he was just angry at the trend of WMAF. However, if you look at stuffEurasianMaleLike wrote vs the things EurasianWriter wrote, you can see a clear difference. EW is a truly kind person who just wanted love. He is not a narcissist or a selfish person that thinks he is above anyone because of his race or whatever. He is a genuine guy who was hurt by his psychotic mom and racist, socially awkward dad. EW truly cares about racial issues and the Asian community. He will even be raising two 3/4 Asian children. But I don’t think EW should feel sympathy for those WHITE-Worshipping, narcisstic, racist eurasians.

      As StuffEurasianMaleLikes said, he was repulsed when he found out that his celebrity crush, Jessica Alba, was a MEXICAN, and not an aryan white. See his racism and sexual prejudice? The thing Elliot Rodger and StuffEurasianMaleLikes have in common is that they are both white supremacists despite the fact that their parents aren’t. Sure, their parents may have preferred white culture, but they were not white supremacists. However, both Elliot Rodger and StuffEurasianMalesLike were both racist towards Hispanics & Blacks, considering them degenerate and pissed that a black guy can get a white woman when they can not. They are both sexually prejudiced due to their racism and are only into blonde, white aryan girls. (Jessica Alba is not white enough due to her Mexican roots) and they both think that they are entitled to women, and that women should just bow down to them for being half white. Which is why EW should distance himself from these white worshipping Eurasians.

      Because let’s face it, if StuffEurasianMaleLikes & Elliot Rodger were FULL white, I doubt white women would like them. Since women are not found of misogynic, entitled racists. (Unless they’re racist themselves) and both StuffEurasianMaleLikes &Elliot Rodger would be narcisstic and have a superiority/inferiority complex. And I bet you that they would probly be racist towards Asian males as well if they were full white. They would have a hard time dating women and would be one of those single, misogynic guys complaining about how women don’t like them despite the fact that they are full white. And if they were full white, they’d also be racist and get triggered when they see a white female dating a non-white

      StuffEurasianMaleLikes should not be allowed to reproduce since he will bring his children into a whole world of racism and self hate. They would suffer from a lot of mental issues and be white worshipping and hate all other ethnicities.

      1. Also, the experiences of Eurasian people range and vary. I hope EW realizes that his experience is the very extreme of WMAF coupling and most of these couples are NOT that extreme. Although I agree with you that 80% of WMAF have AT LEAST some form of the racial attributes that you are saying, I think that it may be mild to moderate. It’s not as common for it to be that extreme. That being said, I don’t think biracial people are bad, even if they are more on the white side. But I suppose that can not be helped. I personally don’t think you should attack other Eurasians who are not as affected by WMAF parents as you are. Because like I said before, it’s a wide spectrum and although most WMAF have AT LEAST some form of the attributes you mention, it is not as severe as your experience. I think most biracial people take pride into who they are, half of them are well adjusted and half of them are not. Most are more white culturally while others are literally half and half. And some are full on embracing Asian culture and are even more Asian than full Asians. Although I will have to say that most Eurasians end up liking whites, I have seen about 30-40% of them like Asians. Also, John Derbyshire has said that his kids are more of a liberal democrat and that he is somewhat disappointed that they are not racist and that they actually support the black community, but that he’s happy that his children are alive and healthy.

        Also, not very mixed person is attractive but every race also has unattractive and attractive people. Growing up, there were several eurasian kids who were popular and were sought out by girls of all races. And like you even stated yourself that most Eurasian males end up with white girls. I think the only thing stopping eurasian guys from succeeding fully in their love lives are their strange/narcissistic personality.

        I dont know if this is true since I never found whites to be the most attractive but maybe white fetishes are taught? Like if you look at the makeup industry, the media, the exposure to white culture ONLY. Esp in Asia, they really need to stop promoting white fetishes. While the success of WMAF is a myth and that it usually ends up in divorce or worse, I think that at least half of Hapa kids adjust fine. (At LEAST in multicultural communities- exposed to MOSTLY whites, good amount of Asians and Mexicans, SOME/smaller popular of blacks/Indians) However, they wouldn’t adjust well in all white communities. (As shown by Elliot Rodger) However, I still think that other types of mixed Asians are healthier than whites. I think a lot of your disconnect is that you didn’t grow up in a multicultural-Ish area, so you felt disconnected from your heritage and had identity crisis.

        The difference is that Asian culture emphasizes financial stability and academic success but other cultures emphasize physical strength/well-being. I think that if Asians started focusing on their physical strength and body, they would be highly sought after. There was a time when Bruce Lee stole all of America’s and a lot of females hearts. (I see a lot of white girls stating Bruce Lee as their peak of interest in Asian men)

        Btw, whites are threatened by multiculturalism because they are no longer the standard for beauty and that most people in multiculturalism do not lust after whites the most. The Eurocentric beauty myth is a lie and that’s why white nationalists hate multiculturalism, because they know that if other races were exposed to races other than whites, then whites would be less sought out after and wouldn’t be placed on a hierarchy pedastal. I personally never found whites to be the most attractive as I am into ethnic features such as dark hair, dark eyes. Never really found light eyes attractive, they look alien-like. Light brown, dark brown or hazel (green-brown) eyes are more beautiful imo.

        Btw, growing up in western civilization gives you the myth that Asian eyes aren’t attractive. I was actually quite shocked from guys telling me that they actually admire almond shaped eyes. I know some people don’t find it attractive but a lot of people actually do, and I do as well.

    4. I’m the white father of two happa boys. I’m raising them to be strong, confident alpha males. Let’s be honest, nearly all straight women are attracted to manly men.

      Dartmouth filled you head with pseudoscientific communist propaganda. If you joined the marines instead you wouldn’t have these self confidence problems right now.

      These problems are only mal adaptive thoughts. So change how you think.

      1. “I’m the white father of two happa boys. I’m raising them to be strong, confident alpha males. Let’s be honest, nearly all straight women are attracted to manly men.”

        LOL, then why aren’t white women with big tits and big asses attracted to you? This is going on /r/hapas.

  2. Don’t do that. Don’t kill yourself over women. Life changes fast, and if you just hold on, I promise you will make it out stronger.

    Please don’t self- harm.

    1. Needless to say, this post has a lot to unpack. Firstly, its obvious you suffer from psychological torments that have shaped your outlook on life. I wonder how widespread the conditions present in your upbringing truly are, however. I have no doubt that many of your examples are experienced by others matching your particular attributes but to what degree is an open question for me. The outcomes of the social interactions with the various groups – white peers, Asian females, etc – leaned a bit too close to the broadest stereotypes known to people. I have no reason to doubt the relationship with your parents was as you explained. Regardless of the actual reality, all human relationships are based solely on the subjective judgments of the involved parties.

      I’ll conclude by saying that while these events have impacted you deeply, the fact you can articulate them indicates you can analyze them and hopefully come to terms with them in a logical, dispassionate manner. I suggest you start with your assessment of Asian women. The bitterness you expose is tough to read and really needs your prompt attention.

  3. Very illuminating. I’m a Eurasian military baby–son of a white Navy sailor dad and Filipina mom. Dad’s conservative and dominant, mom’s submissive. Lot of the racial issues you bring up, and emasculating of the Eurasian son. Just add to that the fact that I’m a young gay guy. And imagine how that’s shaped my personality.

      1. Considering all the problems my sister caused–having a black male gangsta fetish, being a meth addict, lying, cheating, and stealing, going to jail, having her baby in jail–my being gay was a breeze for my parents!

    1. To Eurasian Writer, if you are reading this. Had this psychopathic, controlling Asian female who was my Chinese Professor. She hated me, an Asian American female, because she thought that Asians born in America were white washed. She had the audacity to call second generation Asian-Americans “white-washed” when she has a White husband!!!! What a fucking cunt. Im so sorry, but she is probly your mom ): She was a crazy hypocritical cunt and I feel sorry for her baby son. Anyways, theres hope, a lot of second generation Asians are realizing their parents backwards and ignorant ways. Not all of our parents are as bad as that psychotic Chinese teacher I had, some are innocent themselves as they were brainwashed by their Asian culture to be academically overbearing and in denial of any type of emotions. A LOT of us Asians are breaking away from this toxic behavior and I hope that one day, Asian culture will be more beautiful socially as well instead of over-emphasis on academic and financial pressure. (Why Asian countries have the highest suicidal rate)

      What makes me sad is that a lot of people will automatically judge Asian people and their culture without realizing that the difference between ignorant Asians and White Supremacists are that Asians are naively ignorant. While white supremacists choose to be ignorant and continue to be racist even knowing that it is wrong. Asians are honestly naively ignorant due to the brainwashing of oppression from Asian countries and Asian culture that has been passed down generation through generation. However, due to immigration in Western World, a lot of second generations are realizing how harmful this behavior is. Whereas if I was born in Asia, I might have been brainwashed too. ): I hope that people will teach us about racial history instead of lashing out at us because we are “foreigners”. The older generation just simply doesn’t understand and just needs educating! I admit that I didnt even understand the oppression of Black people until I was 18. And I became aware because of SJW teachings. Anyways, have hope… because sociological trends are always changing and soon, hopefully the ignorance will be gone. Unfortunately, no matter all the education, white supremacists will stay racist because they want power and to colonize all other races.

  4. As an Australian born fully chinese male reading this blog, I pretty much agree with every post you have written so far. I also feel the same anger you do at how unintelligent careless people make selfish choices without realising the damage done to society.

    Most of these white worshipping asian girls are very racist. If we ever speak up about this topic I just simply refer them to this blog and encourage them to read every single post. Asian women have no idea what asian guys have to deal with – all the racism and bullying.

    You are very much right on how asian women have a lot of privilege in the dating world. Online dating stats show the most messaged group are asian women. This implies that they are the most desired group. This is why they have the highest outmarriage rates.

    Here in Australia there are so many Eurasians here and its only going to grow in number. They have two choices. To declare himself white and make only white friends or to join the asian group. Most of the time if he does decide to join the white group, he gets bullied and rejected for being inferior. Yet these nasty men want to dominate and impregnate asian ladies. I just think it is extremely humiliating and degrading to the self esteem the children have to put up with. To born conquered.

    I don’t speak for all the asian guys but I’d say, we are going to assume when we see Eurasians we tend to ask whether the mother was asian and other times we won’t even ask because we already know the answer to it. I’d say its still better to make friends with asians because they are more friendly.

    Eurasian girls are a mixed bag and they seem oblivious to all of this mostly. I know that most Vietnamese girls all love specifically white though and vietnamese men have a bad reputation for domestic violence anyways, so understandably they would choose white.

    If we did live in an ideal world I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable seeing interracial marriages, but unfortunately we live in a toxic world, where there so much racism coming from the white male. Specifically Anglo saxon white male are the most toxic white supremacists out there.

    The real question is why would an asian woman date a white guy who disrespects asian men? Yet will give birth to an asian man?

        1. These couples do not reflect society in western countries. It makes employment difficult for asian women. I prefer to have the reputation of asian men. These couples meet at university or abroad. I am seen as a threat to racial purity

  5. Wow… Well, I’m a Eurasian guy. Mother is Laotian and father is French, however, most people mistaken me for being Italian or Spanish and Arabic when I would travel to those countries lol. Over all, I live my own life and I would say that I haven’t had difficulties getting attention from Caucasians and Asians alike. That being said, in France, I only dated Caucasians but in Canada, I turned the switch and went full blown Asian fever. Anyhow, excluding the family related matters, being Eurasian had its advantages. Didn’t you know? Women dig Eurasians especially if your the confident alpha career orientated type. And frankly, it’s rare to see mix races that are not attractive 😉

      1. @TCOMD: That a huge assumption. This was the experience that the blogger had, it doesn’t mean that it’s the same view that interracial couples have. Just by saying this, you are being racist by generalizing international couples.

  6. Please don’t kill yourself .if you do,you can’t go back.Once it’s done,it’s done.
    i’m asian woman(east asian/south east asian),anyways from my experience asian girls settle for white guys for different reasons.
    – For a better life/green card/a chance to move to the West.
    -To have beatiuful hapa babies-
    Hapas are kinda popular in Asian media, in some asian countries like Thailand, the Philippines
    -because white people are beautiful -American media is bombarded with white people ,and /or people who can pass for white
    you get asian and black models/actors,but it is still predominantly white
    -because white people are beautiful in Asia
    you get white models in Asian media,in Asian countries .
    I’m married to a Hapa man (East indian/malay/white)and my son looks Asian,except for his dark brown reddish hair!
    People assume my hubby is middle eastern or scillian,not asian or white.I married my hubby beacuse of love.
    All races of people are beautiful in their own way.

    1. Asian women that settle for white guys for social advantage are EXACTLY the problem. These actions racialize and creates a supremacy that is AGAINST asians in general. As an Asian woman, I am sick of being stereotyped, looked down upon, because of what these other self-deprecating Asian women do. I used to have a preference for Asian men, until I felt that having preferences were racist so now I have no preference. You clearly have a bias towards whites and against your own race, fix it, or you’ll never live a fulfilling and happy life. You need to look past race when choosing relations with people. Your race is something you don’t choose, and it should not be something considered in any action in aspects to life.

        1. Hey, I have been reading your blog and I am so proud of you for how far you have come! I’m sorry you had to go through that, but the worst part about your parents weren’t their racial identity, but that you came from a dysfunctional family. Regardless of race, anyone from a dysfunctional family suffers a lot of trauma. ): but I’m glad you’ve put your anger into constructive and helpful criticism, I am so proud of you 🙂 I hope that one day you can find your inner peace. And in terms of being lazy, maybe you can find your passion? I think it’s great what you’re doing with writing, but maybe you could become a therapist for kids from abusive families? It would be a shame to put your intellectual mind and self-awareness to yourself.

          It’s funny how society perceives that Asian women reject Asian males. However, I do think it’s quite the opposite as a pretty Asian female. Growing up, I felt as if Asian guys were very judgmental and too picky when it comes to females. They’d think I was cute but somehow they’d still judge me for being emotional and romantic. For example, my friend who is an Asian guy, complains about how he’s never had a girlfriend but rejects any girl who’s ever liked him and takes romance way too slow. Almost as if he never gives love a chance. I guess it is unfair that other races have “Asian fetish” more so than full-Asian guys, hence they give you more attention. That being said, white guys are WHORES who are Unaware of MY culture and racial concepts. I agree that Asians (or any other colored people) should stop worshipping white people. But yes, Asian males do often reject Asian females (they might not even notice it— especially at childhood where they tease/friendzone their female counterparts instead of being romantic and flirty) or not making the effort to understand us Asian females. And so Asian females will start to look for someone that does give them that attention and appreciate the fact that they are a female and Asian. Unfortunately, not a lot of Asian guys have yellow fever the same way that other races do. But yes!, they do reject Asian females at childhood, regret it during their teenage years, then somewhat get back into the being friendly and romantic with Asian females in their adult stages. Trust me, Asian guys friend zone Asian women A LOT and then complain that they are single and that no Asian females like them despite being self-unaware that they’re way too picky for their own good and that they don’t like to give out many chances to love.

          That being said, Although I do date outside my race, I only date guys that will assimilate to my culture and become Asian haha. I want my kids to turn out Asian. However, I am a millennial and despite being different racial backgrounds, my Latino boyfriend and I have the same culture because we both identify as growing up in an Asian community, hate white people, millennial and liberal af and we both identify as Americans who have immigrant parents.

  7. I am 25 year old Asian-American male of Chinese ethnicity, and I have a 34 year old sister who was born in China but was raised here in the US shortly before I was born. I didn’t exactly have a great relationship with her, she was rather abusive and manipulative to say the least. Long story short, she worships white men only for their whiteness, hates on Asian men. Now she denies that she was ever born a Chinese national and claiming that she was born here in America. One of these days about eighteen or so years from now, her hapa son will read this and know how fucked up his mother was. Most Asian women are like this. They worship white skin, they worship how white they want to be, they want to be accepted as whites. By having half-white children they can claim to be part white themselves while having an inferiority complex. It’s the desire to be accepted in a society that they feel is superior. She married a white man just for the color of his skin. I think Asians as a whole need to admit that there is a huge problem with themselves because a lot of them have this penchant for believing that whites are superior and more attractive. And a lot of Asians are in denial about it. They can deny it all they want but deep down inside them they have an inferiority complex towards whites. Asian women don’t feel or even know the pain and suffering that Asian men go through until they have a hapa Asian son. But I don’t think they have the slightest shred of empathy at all.

      1. i find that a lot of comments are generalising and racist.

        I am a woman of Vietnamese background from Australia. I am married to an Anglo Australian man. Has it occurred to you people that a man and woman meet each other and simply fall in love for reasons other than race?I did not choose him for his colour. I am proud to be Asian and find Asian men attractive. But living in Australia there aren’t many of them in my environment. Also I find Western men are more attracted to me than Asian men because I am not traditional as I grew here most of my life. Also, the Asian men in Australia want to go to Asia to find partners as there are a lot more Asian women over there naturally. I think it is a joke that people assuming if you are an Asian woman who marries someone other than your own race is because she hates Asian men or think they are inferior. It can be argued the same with western men choosing Asian women. Asian women can not be with Western men if western men do not seek them out.

        I personally don’t believe one race is superior than another. I think it’s loads of bullshit. We all came from Africa originally. If you learn more about the history of humanity, you will learn that there is no such a thing as race. Racists see colour when they meet people. Non-racists just see another human being.

        1. You’re absolutely right.

          It can be argued the same with western men choosing Asian women. Asian women can not be with Western men if western men do not seek them out.

          White men just blinked their eyes and Asian women fall in love.
          Asian men go for extra miles and Asian women still can’t decide.

          Love is after all color blind actually.

          1. I think depending on who you are, love may or may not be colorblind. If you have racial preferences, then it’s not colorblind. What OP was trying to say, is that because of her environment, it was really hard for her to find another asian male who grew up the way she did and shared her beliefs. And it’s not her fault if she identifies more as American than Vietnamese. After all, it is a given that any person will assimilate somewhat into the culture in which the country that they reside in.

            She never said she Hated Asian men, so stop saying that this is the type of women that EurasianWriter was talking about. However, yes, she may be unaware of race and culture but MANY colored people are unaware of race. Race isn’t something one fully understands, it is very complex and most don’t realize it until adulthood or never at all. Despite being a colored person or a white person.

        2. @Keesha
          “i find that a lot of comments are generalising and racist”
          Honestly, considering the social injuries that many hapa-Eurasian men find so difficult to escape from, these “racist comments” from said-Eurasian men pales benign in comparison.

          ” Has it occurred to you people that a man and woman meet each other and simply fall in love for reasons other than race?”
          I think THAT has occurred to everyone, including Eurasian Writer. The point of fact, however, is that he has experienced so many Caucasian men and (Chinese exclusively?) Asian women who weren’t like this. Already, his own mother confirms his experience.

          Really, he has a point: if it’s “just love”, why in fact do we not see more Asian men and White women couples? Why do we not see too many Black men with White women? And then, were is the prominent presence of Asian women with Black men?

          All in all, Keehsa, not only do I not find your post very productive and helpful, it almost seems representative of the view (and behaviour) of an Asian-man-disliking Asian woman who’s enamored with Caucasian guys: most of such women have a negative preference again the way Asian men look in real life, but when confronted online, they take to such defensive recourses as “I lovez Asian menz!” and “White man and Asian woman could just mean LOVE!!” You’re an Asian woman. You have a white guy for a partner. You said nothing to show that you actually understand the scarring psychology that men of your own race (and, more so, half your race) are tormented to go through. What exactly are we to believe? Did you really marry your White man out of love? Do you actually care about Asian men the way you say you do?

          Maybe your marriage to your White man really was true love; I don’t deny this possibility. And, I don’t know you, so I can’t make any official judgement about you as a person (yet). On the other hand, I think you can learn to empathize a little better for the predicament of Eurasian and full-Asian men like Eurasian Writer. These are, after all, real life experiences, and you have done nothing to help alleviate the pain that Asians like him feel.

  8. The administrator of this blog is totally racist and sexist along with some of the commentators here. WordPress has the moral obligations to take this blog down. Further, the administrator of this blog needs to see a shrink as he is posing a threat to the world.

    IMHO, Chinese men in Greater China, Russia and the West are mostly racist and sexist and they are the worst people on the planet. Chinese women with white men and other Asian women with white men are the best couples ever.

      1. Russians are ancient Hapas — from the rapes by the invading Mongols 800 years ago. The Horde dominated Russia for 2 centuries until Ivan Moneybags drove them out decisively.

        John Derbyshire speaks Chinese and visited Russia and he was walking up to Chinese people and trying to chat them up in Putongxua and they didn’t understand a word he said, they were fully Russian citizens going way back.

        Russia’s Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, is Japanese ethnicity.

        So moving to Russia is probably best bet for a Hapa — it’s the land of Hapas, going way back. They joke about “kosoy” (slant eye) people, but the ones making the jokes are “kosoy” themselves!

        P.S. Don’t kill yourself.

        1. Not true. Genetic introgression from asians into the russian population is fairly limited once you reach the more densely populated west russia. Its true that Eastern russia, the areas that border mongolia, China and Korea have some very genetically asian populations, but they are in demographic terms not numerous when viewing the russian population as a whole. There is nothing that warrants a general statement like “russians are ancient happas”. This is a gross exageration and misleading.

    1. Hello “Hong Konger”,

      Firstly, racism is the harbouring of the belief that a certain race is superior due to certian aspects or attributes. The OP is clearly denoting this belief rather than building upon it. Neither has he ever stated that Asians/Whites are superior – he merely stated the popular preconceptions against Asian men.

      Secondly, you’ve stated Chinese men are mostly racist and sexist. Can this not be said for a lot of White men, or just men in general? Is there is need to bring race as a generalisation into this? I see a hypocritical (and potentially, racist or self-loathing) man here.

      Thirdly, although not a Hapa/Eurasian, I can sympathise with the OP despite this rather extremist views towards his mother in particular. I have personally seen – including a girlfriend – stating that they want to have white boyfriends JUST because they are white. I was her ‘alternative’ because I was foreign born. Not saying every WMAF couple is like this; but that OP has described, certainly exist.

      Finally, I stumbled across this blog beause it was posted on FB. It’s an interesting read. I presume you are from HK, indicated by your name. I also presume you have a hatred towards the ‘Communist’ China and the belief that the West is the best (lol rythmns). I agree to an extent with the OP that this is due to your innate ability to self-hate and look in disgust at your culture, appearance, etc… This is because the reality is that the West isn’t the Utopia which you’ve thought of it; this can be said for any place in the world. Naturally, your hatred for anything ‘Asian’ or related to the ‘bad’ parts of being Asian e.g. small penis, communist China, dog eaters, etc… all arises from your clouded vision that Whites are superior, their culture is the best, their ideals are perfect. This is clearly not the case, it is simply the “less of two evils” – far from being the “ideal” which you have fantomised.

      Tip for the OP: Life sucks, but don’t harbour so much hatred. Certainly, do not live because of hatred. Live for yourself.

    2. Yes, Asian men can be very sexist. However, I don’t believe Asian/white couples are the best. I don’t even go for half Asian/white guys anymore because they act as if they’re white. That, or they are unaware of racial issues.

      Also, EurasianWriter, if you are reading this, funny that you say Asians rejected Hapas because they’re not white enough. I actually used to reject Hapa guys as a child because I thought they were white and not Asian. Until my teen years, when I understood mixed children more and realized that they are half of one race and not full

    3. “The administrator of this blog is totally racist and sexist along with some of the commentators here. WordPress has the moral obligations to take this blog down. Further, the administrator of this blog needs to see a shrink as he is posing a threat to the world.

      IMHO, Chinese men in Greater China, Russia and the West are mostly racist and sexist and they are the worst people on the planet. Chinese women with white men and other Asian women with white men are the best couples ever.”

      ^^^^^Spoken like a fine defensive White-man-enamored Asian woman who disregards Asian men

      If anything, though, his “Racist post” is a pleasant reflection of the racism that has been thrown at him. In other words, he’s merely behaving in kind. =)

    4. Your last sentence is ridiculous. I’m Latino and my wife is Japanese. She has a Japanese female friend dating a short balding white guy I suspect to gain a visa to live in Canada rather than Japan. I hear nightmare stories from my wife how her friend complains the bf is constantly monitoring her phone, social media accounts and if he finds a shred of evidence that she may have a male friend he loses his shit. Insecure doesn’t begin to describe this pathetic little man. I can’t reconcile their relationship as anything other than satisfying their own interest. It’s complete opposite of my wife and mines genuine relationship which is healthy and full of love and admiration for each other and our families culture etc.

    5. Your last comment sounds pretty racist if you ask me. I’m of Latino heritage and my wife is Japanese. We are aware of the issues that the author wrote on this article. The stigma I get to be seen with my wife in public whether it be in Japan or Canada from WHITE MEN is so real. After discussing my experience with a very intellectual and bright colleague of mine, he would describe their behaviour as someone whose territory was violated. Not saying all white men are like this (although my wife has a strong distrust and dislike for white men) but this is just unacceptable. Why the fuck would they feel hurt by seeing me, a non white man with an Asian woman? Do they honestly believe that Asian women as their property? Makes me sick. I am a quora user as well and out of curiosity I look at topics pertaining to similar issues as this one here. My findings would indicate that white men in majority are closeted racist with very few who actually believe in equality.

      My wife has Asian males in her family obviously. I have genuine feelings of treating them as family and no distinction from male to female in who gets my respect. Japanese men and women have accepted me into this family equally and for that I am grateful. So when WHITE men look at me with hate stigma etc when I’m with my wife, it just shows that everything the author here says is correct.
      I hate your last sentence. You should be ashamed of yourself. I consider you a piece of shit for casually saying and perhaps even believing that is actually true.

  9. Great article. I like the bluntness of it all. You can’t tell it any better. While there are many Asian women who aren’t like these racists like the ones described here, but there are enough of those hateful women to make you want to question humanity. The root of it all is constant promotion of white supremacy by the white men media. It will continue to whitewashing people as long as white men are in charge of Hollywood and Hollywood movies are the most popular in the world.

    Stalin once said “if I could control the medium of American motion pictures, then I need nothing else to convert the entire world to Communism. Cinema has become a battlefield for competing cultural values, and political values, as well as economic values.”

    That’s power of media and white Jewish men are in charge of it right now. They are also the one constantly promoting white men and establishing what is considered attractive etc.

      1. There is no such thing as a Jew race/ ethnicity. Judaism is a religion. Most people who society calls Jews are white. Look it up on the Internet. There are several types, most common are Askanazi Jews from Western Europe. White!!!!

      2. Whatever Jews are, they appear to be white and seem to be only interested in promoting white men only. There is such thing called Karma in this world. Retribution for their sick sins will be million times worse when they no longer control the media. I think most Asian men will remember what these racist Jews/white men have been doing all these years.

        1. You know, that is really interesting. After all, the only other people whom Jews vilify as much as they vilify Germans, are East Asians. Notice, the similarity with which the Nazis and the East Asian Communists are stereotyped by Hollywood and Television!

  10. Hello guys, i studied hapa malefemale theory for a long time and compared that theory to finno-ugrian and russian people. I am half russian and half marian both my father and mother have some type of slant eyes, i feel attracted only to my mongol(kalmyk) girlfiend. I would like to admit that you – hapas, experiense the same thing finno-ugrics and mixed russians do. Mari people – an entire hapa-nation has high suicide and alcoholism rates. Only hapa finnic nations(mari, komi, mordvin) in russia decrease, while pure asian finnic – nenets increase and pure nordic finnic – finnish increase as well.

  11. Lots of weird misconceptions on this blog, and you really seem to have a hard time accepting reality. I write this a Eurasian male, with three corners of the globe in me: East Asian, Middle East, and White Euro. I grew up slowly as most Asian males do (they grow the slowest out of all races) but I am also aging slowly which means I date girls 2/3’s my age now. I don’t have any of the problems you have. I am quite successful with women and lots of guys take my advice on women over at RVF. You can see my genetic profile here:

    Having East Asian genes has also made me more intelligent than most Whites I meet, but at the expense of being slightly smaller (5’8”). The shorter height has hurt me a bit in the dating game but after I learned some tight game (and especially how to dance) I now get more pussy than the vast majority of my White friends. I have fucked every race except black women because I do not find most black women attractive (something most men agree with).

    Let’s talk reality:

    – Whites are the most beautiful people in the world on average, and it has nothing to do with brainwashing or White male conspiracy, lawl. Asian women prefer White men, just like most races prefer White men and White skin. According to any dating website Whites get the most responses of either gender, and it has nothing to do with media brainwashing. It also has to do with the fact that Whites are numerically the least representative of all races in the world. The smallest in number, and Whites are a well-balanced mix of attributes plus being the strongest on average. No matter how you slice it, White DNA is excellent but rare.

    – Indeed, as Whites continue to suffer persecution and their numbers dwindle due to extreme decadence within their countries and betrayal of their elites. Also the Jews are totally complicit because they still hold a grudge from what Germans did to them in WWII, so the Jews generally promote anything anti-White at all costs in order to have revenge. The Jews have managed to become the most powerful and richest group on the planet right now, I hope the East Asians will be smart enough to keep them out and resist their wealth.

    – Your mother, just as many Asian women do, are reacting rationally to the fact that tons of White women are poisoned by feminism or obesity. White females who go with Blacks are actually quite small in number and are usually the least desirable of White women, so it’s a non-issue. The bigger problem is the extreme amount of White women spinsters (white birthrates are lowest in world, Germany is even beating Japan now)

    – Your Dad’s beliefs shouldn’t be your beliefs. I would argue your Dad is correct about what’s happening to the White race (in 100 years from now there will be only 1/3 as many Whites worldwide as there are now, maybe less) but not correct about breeding with an Asian woman. He should have known that by breeding with an Asian woman, there was a high likelihood his genes would be joining with the Asian race, and not the White race.

    – Children of racially mixed lineages have a chance of joining either their parents race. The children will look either more like their mother or father generally. What the percentages on this are, I do not know. For my mother, she came out with white skin despite being 50/50. Her adoptive grandmother was told to take her out of the orphanage because they said she would never be accepted by her fellow Koreans in 1966 due to having White skin. So she came to White lands and her White skin helped her fit in quite well. My White skin helps me out with many groups (except Blacks, lol).

    – Likewise, just because you do not fit in with Whites does not mean you cannot go get an Asian woman with your White genes. In fact, I cannot see why you do not since your extra Whiteness will give you a huge leg up over other Asian men. What is the big deal? So what if you cannot get White pussy? You can get Asian pussy just like your Dad did. Asian pussy ain’t bad, I’ve had plenty of it and if I were to choose a second pick over White girls I’d go with Asian. However, race isn’t the only thing that matters bro. A good woman of any race, who is hot and loyal, is always the best choice for ANY man regardless of the woman’s race.

    – Most of your problems, in light of the above analysis, comes from not having a mother in early infancy (motherly love in the first 3 years counts for a ton toward emotional development) and your distant father. This story is common to many children whose mothers die after childbirth. Many fathers can resent their children when the mother is gone early yet they must care for their infants and do a poor job. Your race actually has very little to do with your predicament.

    – I was also picked on for being a different race as a child, yet because I had good parents those insults rolled off my back like water off a duck’s back. It was nothing for me at all. Far worse was the bullying I had for non-racial reasons, as public schools are cesspools in general. I will certainly homeschool my kids if I remain in America because schools are full of vice and homosexuality, very little of it has value.

    Anyhow, hopefully this will set you straight if you have any questions just ask.

    1. No misconceptions.

      Everything is laid out plain as day.

      I am an Asian male born from a woman that hated Asian men. My fate was sealed the second I came out of the womb.

      If it’s not true that show me some evidence that Hapa males from WM/AF have ever done anything of any value in society other than murder people. But you can’t…. and don’t list off minor celebrities who had to run away to Korea to find work.

      1. Keanu Reeves, plus tons of others you aren’t aware of. You didn’t read a thing I wrote, because I am also a Eurasian male and I am doing just fine.

        Also your Mom did not hate Asian men, she’s dead and you’re imagining things. She just wanted better than Asian men, and she found it with a White dude. What is the big deal?

        I wrote you a long explanation of what’s happening and yet you ignored pretty much all of it. It’s obvious you don’t want the truth.

        1. If you can’t understand why believing “white is better” and still being identified as an Asian male by society is wrong – then you’re obviously not a Eurasian. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure this shit out.

          1. You make a good article and i understand you but you got some issues. Life is more than this. Being superior begins with you.

      2. Damn, I didn’t know that about Keanu – guess he’s a 3rd or 4th generation Asian mix. But remember, he couldn’t have got there without guys like you. It’s almost a certainty that your children will be better off than you in society as a 1/4th splash of Asian or White (depending on what kind of wife you get). I won’t lie on that. But to say you have no hope or chance is ridiculous.

        White males aren’t better exclusively than Asian males, but they are better in most respects. What am I? I’ve been blessed by God to have hybrid vigor: the good looks and well balanced disposition of being White combined with intelligence of East Asians. See, I’m not pure White and neither are you, and that’s what makes us great. The idea you aren’t totally accepted by Whites is irrelevant – you can still be accepted by Asians via Asian women (who will always gladly accept White genes) or you can find Whites who don’t give a fuck about genetic mixing (most Whites make it a point to be anti-racist).

        But that’s not the whole story. You’re still half-White, which means you are always going to have an ‘in’ with White society. Even as a 1/4th Korean, I still meet Koreans who are HAPPY to invite me into their homes just because of my genetic connection to them. You don’t need to pretend to be totally one of them, you just need to be your own man. You need to accept your genetic profile and proclaim it without shame. I 100% guarantee you will find both Whites and Asians who can love you for it if you can love yourself for it.

        This isn’t about being a wishy-washy homo, it’s just about being an alpha male (which is mostly a state of mind). As an Eurasian mix (like myself) you have advantages over purebreeds. You’re smarter than most Whites, and I guarantee 100% you are better than Whites at math. And because you’ve got White genes you’re stronger, more emotionally stable, more charismatic, and better looking. PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS and don’t worry about weaknesses. If you can get Asian pussy (and it sounds like you can) then what is the deal man? Why worry about competing with Whites when you can outcompete Asians?

        Since you hare half-White, it’s illogical to associate more with Asian than White society and your kids are going to have advantages over purebreeds (as well as small disadvantages) that they must work around or with. There’s no point to being angry over your situation because you still have workable alternatives, therefore logically you need to delete this blog. No matter who you mate with, you’re good. White or Asian, you’re good.

        1. I am a full Asian female and I think you’re straight up stupid @sam

          What’s wrong with assimilating to Asian culture even tho you are only half Asian? Fuck You, every guy I date, regardless of being Asian or not WILL and DO assimilate to my culture.

          Also, my Mexican boyfriend is out there stealing white peoples jobs in the business sector. He got a job with a successful business company and his white classmates didn’t. He’s gotten more full time job offers after graduation than any of his classmates. I’m Asian and I’m also taking white peoples jobs and houses.

          Also, you’re wrong because it’s now 2017 and whiteness is no longer appreciated in America. White people are assimilating to colored people and trying to relate to us with their politics and products they try to sell us.

          You’re extremely ignorant and you’re a product of colonization, you white worshipping slut.

          1. no he isn’t. I think he’s got a good outlook on life. You’re the hypocrite the author speaks of and you don’t even fully realize it. Go fuck your beaner boyfriend.

      3. I think you need help. I know self- loathing people of all race, they tend to want to find anything about their parents or other people to blame on. It is not always your parents fault that you are unsuccessful in life. Stop being pathetic and take some responsibility because you have a choice in who you want to be. Your exterior does not determine your happiness or unhappiness. Being Eurasian is not the problem, your attitude is the problem.

      1. I thought about this but I don’t want my mother to achieve her dream of having an all white family. Plus if my own kids are white then there’s a chance they’ll grow up to be the people who I hate.

        Truth be told I almost had a kid with a black girl once and to be honest I regret that I never did it.

    2. If I understand you correctly, you are the son of two generations of WMAF. Your Asian grandmom married a white man, and then your Eurasian mom married a Middle Eastern man, which is basically Caucasian white. All you have show is that its easy for Asian and Eurasian women to reproduce. It wouldn’t have been so easy for a Eurasian halfie male to pull of the same feat, and it rarely happens.

      You claim to have inherited superior Asian math abilities. So why don’t you use it to realize that 50% and 25% is a big difference? A 25% Eurasian from a Eurasian mom has nothing to offer us. At least if you had a Eurasian dad, you could share us his story of being a true Alpha Male who attracted your mom.

      1. It’s easy for a woman of any race to reproduce, numnuts. Bullshit on the Eurasian halfie male, again I know plenty of guys who’ve done just fine it’s you losers who need to rationalize your failings on race. You have huge advantages over normal Asian men in light of having White genes, go use them instead to get yourself an Asian wife instead of being pathetic.

        “You claim to have inherited superior Asian math abilities. So why don’t you use it to realize that 50% and 25% is a big difference? A 25% Eurasian from a Eurasian mom has nothing to offer us. At least if you had a Eurasian dad, you could share us his story of being a true Alpha Male who attracted your mom.”

        I’m still mixed enough to understand what it’s like being mixed. I realize it doesn’t cause the major life differences you guys think it does, you simply fail to understand how to utilize your race to your advantage.

        What, exactly is the issue here? That you cannot get White women? As a Eurasian halfie then you should just be focusing on Asian women from Asian if you cannot compete with White men. I agree Asian bitches in America are corrupt.

        1. It’s so funny how everyone knows plenty of guys who do fine. Like everyone knows plenty of manlet 5’5″ guys who are slayers. People just bring out these imaginary people in order to prove something for the sake of an argument. You’re hardly Eurasian so I don’t know why you spend any time commenting here, BTW.

          1. However, I have to give Sam credit that he’s right that guys CAN get any race of girls. Yes, that includes short guys, colored guys, etc. and proof? Look up famous Youtubers and who they’re dating: MotokiMaxted, AndreasChoice (she’s dating a FULL Asian guy), (all girls love Ryan Higa, etc, etc but he only likes Asian chicks.)

      2. “You’re hardly Eurasian so I don’t know why you spend any time commenting here, BTW.”

        Just show people can see that someone presented the truth and you ignored it. Also you sound just as racist as your White father. What’s the matter, I’m not “mixed” enough for you?

        Get real.

    3. Have you read anything he wrote? You clearly think like your average white supremacist, which is lame. White people are the best in the world? Did a white guy tell you that? Seriously, go pick up a book and learn some real world history. I mean real it means not the filtered shit white men have been feeding your brain your whole life. White men weren’t very far being conquered by Asians. Had that happened and media is being controlled by Asian men, white men would be where Asian guys are today in the white media.

      Yeah those racist Asian bitches are a major problem right now. They are a disgrace in that they are out there supporting white supremacy openly. Karma will come back and bite their asses at some point if it hasn’t already. There are many more sons of these unholy unions that will grow up and hate their guts. I don’t blame their innocent hapa sons. It is not their fault their parents are couple of worthless human beings who could careless about their own kids.

      1. “White men weren’t very far being conquered by Asians.”

        They weren’t, until the White man invented the crossbow and slaughtered everyone in his path.

        “Yeah those racist Asian bitches are a major problem right now. They are a disgrace in that they are out there supporting white supremacy openly. Karma will come back and bite their asses at some point if it hasn’t already. There are many more sons of these unholy unions that will grow up and hate their guts. I don’t blame their innocent hapa sons. It is not their fault their parents are couple of worthless human beings who could careless about their own kids.”

        More like the Asian women are acting like all women do, taking the best deal possible (hypergamy). This means White men for them. It’s obvious you guys have some sort of inferiority complex, but again, just go get some Asian women to pass your White genes along, what’s the big deal? You guys seem to think that being East Asian is amazing or something, when in fact Asian cultures were so tyrannical in the past that superior men were ruthlessly murdered from the group resulting in short little Asian manlets everywhere.

        Conversely, White societies have an excellent track record of killing off their tyrants, which allows strong men to thrive and prosper. It’s probably the case that Genghis Khan fucked over the Asian race hard due to his brutal extermination of anyone who resisted him, resulting in Khan halfbreeds all inbreeding causing inferior results.

        1. You’re acting like 17-20 year old kids are able to rationalize this in their heads by thinking about bullshit history and racial theories involving the inferiority of half of themselves. Which is not going to prevent them from going on killing sprees.

          Either start making real suggestions and stop saying stupid shit like all Asian men are short and that you know Eurasian men that are fine without providing proof or I’ll just delete the comments.

        2. By the way, if you can’t figure out why having to say that Asian men are inferior would be offensive to a Eurasian male, especially one that is going through his formative years, then you’re obviously not a Eurasian male. Don’t know what your combination is but I’m suspecting you’re not.

      2. “Either start making real suggestions ”

        Already have – stick to Asian women in Asia as an Eurasian male if you can’t make it with White women.

        “By the way, if you can’t figure out why having to say that Asian men are inferior would be offensive to a Eurasian male, especially one that is going through his formative years, then you’re obviously not a Eurasian male.”

        But you’re not an Asian male, you’ve got half White too. And because you’re half Asian you’ll be slower to develop than White males but you’ll stay younger looking than they will for longer as well. A Eurasian male peaks, physically, closer to 30 while the White man peaks closer to 22.

        The real problem is the lack of knowledge; people with Eurasian couples should know that their children will grow up slower and shouldn’t be part of all-White or all-Black schools. They’ll be better off homeschooling using their superior intelligence to make sure they can make money when they are in their twenties when they will be most effective at socializing and finding a mate.

        The idea that there can be no room for halfbreeds is ridiculous – it just requires a different strategy, which, sadly, most parents have no idea how to implement. But the internet makes it possible to educate all.

        1. LMAO I put up my photos. I took them down for personal reasons now. I’m Eurasian, I have extremely vivid details of my life on this blog.

          Here’s a primer for you: my mother is from Canton, came over in the late 60’s, my popo and gung-gung came over later, met my father at university, and the rest is history.

    4. “Whites are the most beautiful people in the world on average, and it has nothing to do with brainwashing or White male conspiracy, lawl. Asian women prefer White men, just like most races prefer White men and White skin. According to any dating website Whites get the most responses of either gender, and it has nothing to do with media brainwashing. It also has to do with the fact that Whites are numerically the least representative of all races in the world. The smallest in number, and Whites are a well-balanced mix of attributes plus being the strongest on average. No matter how you slice it, White DNA is excellent but rare.”

      this statement has got to be dumbest load of crap i have ever read that i dont even know where to begin..i know for sure my iq took a dip reading this statement. because of this statement i didnt even bother to read the rest.

      1. to eurasian writer:

        do not listen to anything this dumdass has to say..its obvious he’s either a troll, an ignorant closet racist or both…i mean just read the shit hes writing..ITS SHIT

    5. You seem like a real asshole. Judgmental as hell with a flare of superiority. You have zero respect for women or other races and your knowledge unfounded and corrupt. Educate yourself. Please.

  12. I hope my kids dont end up hating me someday (im a white girl)…but really arent you being unfair to your mother? Asian girls have to deal with their own stereotype too (which you give her). I would be horrified if i ever had a daughter only to have her fetishized by the white boys i rejected (and sexual harassment by itself is horrific enough)
    Does this mean my partner has a white fetish though? Or just a desire to assimilate? Maybe thats all your mom wanted. Sometimes he says self hating things about asians, and i think hes internalized a lot of racism due to being picked on and stuff…i could understand the hate for your dad but dont blame your mother
    which is really bad because my kids will not be able to pass as full white no matter how much he wants them to or thinks they will…
    I would die inside if my kids accused me of having an asian fetish, becuase they arent objects, they are so much more than that.

    1. They won’t…. I don’t know if you’re a poster on /r/reddit but we’ve determined that the majority of mentally disturbed Hapas come from Asian women white male pairings. This is for various reasons that I’ve written about before, the most viable reason being that Asian women and white male routinely bad mouth Asian men whereas their sons retain the physical characteristics that made Asian men undesirable; whereas it appears white women with Asian men overlook stereotyping and physical qualities in order to secure a partner. It’s totally different and visible even on street level when one has a chance to observe WM/AF behavior vs AF/WM behavior.

      1. To be honest with you. Black women deal with the exact same things with black men. Black men feel white women are superior and aim to breed out their race. They have been doing his for decades if not centuries. People say ancient Asians came from Africa. Something tells me that if that’s true black men and Asian women hold the same DNA of self hating characteristics. They both are obsessed with whiteness to the point of insanity.

        1. I really like the confidence and courage black people have in fighting for equality. Many black people has long since realized the racism undertone of “aesthetic preference”, hence calls for the “Black is beauty” movement. And we can see as a result the situation has certainly improved. This is a lesson we can learn from black folks. All ethnic groups shall learn.

        2. Ive heard the same from Black women. They want their kids to have better hair etc. I have also met many black girls who are crazy about asian men. Ive also heard from black guys that black women are becoming too demanding and judgemental ~ how true this is I don’t know..

          Many white women generally steer clear of particularly Middle eastern/asian and African Black guys because they are too conservative and patriarchal and uphold traditional roles. Example: Lobola where the guy pays for the wife etc. And because he paid, she is now responsible for the household chores – doesn’t matter if she works a fulltime job aswell.

          Another throught. Many white girls are also the fetish of asian men. These asian men have no desire to marry them but see them as playthings. Mere sexual fantasies nothing more. I have received so much interest from East Asian as well as Middle Eastern men because I am blonde with blue eyes. Not because they are interested in me but because they want sexual experiences. I always felt these men wanted to liberate themselves sexually as they think western women are sexually liberated. This was really hurtful. Women are women. We are all similar. All cultures have women who are more playful and women who aren’t. Virgins and non virgins. Just because women want to enjoy sex doesn’t mean they are easy. So many of these guys assume we are all easy – I guess its because of the aggressive nature of females in movies as they don’t have anyhing else to base this on. I felt like a piece of meat living in Asia. And i was really interested in meeting a genuine guy. But 98% of the guys I met were only after one thing. They also know you are lonely and they capitalise on that. Many western girls black and white have had their hearts broken. I also found them extremely pushy. I even asked my asian girlfriends about this and they agreed. The asian guys are pushy with them also.

          I lived in East Asia for 3 years and I am from Africa.

          The white guys in Asia do date many asian girls, because its easy for them.

          Not the same for white girls. Asian guys want to marry asian due to societal pressure but they want to play with other races. I personally find east asian men very attractive – beautiful dark hair, gorgeous shaped eyes and love the lack of body hair. But the Asian man is still conditioned to uphold certain gender roles. This is not acceptable for most modernised women, asian, white or black. Asian guys (from my experience – mostly Koreans) are very keen to buy you stuff, but not keen on giving their time. Most white women want time not stuff so this causes some friction. And the guys tend to leave easily if this feels too demanding. Their guy friends and parents come first. You need to fit into that. I tried dating not because I am racist, I have no racial preference. I still find white men attractive also, but I lived there so 99% of men were Korean. Sadly as I mentioned most are interested in playing.. and thats not my vibe. I am cool if some women are into that but I wasnt.

          Furthermore – Women also work. Women also get tired. And women aren’t born cooks and cleaners etc. Society bullies them into gender roles. Most of us therefor want equal partnerships. We don’t want sugardaddies. We can take care of ourselves. But we would like someone to share life with, someone we can love. We want to negotiate chores and live with someone we love. I have asian girlfriends who feel the same. They consider many asian men too conservative. My one black friend is married to an asian woman. She is very lucky to have him. He is kind, generous and loves her dearly. He is also an equal partner. His wife was married before to an asian and she was very unhappy because he was too conservative. Is this true of all Asian men, I don’t believe so, especially not those living in western countries, but it is true of most living in their country of origin. Society is just set up that way. I don’t think all men agree with it, but the pressure to conform is very strong so they choose the easier path. Many many Asian couples marry due to family pressure – so they don’t necessarily marry for love. Marriage from what was explained to me by Asians is about more than love. Its about family and security. It does not therefore surprise me that many asian women marry for other reasons.

          The white guy who marries an asian for the stereotype of obedience is a stereotype himself, a patriarchal male who does not have the balls to be a real man and who holds onto old school values where he stays king. And he will never find a good woman because he wants everything easy. He wants women to treat him as if he is special, Gods gift, women to wait on him hand and foot. He want a free baby bearing slave.

          My definition of a real man is someone who is not afraid to love and show it, someone who is not swayed by public/other male opinion regarding masculinity. Someone who loves his family as equals. My father, a white male, and my black friend I mentioned are such men. They love openly.

          These issues are not exclusive to a certain race.

          1. Saying all Asian males are a certain way is a form of racism, wherein the white male is seen as having the best porridge via the Goldilock’s theory; everyone is an individual. Generally what’s happening is that Asian women just want whiter babies for status.

        3. And yes. All modern people come from Africa. The oldest living people are the Khoi San people indigenous to Southern Africa. They can be traced back to the beginning of modern man.

      2. Your parents do not represent all mixed couples. I would not go near a man who who says demeaning things about Asian men or shows disrespects to my culture. Stereotyping is untrue and dangerous. You seem to me to be a racist individual, who uses your parents situation to give yourself legitimacy to post hateful messages to mixed couples. Bad attitude can happen in all colours.

        1. the situation for eurasian males and females is different. and the situation for asian males and asian females is different. I doubt you have the bonafides to contribute to this conversation.

    2. In the Asian male case a lot of the anger stems from being racially abused by white men as well as racially ignored and abused by Asian women… Who go in to give birth to half Asian sons.

      As I said there have been an amazing amount of incidents involving WMAF Hapas and only one from 25 years ago involving an AMWF.

  13. My friend is an Asian male and he hates his asian-ness. He only likes blonde and believes in the great white lie that whites are superior. His ex gf was a blonde white girl and she hated white guys. She was the youngest of 10 brothers and she thinks white guys are annoying and childish and would prefer the loyalty and intelligence of an Asian man. So if you’re saying AM/WF is okay, you’re wrong. But the thing is, it’s not all about race. There are shitty people of all race. There are black guys that only date Asian girls. Black women that only date white boys and white men that only date black girls. And your mother…so what? Damn people make mistakes and how dare you be such a fucking asshole to not realize she’s fucking human. Ppl dont have that education and some ppl are naive and believe lies and what society says. Ppl make mistakes and that doesn’t determine everything because ever heard of human duality? My parents married because they were getting old even tho they had nothing in common and argued a lot. Do I blame them? Yes, sometimes. But damn, people are fucking human and they just made a mistake. But that doesn’t mean I have to. I forgive my parents and I am so grateful for them because they may not show it, but they love me. And u kno what? My mom got into America from poverty in Vietnam. She was very poor and had nothing to eat and she had to get smuggled to live here ALL by herself at age 7. She had to go thru child labor and tons of horrible things for her family to obtain a better life. We may not understand our parents because we don’t understand their culture or way of life. But that doesn’t mean we need to judge them. They try. They are human. Try going to Vietnam, that country is very corrupt. If your house is on fire, they wont save you unless you give them all your money. And they ruthlessly kill people for no reason. So u kno what? You should grow up and see things from other perspectives. And if your parents didn’t love you, why the fuck would they keep you? Duh, If they hated Asian men, you would be fucking thrown out at birth and chopped to death. Just because people have flaws, doesn’t mean that they don’t have good sides too. Grow up a little. Yes, racism exists. But how the fuck are you going to end or stop racism through hate?

      1. Of course the Eurasian race is growing at an increasing rate. That’s because segregation is illegal and the population is increasing so of course races will be more likely to mix. And stop seeing people as a collective stereotype. We are all individuals and it is so wrong to inspire people to see others as objects of false ideas and collective stereotype. That’s like saying since one black person is wild, all of them are wild and uneducated. That type of behavior is what you’re endorsing with your language. It’s not okay to see people as a collective group of stereotypes instead of their individuality. And Elliot wasn’t a product of his race. He was a product of arrogance, selfishness and insecurity that he projected upon the world. He thought that any girl he wanted should be his. And if you read his manifesto, he was stupid and thought white people were superior. He was disgusted at seeing a full Asian male romantically involved with a white female. It wasn’t that he couldn’t succeed because of his parents or his race, he couldn’t succeed because he was ignorant and couldn’t sympathize with ppl. He thought the world should be his. Of course you would say the Eurasian race is increasing in psychopathy, that’s because Eurasians as a race is increasing as a population. And of course you wouldn’t know any wmaf successful Eurasian male. Cos u have selective perception and only read what u want to believe in. Which is the media, cos the media likes to criticize and spread negativity to grab views. Obviously, if a successful hapa was out there, the media wouldn’t give him or her attention cos media only likes to consume dark energy. And you shouldn’t spread insecurity among Eurasians by telling them they’re doomed solely by their race. That’s a ridiculous statement.

          1. My son is same age as you are, and he is a Hapa from WM/AF. He did very well in school, he was one of the top student in a top university. After that, he got a good job in one of the best company in the world, which millions of people trying to get in each year.

            He grew up in a happy family, with loving parents. His father is a man with good nature, quiet, gentle and patient. His mother is a traditional Chinese woman, quiet and diligent. She puts her family first. She gave up work to look after him until he started to go to school. Later on spent many years looking after the family too. His father retired at age 50(when he was 8). So, he was lucky to have his parents’ company during his childhood and adolescent years. He is a good looking, intelligent, quiet and happy Eurasian male of 5’5″. During his school years, he was too busy to have girl friend. When he was doing master course, he was working part time plus taking tutoring classes in the university. A few Asian girls were interested in him, and wanted his mother to introduced them to him, but his mother is not too keen to interfere with such matter.

          2. Well, instead of using “I” or first person all the time, I thought written as third person might sound better.

          3. Good for you and your family. I’m a half Japanese, Eurasian male, and my sisters and i have similarly supportive and good parents in a WMAF relationship and we are all doing very well. I do well enough with the ladies as well.

            I suggest that WMAF relationship in and of itself may not be the problem that produces all the anger and depression and adjustment issues etc., but rather many of the racial stereotypes and hierarchies that are prevalent throughout society that are problematic. And then some (or maybe most, but certainly not all) WMAF relationships are formed in reaction to these stereotypes and hierarchies and results in severe trauma for the children.

            Having said that, I agree with EurasianWriter that Eurasian men (I can’t speak for the women, but lets face it, this is a gendered phenomenon), as Asian men, are racially abused by white men (subtly from my own experience), and ignored and abused by Asian women.

          4. “During his school years, he was too busy to have girl friend.”
            I LOLOLed. I smelled euphemism there.

          5. Haha times are changing now, there are successful Hapas. Look them up on YouTube or LinkedIn. They’re making it in the entertainment industry in America and in big tech companies. Times are changing but then again I live in California where it’s very diverse

  14. I know a Eurasian girl who has struggled with depression and reminded me of you. She’s so pretty she could be a model but she goes years at a time between boyfriends and is approaching 30. She seems to love her white father, but she is completely transfixed on feminism and white privilege theory. Little comments of “What are you?” set her off for days at a time. It’s one thing to believe that stuff, it’s another to talk about it nonstop when you have good things going on in your life.

    I’m a white guy who’s never had to go through that so I can’t tell you that it’s not tough. The thing is, outside of this girls head, everyone absolutely loves her. She’s adored by men and women of all races for her best qualities. The point I’d like to make is that just because your life is tough, doesn’t mean you have to focus on the negative. This girl has the world by the balls and doesn’t know it. I suspect you have advantages you choose not to focus on. If you open your mind to the positive, there may be a world of possibilities waiting for you. That includes dating women of whatever race you like. Yes Asian men have it tough in the dating market. But… This blog is an act of focusing on the most negative aspect of your life. It will keep you in a terrible loop of feeling bad and nothing will ever change. The same way that girls spends her days on feminism blogs, she’s completely blind to all the opportunity around her.

    There’s no shame in being depressed. It’s often an issue of brain chemistry and everybody goes through it at times. For some, exercise and interacting with others helps. For others, counseling and possibly medicine help. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help! You absolutely must leave your apartment and connect with people for things to get better.

    PS: Who a person is attracted to is not a choice. If a bikini model from Brazil sat in your lap, you would be attracted to her, and it wouldn’t have anything to do with hating any other race. Who you fall in love with is about loving one person, it has nothing to do with hating another group of people.

    1. duderino,

      You’re white, you don’t know what it is like to be a minority and be perceived negatively by the media. You might not want to admit it, but you have “white privilege.” What needs to be done is portraying Asians in the media in a positive light.

      1. White privilege may be real, but being fully white isn’t going to solve this guys problems as easy as turning on a light switch. I’ve never had a problem with people discussing it. It’s the constant focus by some men, who are ignoring that they can succeed despite it. Introverted or shy men of all races face disadvantages in a culture that expects you to self promote and to be extremely confident. Guys that are fat, poor, or have red freckles have negative reputations with women too. At the end of the day, you have to play the cards you’re dealt with all your heart, because self doubt is a self fulfilling prophecy.
        Also you guys shouldn’t trust dating site statistics. Those girls have to filter out as many men as possible because even the average girls are bombarded with messages. .If you approach a girl in real life with a confident tease, she won’t see you as just another Asian guy.

    2. No offense but of course you think it’s peachy keen and easy to fix since you are the white guy these girls and many girls of all races really looking for. If you were on the other side of the equation you would be saying the same things as the op. So don’t be disingenous. Especially since white men tend to trash white women who would go for feminism or black men in the very same vein. Don’t be disingenous.

    3. “PS: Who a person is attracted to is not a choice. If a bikini model from Brazil sat in your lap, you would be attracted to her, and it wouldn’t have anything to do with hating any other race. Who you fall in love with is about loving one person, it has nothing to do with hating another group of people.”

      The average person is not a model, to be attractive to pretty much anyone. Second, in the REAL world, many people have selfish intentions, and marry what is perceived as acceptable or “in” in their society. If it was all about love, asian men or black women wouldn’t have to deal that amount of bashing from the other gender of their groups. Those who are bashing would simply love, not hate AM and BW in the process. Many people are rejected due to race or nationality, even when they are attractive. If love was so blind, how come anytime a minority wants to date out, whites are more likely to be pursued – and YES pursued – and not another minority? Because of love? You cant be that naive.

      This world is not a fairy tale. It’s easy to “focus on the positive” when you didn’t grow up with all kinds of racist experiences. This young woman has been dealing with racism for over two decades, and who knows what happened in her home, but you think you can offer proper solutions? I don’t think any white person can get what a minority goes through unless they have mixed children and see them go through this shyat everyday. No offense but I think you have no room to talk rightnow.

  15. Hi, I am a hapa female with an asian mother who dated many asian men before falling in love with my father, but she encourages me to date asian men too. I am friends with several half asian men who have asian mothers and white fathers, and I am friends with a few half asian men with asian fathers and white mothers. They are positive guys and it goes to show that your heritage and upbringing is part of what makes you “you”, but you alone control what you make of it, your attitude, and your future happiness. I always tell purebreeds that we have “hybrid vigor” and that is why we can find ways to be successful in many different fields.

    To tell you specifically who these men are so you know I am not just making up examples:
    – One is half white/half chinese (mother). He went to duke and is now a PhD candidate at MIT. He’s tall and plays basketball and is currently dating a cute white girl.
    – Another is half white /half japanese (mother). He went to boston college and now has a great job as a computer programmer. He is dating a latina woman, travels the world, and is very happy.
    – Half white/half chinese (mother). He graduated medical school and is now in his neurosurgery residency at a prestigious hospital. He has dated indian women and eastern asian women, the most recent who is a model.
    – Half white/half chinese (mother). He went to UVA and is now working in finance. Just got engaged to a petite white girl. He is great at guitar and one of the kindness, most positive men I’ve ever met.
    – Half white/half chinese (mother). This guy is asian but gets confused for hispanic sometimes. He graduated medical school and is now in residency for internal medicine. Happy, outgoing guy who cares greatly for his patients.
    – Half white/half chinese (father). He looks almost entirely chinese. Played football at Washington University, now getting his MBA Berkeley, just married to a beautiful doctor. He is hilarious and amazing at guitar (asian music skills for the win)
    – Half black/half japanese (mother). Did not know this guy very well, but he played football at Penn State and then was drafted as a running back for the Washington Redskins. Soft-spoken, smart and considerate guy that alll the girls wanted to date.
    …I could go on and on!! I actually know at least 4 more personally but I think you get my point. My eurasian male friends are well-balanced, smart, and well-liked. I think this is because we are all aware of how we don’t fit in completely with either race, and could be hated by either, but we chose to embrace our individuality and show others that we are not just defined by race. There’s a lot written in the past about being half white and half black, but I think after Obama and many other men they have proven that their race isn’t everything. If you’d like more evidence on my friends feel free to ask.

    You are so much more than your racial background and your family upbringing. You are unique and important and I am glad you are telling the world your story. However, I think you could make a huge difference by helping other half asian men and all mixed people who are struggling to find themselves and live happy lives. In no way am I telling you to love your parents, but please try to find peace with them and move on. You could focus your anger and great writing skills on so many positive things. Don’t let your parents (who sound terrible) define your life. I am sorry you had to go through all of that growing up, but you have your whole life ahead of you to make a difference and I believe you can.

    Finally, being hapa is a new master race… in a millenia we will all be mixed with asian. So we are just the pioneers!

    1. Of all the WM/AF couples in the world, would you not say that a large percentage of them involve women that are very, very “white only” and anti-Asian? Now what would happen if these women went on to have children?

    2. There’s actually a big difference between pretending your mother wasn’t “one of those” women and actually finding out for a fact that she was one of those.

      Why would I not cut her out of my life completely?

      1. Well, have you ever thought that Asian men rejected your mother so she had to find a beta white male to reproduce with? You’ve stated that she’s had mental issues, probly before she met your father. Let’s be real, full-Asian guys are not dumb enough to go for Asian chicks or any chicks who are crazy like that. I’m assuming that she probly got rejected by ambitious and educated Asian males, which led her to no option besides an asiaphile white male like your father. /:

  16. @TCOMD:

    My Asian mother’s past and present behavior:

    1. She measured my leg length, and the proportional length of my upper legs to my lower legs.
    2. She assessed the shape of my face and hairline.
    3. She told me not to go in the sun, saying, “You are ugly when you are dark.”
    4. Creepily stroked my skin, saying, “Your skin color is so fair, you really got the European genes.”
    5. Screamed at me as a teenager for shaving my legs, saying that I should not have to shave. She seemed incapable of understanding that along with the light skin, I also had hair on my legs.
    6. Screamed at me for having to tweeze my eyebrows, not understanding that I have more bodily hair than her. Apparently I am neither Asian enough, nor white enough for her. So it’s a no-win situation.
    7. She has obsessed about every man I’ve dated, asking: “How tall is he?” “Does he have a big nose?” “Is he very fair?” “Is he dark?” “How tall are his parents?”
    8. Screamed at me and accused me of not being active in her culture, but she chose to marry someone European. She seems to want me to be a “white Asian,” not realizing this is an oxymoron.
    9. Remarked that “I don’t understand why you have problems. It must be because of your father. So many mixed people like you go on to be movie stars and actresses in my country.” So she shoves blame onto my father, and seems to think that Eurasians should have no problems whatsoever and go on to be movie stars. I had to explain to her that just because someone is a movie star, doesn’t mean they don’t have issues. My parents have always acted like they’ve done me a huge favor and have no understanding or empathy for what mixed people go through.
    10. She told me that I should be able to find a husband, because “Women from my country make better wives.” Only she ironically pronounced wife as wipes. I considered this an insult, because I’m an American, I was born here, and I look mostly European. So it was an attack against Western women, and an attack against her own daughter.
    11. When I’ve tried to confront her on these issues, she denies her comments / behaviors / actions, saying “I never said that or did that.” So talking to her about her behavior is pointless.
    12. If I got anything less than an A, my parents screamed at me and told me I was a failure.
    13. My father once told me, “I gave you life and I have the right to take it away.” When I told my mother she got angry that he said that, but never did anything about it. I asked her to get a divorce hundreds of times when I was growing up, and she always told me it was none of my business to interfere in my parents’ affairs.
    14. I sustained severe verbal abuse, physical intimidation, and occasional physical abuse from both my parents. This would intermittently be followed by creepy attempts to hug me, kiss me, and cuddle me.
    15. My parents always threatened me to not say anything about their problems in public, because I would be bringing shame on the family.

    My mother went to an Ivy League school, which proves you can be academically smart, but emotionally retarded. I’ve come to the conclusion that her type of behavior is a form of racialized delusional disorder. The scary part of my story is that it’s common and I’ve seen similar behavior in other Eurasian families.

    People do not understand what many Eurasian children have to go through, unless you specifically tell them what your parents said to you, and what they did to you.

    If you are Eurasian and experience similar aggressive behavior from your parent(s), the only way to have some semblance of normality is to distance yourself from your parents geographically and limit your communication with them.

          1. Funny thing is that many Asian female SJW advocates for their own race end up marrying down to a white guy that are with lower socioeconomic status than they are. Examples? Iris Chang and Constance Wu (only at the dating stage) I am having a hard time understanding this.

    1. My mother did similiar things to me, nitpicking my appearance, the verbal and emotional abuse….she would do the exact same thing after beating me (it was brutal too, like i would have eggs on my head) but she is also diagnosed bipolar disorder and many cluster b personality disorder traits (narcissim, histrionic). My father was mostly absent but i think hes co dependent borderline and thats why he couldnt leave despite her abuses towards us. I think people who engage in interracial relationships are more likely to suffer from a history of mental illness.

      1. This is more true for WMAF couples than for AMWF couples. For the latter cases, it’s usually Asian men with sufficient confidence and success and white women that do not harbor superiority complex. For the former, like OP said, a big fraction are Asian women who don’t like their own men and white men who can’t get their own women.

    2. I’m sorry to hear that’s happened to you, but I think that’s just a parent thing. And my parents are both Asian, but they tell me to stay out of the sun as well. I don’t consider that a “preference for white” thing because their are many Asians who are light skin and other nonwhites who are light skin.

      Also, there are white moms who also measure their kids weight and etc.

      And I’m guessing your mom just wanted you to relate to her more and be a little more Asian.

      Also, I don’t think her not wanting you to shave has anything to do with being half white. I think it’s just an Asian thing that mom’s don’t want you to shave when you’re younger. Also, same with getting good grades and “I gave birth to you thing”

      I’m full Asian and I’ve experienced what you just stated. I think your mom did make remarks about you being half-white, but I’m sure that’s normal and nothing too out of the ordinary because people do mention racial things on a daily basis.

  17. Your experience is very one sided. My stepfather was concieved when his teenage mother was raped shortly after leaving her native Asian country and entering a majority White country. He was born light haired and light eyed,remains that way in his 40s along with hair skin and incredible height,and is a Russian Citizen by default Jus Soli. His mother absolutely DID NOT want him! She gave him an Asian name,married a fellow Asian when he was a toddler,and raised him and her younger sons in a home solely speaking the parents’ native Asian tongue. But was very fond of saying that he “looked like a damn orphan” and had nearly ruined her life. He wasn’t told the truth until he was leaving for university abroad&was actually relieved,because he had started thinking he really was an orphan and she wasn’t his real mother! When he met my mother in Europe she mistook him for full blooded European until he opened his mouth to express his indignation in his native tongue. He hated himself because his mother hated him for not being Asian and saw no advantage to be White regardless of the social status afforded him due to his appearance. When he married my mother he hid this from his parents thinking they would not approve because my mother is Black American, but when he finally confessed his mother’s callous response was,”You’re not really Asian so I don’t care. Your blood is already ruined, so I don’t care that you marry that monkey. I would only be upset if it was one of your brothers. They’re real Asians. You’re White.”
    My stepfather is a very successful wealthy man already retired at age 43 and a happily married father of 4 for 24 years,but still does not feel adequate, because his own mother continues to call him a blue eyed demon.

    1. No such thing as a blue eyed Eurasian unless his mother was from Central Asia.

      And that is an extreme case. Most Asian women marry white men in the US out of desire for blue eyed white Eurasian children – which don’t exist. Please don’t try to deny these issues and ignore the blatant bias that exists in American Asian women.

      1. Despite the maltreatment his uncle receives, I would argue that his mother has more self-respect than average Asian women with white fetish. Though you may say the kid is innocent, but he’s the product of a rape. In addition, the hatred his mom has for his demonstrates unforgiveness (who can blame her?), but SELF-RESPECT at the same time.

      2. And this ounce of self-respect might be the reason why his uncle became successful. After all, he knew that his mom doesn’t hate her own race, and hate his race only to the extent that she was raped by a member of this race. In summary, she hates the rapist, not his race per se.

  18. A lot of Taiwanese women got raped by GI’s, normally they either got abortion or gave their “bastards” away, I’ve never heard of any Asian man back then would marry a single mother who’s not widowed or divorced.

  19. Yes, these stereotypes are very real in society. But many do not fit this stereotype that you are talking about. But why does it occur? Because if u look back at Asian history. There’s a lot of corruption. While white ppl would imperialize other races. Stop portraying Asian women or the race as awful. Stop believing in that great white lie that media tells you. Want to know why society is fucked up? It’s all due to the stupid white ppl that exist in society. They tell society that white ppl are better and that Asians are worthless. Why do you think some Asians have an inferiority complex? Obviously it is the stupid white ppl’s fault. They do this to every race. If it weren’t for the fucking awful white men and women that hurt your mother while growing up. Or the fucking white media that shamed minorities. Then the world would be a much better place. Stop spreading fucking white old mans media.

  20. I have to acknowledge you tho, you are not horrible like the white worshipper; stuffeurasianmaleslike. I have to say it is a pleasant surprise that you’re not like him in the sense that he is representative of corrupt media and practices evil. Unlike your fellow blogger, you’ do not censor comments and you welcome opposing ideas. For this, I thank you. I congratualate you for not being like white media that censors and only approves of stories that enhance their beliefs and propoganda that white is right. Unfortunately, your fellow blogger is just like white media. He censors the truth and is unwilling to develop insight in ideas that do not conform to his belief that white is right. As much as he is in denial, it is very obvious that he is pro white. As he deliberately selects his spouse for one reason only : the genetic white female makeup. Isn’t he a hypocrite? He is. He lies. He says he’s not white washed like his mother. But he is. And it’s very obvious that he also has an inferiority complex. I’m sorry if this offends you, but it is the truth that the guy you worship is a white vagina slut worshipper. And I’d like to thank you for making me realize the racial issues that exist in interracial relationships. But Asian culture needs serious help. It got wrecked after white ppl invaded Asia. White ppl imperialize minorities while Asian ppl imperialize their own ppl. But that’s cos Asia is very corrupt. We had bad leaders that wanted power from it’s own ppl and did not protect the ppl’s interest at heart. This is another factor why Asian culture needs help… It would break my heart if we could not change that for the future generation. Spread kindness and truth. Not hate.

  21. There are plenty of successful Eurasians. From wmaf relationships. And of course, I wouldn’t know any famous celebrities at the top of my head because I dont follow media. But why do you have to be famous and well known to be successful? The answer is you dont have to. And because of that, I can very well say that there are plenty of friends and half Asians with a white dad and Asian mom who go on to have a successful career and family. And the Eurasian race is pretty brand new and not well known so obviously that would make it a lot more difficult for the average ignorant population to come up with names. We can’t come up with names because the population is average and we dont have that much knowledge on the racial makeup of ppl! Duh, as if that wasn’t obvious enough. But just go into the model agency, there are plenty who are half white and Asian. Oh I know a few that are successful youtubers! Ingrid from missglamourazzi. And motokimaxted! Hes a famous comedian and very successful in his school life even among a white society! He became vice president of his white high school and he obviously looks very half half. So don’t lie to me and say wmaf offsprings cant be successful! You liar! Look them up if u refuse to believe me! And isn’t it quite sad that you look up to stuffeurasianmales like when it’s obvious hes a loser that worships white clit for a living and has an inferiority complex? Hes never going to be a successful person not because hes Eurasian, but because he fucking sucks and has no drive or ambition in life to succeed. I bet if he has full white parents, he would just be a loser guy living in his parents basement playing video games. And his misogynist racist attitude would prevent him from getting a gf so he will be forever alone.

  22. Actually, my teacher’s son is a hapa. And he has blue eyes. Hes half white and Asian. Hes about 5 now and still has blue eyes. And actually, I’m an Asian woman that has semi prejudices against white ppl. I once dated a half Asian guy and I loved him but I hated his dad. His dad was just a piece of shit. His mom is okay I guess. And me and my ex got in a fight a couple times because I’m racist towards whites. Which is funny, cos he looks 80% white. Idk this is so sad because I did really like half Asian guys. But after reading your blog, I’m not sure I could ever date one again because I am just prejudice towards white people. Damn, I really had a thing for Eurasians that were Asian cultured tho. I could’ve seen myself being with my ex long term despite that he’s half white. And a lot of mixed race people are so good looking. Oh well, can’t change my prejudice against white ppl. I can love a white person I guess but I can’t ever stop being prejudice to whites as a whole.

      1. I used to be into hapas, but now I don’t really have a racial preference in terms of looks. However, I do have a racial preference in terms of personality wise. And growing up, I’felt that guys of other races were nicer to me since the Asian boys in my childhood were dicks. However, now that I’m an adult, i find that Asian males have matured a lot, are friendly and easy to talk to. The key is I want someone that relates to me as an Asian, but also as an American. And sometimes, Asian males may be too Asian in terms of personality for me. I’d much rather find someone who is a good mixture of both Asian and American personality but many Asian males who are like this are already taken and married.

      1. to add up to your point, most female hapa porn stars are WMAF daughters, and this high percentage can’t be explained by the ratio of the WMAF hapas to the AMWF hapas in the general population.

  23. The human body (including brain function) places meaning into everything. Things happen, and we automatically add our interpretations to it. Somebody looks our direction – we assume they are looking at our faults. But in truth, that person was just thinking about his/her itchy back, or something ridiculous and mundane like that. Why do these self conscious thoughts enter into our brain? Everyone desires to look good. Including the people that you are trying to look good for. That person across the room, chances are they are trying to look good for you. They want you to like and respect them.

    It’s human functioning- our bodies (including the brain) are “machines” wired to put meaning into everything, and from birth to death, that is how we will function. It’s our bodies that insist on attaching these interpretations to them. We will never be free of this and it will be a continuous cycle, like a hamster on a wheel.

    Let’s recognize our mind and body for what they are– meaning making machines. You’re a separate and eternal entity that can control and explore this sack of meat and this world we live in.

    If we think of life like a video game and your body and mind as an avatar, then you have to admit, it’s a pretty interesting and complex game. You tell your avatar what to do. You explore a path that you never knew existed. See how complex and infinite everything is. You choose how to interpret the events that happened in the past, as well as those that will take place in the future.

  24. But, seriously, move somewhere that pot is legal, find a kick ass bar where you can drink and watch the tube and find a clean gym near by and focus on yourself. Dude, your fucking smart dude, and i know that comes with some realizations. I can say it with a tear in my eye, its a fuckin white mans world, my ancestors would have colonized the moon if they could have reached it. But you don’t have to play into that played out bull shit. Dude… This order, good job, good weed, good food, good gym, good beer, good hobbies?, good women?. I guess you have to throw “good friends” in there too but that also depends on the guy.

    I am a white guy and I feel ya dude, women are setting traps for me, They want my fucking ballz in a jar dude, so i have to go work 50 hours a week so they can have nice stuff. fuck that. I am telling you dude I haven’t had sex in like a year and I feel free. I don’t have to play emotional games, I don’t have to worry about making moments “awkward” or causing “drama.” I am 24 years old and I only focus on me!

    Dude women are fucking cold, i’ve just figured it out, they can fucking trap you for life. Don’t let them turn it into a GUY VS GUY thing. We gotta stick together dude, think of your self, be greedy! Think of eating good food and staying healthy. You could live a long life! Think of some weed or some beer or some drug that’ll help relieve that stress you get from working all week. What about a vacation dude? Did you have any dreams as a little kid? Who did you want to be? Did you see yourself on a board catching some tastey waves? Maybe at the local club tearing up the dance floor? We’ll you gotta focus on that now… fuck women dude they just wanna trap you anyways.

    I hope you can shake out of this funk though dude and find a healthy balance for your body and your mind. I can tell that your smart and the quicker you ignore this the quicker it’ll go away… focus on something else man! You thank your self for it later in life… you’ll be like 45 and you could, sail, bench 225 easy at the gym, catch some local or foriegn waves, speak a few languages, drive a motorcycle, play an instrument. OR you can be that guy that is super average that got married huh haha don’t let a lady trap you!

    1. TBH, your ancestors (the Irish ones) weren’t the successful white folks. It was rather the Anglos. This is exactly why racism is rational for some — the intra-racial externalities: as an Irish man, you get to reap the fruit of the ancient English conquerors just because you look like them. So it’s rational for you to root for him over people of other color cuz there would be some expected benefit if he succeeds.

  25. “What exactly are you doing with you life besides writing blogs?
    Eurasian Writer says:
    July 26, 2015 at 4:25 pm

    Why does it matter? Does the content offend you?”

    The liberal progressive SJWs are always say “we need to have a conversation about race”. What they really mean is that they need to lecture us about race and if anyone speaks out against the PC narrative they are accused of being “racist” lol.

    Take solance hapa guys, the next 30 years will be interesting times in the anglosphere and we have a frontseat!

    The Marxist elites want to flood US with millions of Mexicans & other nonwhites to help displace the hated white Christians & provide cheap labor.

    The neocons in the next 5 years will eventually have the US military to invade/ destroy Syria & Iran to fulfill the foreign policy YONIN plan and PNAC doctrine ( youtube search these 2 political doctrines if you want to know what the primary reason US is really doing in the ME) while the American sheep are busy hypnotized by the kardashians and their basketball//baseball/football.

    But the blowback from invading half the Middle East for the elite neocons is the elite Marxists continue to demand US & EU nations accept millions of hyper masculine , hyper violent muslim war refugees from the Middle East.

    And because the neocons destroyed Libya’s Khadaffi government, who was the ONLY thing standing between Europe and a tidal wave of MILLIONS of horny , young military aged , big dicked African asylum seekers lol.

    It’s a brilliant “Invade the World, Invite the World” strategy the anglosphere elites have planned for us ( outside of Israel of course. Israel must always remain a Jewish majority nation).
    Schadenfreude guys. Take a front seat with a bag of popcorn as we enjoy the decline.

  26. @Hilda:

    I watched it. Thank you for posting the video link.

    It was hard to watch, because it embodies some of the worst of WMAF. But because you hear the comments directly from the mouths of the WMAF couple themselves, it makes things VERY clear. I think every Eurasian should watch that video, regardless of the nature of their parents’ relationship. It also saddened me that the daughter/filmmaker (who is white, from the dad’s first marriage), has to endure the entire ordeal. More people should make films like that and not be afraid to talk about the topic.

    On another note, I’ve known quite a few Filipina women who have pride in their culture and do not act subservient and self-demeaning like the woman in the film. But all Asian women need to think of the choices they make because of women like the one in the film, and think how their choices reflect on themselves, and their future children. This takes a level of self-awareness and education that the young woman in the film was not yet capable of – she thought she would be giving her future children a better life, but she couldn’t be more wrong.

  27. Bro, you have it dead right. I’m a purebred Chinese and my sister only dates white men. For the exact reasons you said as well. I figured this stuff out a year ago and have been working on enlightening fellow Asians AND whites. I don’t hate whites, they’re breeding themselves out, and we’ll be overrun with hispanics, blacks, and muslims soon. I’ve noticed most white guys with yellow fever nowadays are emasculated beta males, and when I tell them their sons will look more like me than themselves, I can see them having an internal crisis.

    I’m not angry or anything, I’m 6′ tall, handsome, fit, and I get plenty of female attention and have a girlfriend (also Chinese). I have only pity for those who choose to race mix. When statistical data shows how fucked up the kids end up.

    Your dad isn’t completely wrong about somethings. The Jews are behind all this racemixing propaganda. Also, Hitler stated: “Pride in one’s own race – and that does not imply contempt for other races – is also a normal and healthy sentiment. I have never regarded the Chinese or the Japanese as being inferior to ourselves. They belong to ancient civilizations, and I admit freely that their past history is superior to our own. They have the right to be proud of their past, just as we have the right to be proud of the civilization to which we belong. Indeed, I believe the more steadfast the Chinese and the Japanese remain in their pride of race, the easier I shall find it to get on with them.”

    I haven’t read the other comments, but there’s probably others who share our views as well. Don’t give up, take hold of your rage and let it give you strength. Keep telling the truth.

    1. THANK YOU MY FRIEND. I’m a white male and I couldn’t agree with you more. The white males who don’t date white women are simply the trailer trash leftovers (usually, of course there are some rare exceptions). Also, thank you for recognizing the Jewish role in the promotion of race mixing. Many people believe that Jews are white just because they have light skin, when in reality this is not the case. After all, some east Asians are lighter than white people and they are not considered white. Thank you once again, you understand the big picture and I salute you for that.

    1. Why? So your kids won’t happen upon it and realize that everything I said is true?

      If you genuinely, 100% believe white males are superior, what kind of message does that send your half Asian son?

      Honestly – tell me what kind of message it sends.

      Or do you think he’ll be perfectly fine knowing that you actually, comprehensively believe that he is better because he is half-white? As if he is improved by his white genes? And then he won’t somehow notice that all of his Hapa friends have white fathers, and notice that Asian women talk about Asian men as if they are trash?

  28. “Ewww Nooo says:
    August 5, 2015 at 1:59 am

    My god, your commenters are some sick fucks. They actually use genetics to justify things. Ewww gross. ”

    Hypocrite. Imagine if someone said:
    ” My god,Asian females are some sick fucks. They (a disproportionate % of Asian females) actually use genetics to justify dating/casual sexing/ marrying exclusively white guys.”

    Or these self hating females spend their “alpha fux” years swallowing white cock until their late 20s after they realize they can’t lock down a white guy to commit so they fool some naive asian “beta bux” they’re not physically attracted to into marrying them.

    May you be capable of birthing only half white sons with really asian features so they grow up to be disrespected ,mocked and rejected by women who look like you.

  29. Hi there. I have read your blog with interest as a eurasian female in your situation (also same age, educational background, etc) and I agree with broadly everything you say. I’ve sent the link to your blog to my other eurasian female friends and urged them to read it. I’ve lived in both the States and Asia and these disgusting white-worshipping Asian women make me sick. From a young age, everytime I saw a WFAM couple I would shudder instinctively, without knowing why, but your blog has articulated it perfectly. And now I understand why Asian males treat me with such disdain when they first meet me and realise I am eurasian. That used to really frustrate me, being rejected by both whites and asians. It seems like an Asian thing to reject your own kind, leading to a vicious cycle where I find myself (half Asian) rejecting Asians because they reject Asians…Racism is never ok, and happens when people hate what is ‘different’, but it seems to be only Asians who are racist against their own people. I feel your frustration and I wish I had met more fellow eurasians like you who thought like this back in the day. It would have been nice to have some company. I do also think that WFAM couples also have their own systemic issues: often the WF shows off her AM to show the whole world how liberal and open minded she is, and despite having eurasian children, treats eurasian women with disdain (I have often seen this). People who know me are surprised to find out I am against race-mixing, and find it absurd, that the product of race-mixing is against race-mixing. But then the situation of a eurasian is absurd. I’d love to be able to discuss this further with you in private but I understand if you wish to remain anonymous. Thank you for adding to the growing literature on this and for helping others to understand our situation.

    1. I meant to say, that everytime I saw a WMAF couple I would shudder instinctively, without knowing why, but your blog has articulated it perfectly…

    2. Thanks for the message. I am a graduate of one of the top 5 schools in the country, from a rather influential family, mid-20’s, and actually this all dawned on me a year and a half ago, which coincidentally was one of my fiercest incidents of mental illness.

      Working on the blog and exploring this issue has actually helped me to adjust better and to find mental health, and hopefully exposing the issues can help people younger than me in finding common ground (I didn’t have such resources when I was younger and was DANGEROUSLY close to implosion / explosion). I even got painted as a serial killer, but at risk of being exposed I took up the task of writing the blog in order to help others.

    3. “It seems like an Asian thing to reject your own kind, leading to a vicious cycle where I find myself (half Asian) rejecting Asians because they reject Asians.”

      The reason why Asian males disdain you is not because you are Asian, but instead you being hapa (I presume your dad is white) is the reminder that the Asian women don’t want Asian men.

  30. Interesting. I have also lived in China. Everyone has their own reasons and lives but I don’t know how healthy China is for eurasians (especially who are perceived as Asian, or for the ones who are perceived as ‘white’ but are uncomfortable with getting preferential treatment by Asians precisely because they are perceived to NOT be one of them, or any white person who is uncomfortable with this treatment). Especially the way it is going nowadays with all those white people flocking there, often WM who hear about how Asian women will flock to them purely because of their whiteness. Intelligence, personality, kindness, loyalty or any other worthwhile traits are optional.

    I don’t think you have children but what are your views on eurasians having children? I feel like being eurasian alone, with all the complications it brings, is a good reason to not have them.

    1. I’m against having children in general. Id I had white kids, they’d essentially be the people I’ve grown to distrust. If I had Asian kids I’d either be creating a victim of racism or a sexual object for white male consumption.

      Then there’s the issue of the women in my family and their dream of having total assimilation.

      Of all things I want I do not want to be seen as fully assimilated nor a success despite my Ivy League degree because this would just prove these monsters right.

  31. I was born in Hong Kong but have lived in the USA since 9 years old and is now 52. i have a 24 year old son whose late mother was Black. He says he is proud to be Asian and I hope he is sincere. Although I am larger than the average Asian I always felt scrawny in school. My son is pure muscle and is dark skinned so whatever pride he has in his asianness must be from his last name. My folks certainly did not help.This blog really awakened some old issues I had with bullying/ racism/ dating back in school. it really was one toxic mix. My young mind could accept being rejected by white women due to racism but rejection by AF made me question my own survival as a heterosexual male. I found my salvation in Black women whose curves i found to be most feminine. They were also the only group that was receptive to Asian males. My current wife grew up in China and she had wanted to marry a white looking Hispanic. It took her catching him being a player before I even had a chance with her. i know it sounds like I settled but what the fuck choice does an Asian man with a Black/biracial son in America has? All the self-hating Asian females out there are a really sad group. Even in my wildest Nubian princess worshipping days, I never excluded Asian females as potential dates.

  32. The dating scene during my widowed years was shit. I thought I might have to die alone. The game really is rigged against the am. I have a decent job and could pass for a grad student but all the “white men only’ preferences amongst both wf and af was sickening. you mean all these women don/t believe there is a single am who is good enough? By the way, all those wf who only date white must be really loyal or are really bad in math. Couple of white guys at my job divorced wf to marry af. The wf’s are going to end up old, fat and alone holding out for their dream wm. i also was suspicious my wife might have settled after her hoodwinking by the Latin Lover. but it looked like a one time mistake so i gave her a pass. It is always better to have someone waiting at home rather than constantly being told that they don’t date Asian.

    1. Despite all the shit Asian men have to deal with growing up in America, one can still date and be successful. I have dated over 100 women and I am pretty sure I am Asian. it is not hard if you know what you are doing. Asian guys just need more role models in dating. Asian men have to develop their own confidence.

      The worst destroyer of Asian men confidence is these white washed Asian women described in this blog. They are pathetic and a sad bunch. They are a total embarrassment to Asians who are proud of themselves. Granted there are plenty of good Asian women who are proud of their culture, but there are enough of those pathetic Asian women out there. Most of these women are married to pathetic beta loser white males. It is one of the saddest sights and living proof racism is alive and well in America.

    2. Sorry to break this to you, but…. I am gonna break some truth to you. Be warned I am very straightforward and this may change your mind about your wife. So read on at you rown risk.

      I don’t think it’s a “one time mistake” of your wife. She perceives white/Latino male as someone worth fucking while you are just someone she could get money and care from. I know Asian women who dated white guys and returned for Asian guys. But one commonality among them: they all dated very high quality, non-womanizing white guys. Their choice of quality at least demonstrate that they are not only after the skin color. But your wife seems to love the playerness/alphaness of some Latinos and whites, and their skin color itself, both of which you probably don’t possess. I know this because you accept her despite her blatant preference against Asian men.

      One test is whether she wants to have sex with you. If yes, then you are pretty much fine, if not so much, you are in trouble.

      Last but not least, if you are OK being a (mental) cuckold, then all the above is not important.

      Not trying to be harsh, one Asian bro to another. Don’t want you to be the chump. Also don’t want these self-hating Asian females to land a home with a nice Asian men. They don’t deserve it, and this will only encourage young Asian girls slutting with white guys, with this implicit safety net.

  33. As sad as it is to hear these stories, all this is showing is that multiculturalism is a farce and non Europeans need to leav European nations and move back to their nations.

    1. America has always been multicultural?

      The website is about how love can be deceptive and how people marry for the wrong reasons. Mono racial couples do it too but with multiracial couples the added elements can be particularly devastating.

      Once again I do not condemn interracial marriage. I condemn marriage that is based on hate or anything less than love in general.

    2. How about all the whites move back to Europe and give America back to the natives? No? Reality is America is not a white country despite some white people think it is. White people were all immigrants or children of immigrants on this land.

  34. I grew up in Singapore. I moved to America a year and a half ago. I am a bit shocked, and also saddened by the racial debates here. I would not say i grew up in utopia whereby races are invisible but the major races, namely chinese, indian, malay, and eurasians are generally cooperative with each other. I have friends of various ancestry including, indian, white, chinese, japanese, thai, etc. I am more concerned with the character (or productivity as colleague) rather than ethnicity. Ethnicities probably control which cultural holidays to celebrate but nothing much more than that. I just got married and intend to have kids. I would be really worried if my children are constantly being brainwashed by the racial biasness from US main stream media. It will hinder the societal development and individual contribution to the society if people never get past judging by superficial appearance.

  35. You guys use the word “white beta males” so carelessly. Complain about being rejected by women without maybe considering there is a similar situation with white males.

    I suppose when you say “beta” that assumes that they are unworthy people that don’t deserve to have a family despite that being a universal desire. Even though it may be the betas who would hard in school and actually create a career.

    Do you like the “Alphas” better?

  36. You see, man.. The whole society everywhere around this darn planet is fucked. Some are fucked here, some are there. The issues are never-ending. We hapas have our own problems too but we shouldn’t give up just because others’ intelligence is so inferior that it actually hurts our own. Struggle is fuckin everywhere. Struggle for life, struggle for death, struggle with ourselves and others. It’s fucking life and we should try and adapt.. Because after all, our lives have almost impossible to imagine value when it comes to comparing it with nothing. Never existing. Never having the chance to experience emotions, movement, our own ideas and thoughts, etc. It’s invaluable. And the future, of course, just imagine what you can get to see after some years. Maybe even achieving immortality? Superintelligence taking over the humanity. Stupidity vanishing.. Futurists aren’t just some fucking lunatics. It always helps me to think bigger and beyond my own problems to really see how completely unworthy of time and stress they really are. Try to think about something as wonderful as Universe and its what’s and why’s.. We own our lives and we are still young, so it’s only logical to look for something more than just other people.

    Hope you find the strength.. You actually are able to think about this shit, that is why society is so fucked up toward us and themselves—this in itself makes you fucking strong. Hold on!

      1. Wtf, then why are you complaining? Your probably rich as fuck, don’t end up like elliot now. Okay, so you don’t like you’re parents, so what YOU HAVE MONEY, AND THAT’S ALL YOU NEED

  37. While I’ve been quite aware and inundated with the mountain of adversity we asian men face in the western world, it never occurred to me this side of being a happa. Thanks for the eye opener.

  38. One possible solution for Asian-Asian parents… identify the self-hating daughter early on, communicate that she will receive 0% of the inheritance unless she marries an Asian man. Asian daughter would be motivated to weigh perceived genetic superiority versus perceived material wealth via her own race, both are societal status symbols. May not change the daughter’s character, but she will weight the costs and benefits at a raw, racial level.

    1. I would also say that if they do it in their own countries, they get officially shunned by the society. It happened to white women who married Asian men in the US.

      Have a read of this excellent post which describes the different treatment that white women faced:

      I would even suggest that cracka rice chasers should be taxed when marrying in the sellout’s home country. A marriage tax and a departure tax. Hell if the cunt wants to leave the country, their rice chaser saviour’s should pay for it.

  39. I have thought about these topics for 20 years and in spite of my prior misery, I now feel like there is one bright spot in all this. Nearly all mixed race people and Eurasians that I have met have been non-racist and culturally aware, inspite of having possibly racist parents. This is because mixed people are thrown from birth into different cultures and have to navigate a very complex cultural world on their own. Mixed people also often have to overcome varying degrees of depression due to being mistreated by society and even their own parents who may not understand them.

    The non-racist attitudes and heightened cultural awareness that we, as mixed people have, means that, for the most part, when a white person marries an ethnic minority, the world becomes a less racist place. The world also becomes a less racist place when two different ethnic minorities inter-marry, because their children will also be likely to have heightened cultural awareness and non-racist attitudes. The majority of the world’s problems stem from mono-ethnic, extremely ethnocentric people with fanatical ideologies and/or irrational religious beliefs who cannot see a viewpoint outside of their own ethnic group.

    The first generation of mixed people face the greatest challenges: from their mono-ethnic parents who don’t understand them and possibly have racist attitudes themselves, and from mono-ethnic people who do not agree with inter-ethnic marriage. However, future generations of Eurasians and mixed people will have it easier, even if only due to numbers alone, and the LONG-TERM BENEFITS TO THE WORLD AS A RESULT OF INTER-ETHNIC MARRIAGE IS A LESS RACIST WORLD.

    I live in a large urban American city, and every day I see more Asian men dating outside of their ethnicity, specifically white women. This means that the dating game is slowly but surely becoming better for Asian men. Most of my male Asian and Eurasian cousins in the U.S. and Canada have been able to have girlfriends and/or marry different ethnicities (white, hispanic, asian, middle eastern). My cousins may have gone through periods of depression, like I did, but they eventually got themselves together, got good careers, and married themselves off to great women. So if you are Eurasian, male or female, please take hope in all this!!!

    While I am very aware of the identity struggles mixed people have to go through, I do not think that this is a reason for mono-ethnic people to stop inter-marrying. Mixed people, like myself, manage to carve out an identity for ourselves based on our own likes, preferences, and cultural affinities. Nowadays, even if you are mono-ethnic, culture and lifestyle is a choice if you have the means. I know a white woman who learned Spanish and moved to South America. I met an Asian guy who learned Italian and moved to Italy. I knew an African-American woman who learned Chinese and spent a long time in China. All of these people had solid mono-ethnic identities, and they still chose to affiliate themselves with other cultures for a while. This is because the overall world trend is towards a multi-cultural experience and people desire to learn more about one another so that eventually one day we can all get along.

    1. Being biracial can be cool. Except how we got here is because of severe patterns of racism and sexual inequality between certain sexes and races. Not cool.

      On top of that being biracial actually isn’t that cool. It fucking sucks. Racist comments from whites, constantly being called white by Asians and EVEN YOUR OWN FAMILY.

      It’s funny how some Hapas say that one day the world will be filled with mixed race people. In what year? 2150? It’s been 50 years since the first Hapas were born and look how many with white fathers have becoming successful. 10? 25? 50 of them? Out of MILLIONS?

      It goes more to show that these couplings are legitimately evil and based on the inferiority of asian men, which WE ARE. Get it through your head.

    2. I want to support you but history shows that people are sinful, selfish bastards. Even if everyone on the planet were to become ethnically mixed we as a species will find some other measure to group ourselves by and begin hating/arguing with/murdering one another. E.g. Jews. Whether Ashkenzai or Sephardic they have miscegenated their genepool for many millenia. Regardless of how far removed from, and in the Ashkenazi case no ties to, the genetic vine they are they still cling to an extreme racist mindset and believe that they are 100% Jews. Goys are created to be their donkeys, to serve them, yadda yadda.

      Being biracial IS cool. It is the perverted psychology of this world that has most everyone believing that it isn’t. Being Hapa is not an easy life, psychologically. So many mixed messages. I feel for Hapas as I do for many childhood Hapa friends. I can admit that I was harsh to some of them myself. Those who would embrace one and reject the other culture, i.e. the ones who mindmasturbate themselves into the belief that they were white and not (other ethnicity).

      I’m glad EW is on the path to recovery. I pray you find what you seek.

  40. You are right (Owner of this blog), Look at what happens to biracial couples, including the recent mass shooter, Christopher Harper-Mercer. His Mom is biracial (black) and his Father was White.

    He was touted as a White Supremacist and had disdain for blacks. Combine that with his EGO/Pride and lack of skill with females (he was a virgin), he turned to violence to satisfy his ego.

    As a white man, the assumption is that you are the center of the world. Your needs should be met. You should be successful. Women should want you and you deserve it. (There are exceptions and outliers)
    When that doesn’t pan out men will often end up seeing themselves as victims.

    So many of these men see themselves as victims from things that undermine the cultural centrality of male authority.
    Combine this victim mentality with a past history of being bullied (or their perception of being bullied), resentment from not getting things in life that they think they deserve (including women), prone to violence/violent past, abuse of drugs or alcohol, and grandiosity, you have a cocktail for a mass murderer.

    Not going to speak on his mother because we do not know anything about her, but I would assume she might have married the white husband for his skin color?

  41. Interesting fact; in scenario’s where the father is black and the mother is white, the children also do better than when the mom is black and the father is white.

    Usually mothers raise the children and carry the culture. People raised by white moms have a better innate understanding of white culture ala Obama.

    So do you think part of the reason you refuse to date Asian women is because you view Asians as inferior to white people?

    Is that partially why you hate your mom, for her being Asian in the first place?

    Also don’t “white” people actually have the highest tendency towards mental disorders and spree killings? I mean; even the “asians” who do it are mixed with white, out of the two black guys one was half white….the only women a white woman that didn’t like Mondays.

    Also why do the Indians(from India) have the harshest times dating out of all the races? I mean; a lot of the statements in regards to your average Asian(Chinese etc….) wouldn’t apply to them when you think of hair, size and stature. They tend to have that.

    If that mattered as much as women say; than men of Indian descent would be doing better in the dating department than your general Asian male at least.

    1. thats a lie. kids born to bw/ww relationships have more of a racial identity than bm/ww relationships. bm bore the self hatred into their children. not to mention that divorce rates with bm/ww are double than with bw/wm so dont spread lies. children suffer more under bm/ww than their bw counterparts. not to mention black men are starting to leave their mixed offspring much much more. tay digs is going out of his way to make his child not come to the realization that he is a black child in america. FACTS bw raising mixed children are raising them far better than their bm counterpart.

      1. Actually looking it up again; I was getting studies mixed up.

        There’s a study that was about how children of black fathers and white mothers have higher IQ’s than children of white fathers and black mothers.

        There was also a study about how light skinned black people in general have higher IQ’s, better educations and are more economically successful than dark skinned black people.

    2. Actually I’m sorry that’s incorrect. Children of black mothers and white fathers do better because they are usually married and stay married. Those women are usually educated and marry educated men. The out of wedlock and abandonment rate among bm who have children with bw is almost 90%. Sorry but you might want to check yourself.

      1. Most divorces; depending on social levels are initiated by women, 70-90 percent of the time.

        Haven’t looked up how it might vary for inter-racial relationships but I have to imagine it’s something close to the same.

        Black men also have the highest rate of involvement in their children’s lives out of all the races of men for divorced men.

    3. What do you think about this? I am a 22 year old from London. My father is Brazilian and my mother is South African and I am black.. I see a lot of Asian women with white men, usually a lot older, like 29/30+ but amongst my generation especially in London and America a lot of Japanese and Korean and Chinese girls are dating black guys.. We are bigger than the white guys, are more of a taboo to Asian parents, we have bigger dicks and we do what we want, my gf is half Chinese half viet and she loves how deep I fuck her.

  42. “Interesting fact; in scenario’s where the father is black and the mother is white, the children also do better than when the mom is black and the father is white.”

    I doubt this is true. BM and WW are a very unstable combination, a lot of those white mothers end up raising the kids themselves, or leave them in orphanages when raising a minority child is too hard for them. We all know how divorce messes up children and affects their development. BMWW are 200% more likely to divorce than white couples. In contrast, BWWM couples are 44% LESS likely than white couples, this is the strongest interracial family unit of all :

    Also, AMWW couples also have 59% of chances of divorce. Basically, the white women you praise so much creates the most unstable marriages, they can’t possibly be great moms if they fail in great numbers. They are part of the most mentally ill group after all. Success can be found in the opposite too, for instance Tia and Tamera Mowry were raised by WMBW and became very successful, stable, married ladies. PLUS – Black marriages, as the study states, are even stronger than white marriages, which means that BW are in the strongest marriages PERIOD. That obviously proves that they are good wives and mothers despite what the media claims.

    Obviously, white-mom-having Barack Obama knew which woman he could count on for support and lifetime partnership. His mom didn’t raise him most of his life so how does she even get credit? He was raised by his grandparents. He is successful because of them and especially his solid rock Michelle. I doubt he would have ever been President with a white wife (would have probably been divorced twice by now).

    Men carry the cultures in general, this is why women follow them and not the other way around. In interracial couples 9 times out of 10, the dominating culture is that of the FATHER. Let’s not forget that Barack was also PARTLY RAISED BY AN ASIAN MAN in Indonesia when he was young. He is not a “typical” BMWW biracial child, mentally, professionally as well as romantically. The most successful biracial child from BMWW doesnt worship white folks and didn’t even marry one, that alone speaks volumes.

    1. Men spend their time working or watching TV, playing video games etc….majority of child raising is left to the women. They raise the kids; they decorate the houses, decide what food gets eaten etc… Culture gets transmitted by the mothers, not the fathers. From a cultural perspective, Obama is about as white as it gets, whiter really than most white people I have met.

      I’m not really praising them (especially factoring in white people’s tendencies towards mental disorders); it maybe as simple as being “white” culturally in a white culture makes you more likely to succeed ala Obama. Just having that connection to white culture made him more successful than any other black man in history in navigating a white society and gaining power and relevance.

      As for divorce; all that really shows is that marriage is over rated as a factor for success.

      Though Obama having some connection to Asian culture might explain it as well, aren’t Asians and Indo-Aryan’s the most economically successful ethnicities in the US?

      1. @ realist, exactly. I don’t believe for a second he’s a “white guy”. His post is way to matriarchal to be coming from your average WM, and we know which community has become matriarchal throughout the years in America and other western countries.

        Especially when the narrative of most WP is that the man is in charge of the home and transmits the culture. It’s undeniable, the women follow the man’s lead. The father gives his name, covers his wife and children, works yes provides yes but also teaches sons to be men and daughters to be valued as girls and women. Fathers spend time with their children, oversees who they befriend and date. Men are the builders of civilisation, they’re our backbone, communities get unstable and out of control if there are too many absentee fathers, this is how you know whether a people is all in all doing good or not. Barack was taught how to be a man by a WHITE grandpa and ASIAN father in law. No woman can teach that to a boy. So why his biological parents count as “making him successful” is beyond me. That theory is laughable at best, technically there was no BM in his life. And once again, this man raised by white and asian men, chose a BW to marry and be the mother of his children. Speaks volumes.

        Marriage is only overrated in his eyes because it doesn’t solidify his twisted worldview. Marriage actually stabilizes societies, legitimates and strengthens families. The less value it gets the worse a nation gets. It doesn’t take long to see the obvious in America and a few Western European countries.

  43. What do you think about recent genetic advancement, that makes it literally possible to select the kid to be mostly white, there just has to be Asian female and white male? Therefore, there will be no self-hating Hapas that look Asian, and, therefore, are hated by the mother, and end up in shitty families, and eventually self-hating losers like you? Is this the end?

  44. How large is the Asian population where you grew up? Much of the way we believe the world works come from our personal experiences, factual or not. You did not give specific evidence that supports your assertion that your mother hated Asian men. Even if it were true and you had anecdotal evidence from other Hapas, it doesn’t fully represent the Hapa population as a whole. If you google search “Asian women hate Asian men and that is why they marry white men” or something along those lines, your search results will reflect your search query. You will not get objective results. When you look for specific information, you’re more likely to find the specific information that you’re looking for and ignoring information that may be contrary to what you were looking for.

    So are you saying that you agree that white men are physically superior/attractive compared to Asian men based on the assumption that Asian women prefer white men over Asian men? Consider the statistics from this blog post.

    When you look at the statistics for all Asian people the US, you have to consider that many Asian women with white men marriages are former American military who married women from Vietnam, South Korea, and the Philippines. There are way more males than females in the military so of course the majority of interracial marriages resulting from this would be of the white male with Asian female variety. Also, the difference in the frequency of white male with Asian female vs Asian male with white female relationships can partially be due to cultural factors. There is more pressure on Asian males to marry Asian females than the other way around because the men carry on the family name. Despite that fact, Asian males who grow up in the United States are more likely to marry women of different races compared to Asian males that were born in their respective Asian countries. You can’t pin the reason why there are more White men married to Asian women compared to the other way around solely on an alleged physical preference for white men on the part of Asian women. There are different factors that contribute.

      1. What is it that you think I’m trying to make excuses for? I will say that I am not trying to invalidate your experience. The experience you describe does sound very emotionally damaging. Also, results aren’t always congruent with intent. By that I mean that even if in some strange way, your parents meant well in the way they raised you, your experience is your experience and the result may still be negative. At the same time, your individual experience does not represent the experience of every single hapa person. Even if you have heard that the experience of other hapas with similar experiences, that just represents the specific experiences of those individual and not representative of every single hapa. I think the trajectory of your thinking is not allowing you to heal from your past hurt and is instead just making it worse. I’m just inviting you to think more objectively and accept the past as the past and not as a premonition of certain doom. Have you read anything about practicing mindfulness? Our brains tend to be constantly active with thoughts and this can be distracting from really being able to experience the present moment for what it is. You talk about truth. When actively thinking brain is preoccupied by negative thinking, you view your present being through a negative lense. This is not objective truth but a distorted view of reality. I tried to present you with some objective facts/statistics for you to consider alternative and more objective ways of thinking. I do accept that I may not be able to change how you think. I can’t realistically burden myself with that. You are your own person after all. But I do think that this pattern of thinking that you described is only further damaging you emotionally

        1. Incorrect. You presented me with clickbait that is used to talk about light hearted topics that only broach the subject of dating interracially, which for whatever reason only involves women dating white men – no other race of men.

          If you were genuine, you would recognize that even dating a KOREAN or JAPANESE person would be an entirely different thing than dating a Chinese person, because of the cultural differences which are almost as large as dating a white person.

          So what I’m proposing to you is this: THERE IS NO GRAND INTERRACIAL NARRATIVE. There is no amazing progress being made with White men and Asian women. Asian women and white men make it out to be this incredible experience when all it is is Asian women having a hardon for white males of any size or shape.

          The UNIVERSAL underlying cause is the debasement and hatred and spurning of Asian looking men, which I as a half-Asian and barely Asian looking man, have experienced myself.

          You’re asking me to support the widespread white worship by Asian women and I refuse because it hurts me.

          Not only do I have to go outside and see Asian women laughing in the face of Asian men and making a huge show of dating interracially but I have to look at my own family history and see a mother and father that was based on superficial attraction and a desire for rebellion on my mother’s side and a desire for a submissive, conservative alternative to white “sluts” on my father’s side.

          Oh wait – but let me see – you’re somehow different, along with the 50% of Asian women who date out. You’re all unique. In your passion for white men.


      2. I have lived in China for about 10 years now. And with parts of what you say I can understand. People commenting on how big my eyesand nose are- something I never really thought as a thing.
        I have seen the young girl wanting to get out of this smaller town where she would need to be with someone of her own class and therefore chases the white man. The cringe worthy style of 60-70year old with a young 19 year old. In which everytime i can’t understand her but figures her desire to get out and live a different life in the west.
        But i have seen and been to many weddings between white men and asian women who have married purely for love. And the children botn to them- who get both worlds blending cultures as best as possible.
        i have been in relationships with numerous asian guys- n been giving the speech of my parents never will allow this.
        I’m currently in a relationship with an asian guy- i adore his personality. To me i find he has all the best qualities of a guy i need. I think at first he seemed concerned about his penis. But for me tge part tgat i like best he he can understand me. He hasn’t asked me to change. Nor does he stop me frim going out with the group of guys i grew up with. Which lets face it many of my other asian relationships the guys did not like it. I have seen broken noses and frienships fail because of such controlling jealous issues.
        Overall i agree with parts of what has been said n disagree on parts. And what i feel most is how horrible your life is going to be solely on the fact of how you are choosing to live it. I feel very sad for that indeed. A waste if you will- those who have no choice but to suffer n die in pain and you- you who is choosing it.

  45. Gender/race problems exist for sure. Many people have problems with parents of varying kinds. Many people struggle with a kind of racial/gender identity.

    Yes, you could be a stereotypically beautiful, rich, straight, abled-bodied white guy who is worshipped by girls of all races.
    Or you could be an ugly, poor, disabled black guy who gets shunned.

    Or you could be an interesting, blendable, cool, cultured, open-minded, funny, contemporary, sexy mixed, good-looking White/Asian guy who gets all the girl’s attention. They’re out there and will have their time in the future- for sure. In some places- already a hot thing.
    Or you could be a brooding, cynical, bitter, negative, self-absorbed, self-hating, world-hating, parents-blaming, generalising, racist, sexist, mixed White/Asian guy…

    Just because you’re mixed, doesn’t mean you’re devoid of options for friends and dating and opportunities and LIFE. Whites and certain types definitely have more privileges in many cases, but being mixed also comes with heaps in its own world as well… tickets to 2 cultures/races, more friends opportunities, more mixable, opportunity to take on the positive stereotypical traits of each race, being seen as better looking and even thought of as “superior” genetics… We sure aren’t there yet but way way way into the future, humans will all pretty much be mixed- whether everyone likes it or not. So in a way you could say mixed people are the “advanced, superior” future people.

    Spewing hate and abuse and generalisations towards asian women and your own mum, however true your theories about her might be, isn’t going to do you any favours with asian women and women in general. Spewing hate and abuse and generalisations about white guys and relationships and races and people isn’t gonna help you and your mind and your own relationships and your life.

    You hate the stereotypes and treatment people have for you as an Asian guy and a product of a WMAF relationship, yet you’re spitting disgusting, negative stereotypical hate all through in this post and completely supporting and furthering it. Your attitude and perception is everything.

    You’re so wrapped in self pity and hate that it doesn’t even occur to you that for every “crazy, burdened, gone wrong” mixed guy in the news, there are a million great, goodlooking, successful, popular mixed guys at the top of life- who don’t make it into the news (but maybe lists of attractive mixed guys on the net.) scattered throughout societies… You don’t even stop to think that for every typical hating, judging, racist group, there are communities out there of open-minded, non judgemental, cultured, blendable people, thriving, genuine, loving, equal mixed relationships and people who desperately wish they were as cool and exciting as a cool, sexy mixed guy.

    You can hate the cards you’re dealt with all you want, or you can learn how to play the best with what you got. Some people will always have “better cards” than you, but it’s up to you whether you rip up your own cards and admit defeat or work to get to the top of your game and and play it well.

    I strongly recommend getting out of your obsessive, narrow minded, toxic, warped self pity party, going for therapy, counselling, getting outlets, going for your passions in life, doing what you enjoy, meeting like minded people and living your life better.

      1. @ Eurasian Writer, re: “[I] prefer to demonize and point out the sick, depraved people that they are.
        I’m assuming you’re one of them.” You get so far into the truth of what your parents were, how entrenched it is in some parts of the cultures, how incredibly sick and harmful it is. But then… this last 10% where I feel that you are going too far. “I’m assuming you’re one of them.” Here is a person, S, whose gist of the comment is to say, hold on, yes there are many sick and damaged marriages like your parents, but there are so many other good ones too. THIS is what S said:

        “Spewing hate and abuse and generalisations towards asian women and your own mum, however true your theories about her might be, isn’t going to do you any favours with asian women and women in general. Spewing hate and abuse and generalisations about white guys and relationships and races and people isn’t gonna help you and your mind and your own relationships and your life.

        You hate the stereotypes and treatment people have for you as an Asian guy and a product of a WMAF relationship, yet you’re spitting disgusting, negative stereotypical hate all through in this post and completely supporting and furthering it. Your attitude and perception is everything”

        She’s saying not to sterotype. What does that even mean? Some stereotypes are just talking about patterns in our culture. Sometimes though, it also means saying something like ALL or MOST Asian women do/think this…. or all or most white men do/think this. I think that she had a really really good point in there! Don’t miss it! It doesn’t invalidate everything that you’re saying! It doesn’t mean that there’s not a good reason for this blog and everything that you’re sharing about!

        I can’t say for sure what S was hoping to accomplish with her comment and I would like to know what she liked about your blog – maybe she really did miss the good stuff and was focusing on its limitations. Still that’s good feedback, and she had a valid point of view, whether she completely “got” you or not. That doesn’t make her a bad person, any more than you’re bad for not “getting” her.

        To conclude that because you didn’t see eye to eye with her, because her theory was that it was more helpful to move on than to publish your thoughts about this (which in my opinion isn’t right or wrong, but more a matter of timing – and later, intent to lead/teach), to say that you disagree with her… must you then LEAP into the realm of black and white thinking and now label her as “all bad”? Her comment disappoints you, so now she must be “one of them”, as if there are only two groups of people in the world, us and them? Or good and bad? Yeah, maybe she kind of missed the importance to you and others of talking about this shit first, before you move through it, as you move through it… but that doesn’t make her points completely invalid. At least, I didn’t read anything in her comments that would suggest in any way that she is a a “sick and depraved” “one of them”, a racist like your parents, with poor social skills and no empathy. That’s QUITE a leap. And those leaps can make a HUGE difference in your mental well-being. I think that if you can see her as a decent person instead of as “one of them” just because she annoyed you, you might even be able to deepen your message on this blog. As you said, “What people don’t realize is that hate breeds hate.” YES! And love breeds love. Your parents stereotyped people right and left, and it hurt you immensely, so of course you don’t want to be stereotyping others along the way, you know?

    1. “You’re so wrapped in self pity and hate that it doesn’t even occur to you that for every “crazy, burdened, gone wrong” mixed guy in the news, there are a million great, goodlooking, successful, popular mixed guys at the top of life- who don’t make it into the news (but maybe lists of attractive mixed guys on the net.) ”

      I’m not a self pitier. I love myself. What I do pity is the millions upon millions of Asian men who are going to die alone or by their own hand.

      As for successful Eurasians, for whatever reason the majority of them have Asian fathers.

      1. I was going to respond to this long article. I can understand where you’re coming from.

        But to make it short, and responding to your successful Eurasian statement, I’d say there are tons of successful hapa/Eurasian people out there and they are actually from Asian Men/White Women pair.

        1. Mike Shinoda
        Linkin Park and Fort Minor

        2. Cary Fukunaga
        Director of award winning “Beasts of No Nation”

        3. Mike Sui
        Self propelled actor and doing well in China

        1. There are thousands of hapas with Asian fathers that have achieved
          some level of success:

          Off the top of my head.
          Julien Kang
          Russell Wong
          Berenice Marlohe
          Chloe Bennett
          Ryan Potter
          Apollo Ohno

          There’s too many to list, and I’ve tried before. If you even look up the entire roster of Japanese American NHL players, all but two are Japanese father Hapas.

          The online community of Hapas jokes about this but it’s somewhat serious. Half Asians with Asian dads tend to be better off.

          Of course we’ll encounter “well adjusted” hapas with Asian moms but these guys either look totally white or are spectacular in their looks or height or something else.

    2. “however true your theories about her might be”

      Stopped right there. They’re true. And I’m not going to stop until everyone knows it. Now you can pat yourself on the back knowing you thought you had reached out to me. You didn’t. This website is on its way to being extremely visible and I’ve actually had more eurasians agreeing with me than denying it.

      Of course, why would you care – being an Asian woman. You’ve got the world at your fingertips.

      So what you’re going to have to do is find out for yourself if your own son feels the same way.

    3. “tickets to 2 cultures/races, more friends opportunities, more mixable, opportunity to take on the positive stereotypical traits of each race, ”

      LOL. No. I’m not going to go over why this is bullshit again, and again, and again.

        1. Yes, I am. What people don’t realize is that hate breeds hate. Someone once wrote that Eurasians are naturally talented people; it’s only a question of time if they want to use their talents for good or bad. I’m using it for both, depending on ones opinion.

  46. “I would add myself, stricken with severe depression, unable to work, unable to socialize with anyone and I’m almost 26.”

    This isn’t because you’re Eurasian, it’s because you’re on the spectrum. It’s always hardest for people who are only on it ever so slightly.

    Go ahead, tell me you’re not.

      1. So what you claim is that every Asian woman/White man couple is in love for superficial reasons?

        What if I told you that I know of such a couple, but that both individuals happen to be blind? (Literally blind. They met at a get-together for blind people and didn’t even know each other’s races until having dated for a few weeks.)

        It would seem that you’re “Ivy league” education has resulted in some warped propaganda brainwash BS. It seems like you’re depressed and angry with the world, but you’re not a child. Nobody is going to pity you when there are little babies suffering in Ethiopia. Sorry, but you need professional psychological help. You’re a racist and a complete loon.

        Did you read that?

        You, sir, are a RACIST. You’re full of hatred and judgment towards others. Not all Asian women are “self-hating,” and not all white men are “looking for submissive bitches.”

        You’re a grown-ass man. Get off your self-pity high horse, grow a pair, and stop blaming mommy and daddy for your problems. Nobody “hates you,” you pretentious turd. You’re wasting your life and energy with a blog on this crap? My god.

        Women find yu unattractive not because of your looks, but because of your hateful beliefs and your angry outlook on life. If this blog is any indication of your personality, it’s no wonder why you’re single.

        1. “What if I told you that I know of such a couple, but that both individuals happen to be blind?”

          That’s called an outlier, you dumb sloot.

          Lol @ using one as your counter-argument. GTFO, pls.

          “It would seem that YOU’RE “Ivy league” education has resulted in some warped propaganda brainwash BS.”

          Lol. You should finish high school before launching an attack on someone else’s intelligence. Oh, the sweet irony.

        2. U mad that the entire world views Asian sloots as shallow, self-hating, insecure, materialistic whores?

          U mad that behind your backs, you are the butt of every racist joke?

          U mad that Asian women are ugly as sin without makeup and look like melted face goblins past a certain age?

          By all means, stay phucking mad

    1. White male Asian female relationships are TOXIC! White males are becoming more beta and unable to compete for American or European women therefore white males go after Asian women. They think Asian males can’t compete with them and are ugly losers. They think Asian females are submissive and will take any white guy. Asian females have been brainwashed by white media that white is right and everything else is wrong. When these couplings have children they pass these ideas onto their Asian looking sons and their sons develop mental problems because they can’t change their physical appearance or society’s negative views of Asian men. When Asian females realize these men are losers who cannot out earn Asian men, they divorce them. At this point these white males get mad because they realize that Asian women were only using them as an ATM. They don’t love them, they love their money and status. When Asian women divorce their white poor hobo redneck husbands and want to marry Asian males, those Asian males no longer want them because they are damaged goods. Once you go white and you realize it ain’t right, there’s no return flight!

      1. Ooh…. I think you may be right. Asian societies are generally less materialistic, less violent. The so called West has been crumbling from the start. The USA was built on fear, racism, military intimidation and slavery. I’m full Asian, both parents from China, and I’m thinking i should visit, and perhaps go back to Asia, before some stupid white person goes on a shooting spree.

      2. I sometimes wonder if stating the obvious doesn’t sound too racist, so I rarely talk about this, but as an non-asian woman if I can see the same things that you and the author see, then it HAS to be painfully obvious. The media claim that white men (and now other men) have yellow fever. But the biggest trend I see is that, most asian women obsess over white men, chase them, and bash asian men. I’ve seen asian women in relationships with an asian man chase in secret, and then dump the asian guy if the chase was successful.

  47. Wow, you sound really angry and depressed. Then again I can only imagine what that poor mother of yours went thru, one sick child, a pro-nazi husband… poor woman :S

    1. Maybe you haven’t been paying attention.

      His mother was a fugly, self-hating Hongkie vermin who only grew uglier with age as makeup couldn’t hide her wide, round flat pancake face.

      The father was a typical insecure, beta, delusional loser with a victim mentality and neanderthal features.

      Nothing to see here

  48. Hi,

    Found your blog today and read through a few posts.

    I’m not here to deny your observations and tell you life is what you make of it, stop being so angry, etc.

    But I think you need to get red pilled hard. You’ve probably heard the term red pilled get tossed around and maybe you’ve even heard of the Alt-Right. It seems like you don’t understand how the world works. It’s understandable: you were raised in the West and went to an Ivy League school. You may have a lot of knowledge, but you have very little wisdom

    You haven’t touched upon these concepts in relation to your musings on this blog:

    Race Realism: Race is determined biologically and we act the way we do based on race. It is not a social construct. I know you’re part Chinese because you’ve said so on this blog. However, even if you hadn’t of mentioned it, I would have guessed you were Chinese because of how angry you are. Yes, I know you have to deal with all the psychological trauma that comes from seeing your mother as a whore who fucked someone from the race of conquerors, but that’s probably the trigger, not the cause. I have a theory: you’re not angry because you’re a Hapa, you have anger because of your Chinese genes. The fact that you’re half-Asian is always there, which triggers your genetically predisposed rage. The stereotype “Asian Rage” exists for a reason, and is almost always used when referring to Chinese people. Of all the violent Hapas you list on some of your posts (the ones who murder and rape people), how many were part Chinese? Probably a majority of them. Also, how many Tiger Moms are Japanese/Korean/etc? They seem to be mostly Chinese.

    Feminism: You grew up in the West, meaning you grew up in a completely pozzed society where men ceased to be men and women forgot their place. Don’t know about your dad, but what I’ve read about your mother, it seems that she wasn’t very feminine, wore the pants, and society let her do it. This is thanks to feminism, the belief that men need to be neutered so women can feel superior. Like I said, I’ve only read through a few posts, so this is a big generalization I’m making about your late mother. But aside from that, masculinity has been under attack since the 1960s. Being a strong man in society is now looked down upon as “problematic”. If you’re father didn’t instill strong masculine values in you, society definitely didn’t either.

    The JQ: Yeah, yeah, yeah, when I first went to stormfront and saw the neo-nazis blaming the jews for the decline of Western Civilization, I was turned off. But if you dig deep for the truth, you will see how destructive The Tribe has been for Western Civilization for the past 2,000 years. The narrative of the Western World today has been built on egalitarianism, universalism, and a belief in multiculturalism, all shoved down the throats of Western nations, courtesy of the Jews. Think about it: maybe Hitler was right. Maybe the greatest gift you have is the gift of your own people. Maybe nations, and the people of those nations, should be nationalistic and racially aware. If they were, they wouldn’t tolerate race mixing. Hapas like you wouldn’t have these inner demons you seem to face. Perhaps modern society is largely to blame for your dilemma, and maybe your parents are partially victims of a society that has allowed formerly degenerate behavior (race mixing) to become acceptable. Along with pornography, gender dysphoria acceptance, minority worship, fag marriage, etc. Society didn’t change, throw away former values that were important to their cultural survival, and accept degeneracy overnight. A (((((certain tribe))))) pushed all of this upon us. In order to understand the JQ you absolutely must read Culture of Critique, by Kevin MacDonald, former asst. professor of Psychology at CSU Long Beach. Also, visit his site: is fantastic and intellectually unparalleled.

    I’m not saying these are answers to your problems. But they probably provide a more honest perspective to things.

    If you want to understand women and feminism, go to It’s a PUA blog, and it’s filled with bros, but you’ll gain insight into the sexual market dynamics and feminism.

    Understanding race realism: American Renaissanceis and

    The JQ: As I said earlier, Culture of Critique, by Kevin MacDonald. The and

    I’ve just laid out only a few RealTalk points but these three alone hopefully give you a different insight on how you view Western society, should you dig deeper and pursue these issues.

    Look at what’s happening in the world right now; we’re going through a massive shift. The establishment is being torn down by Trump, and it’s sending shockwaves throughout the West. A change is happening. Time to get redpilled.

    1. I know what you’re talking about, Mr. Evola. The site is no longer about me. It’s about the future generations of hapas after me that are going to cause a lot more trouble. This website is a canary in a coal mine and designed to instill doubt and self reflection in anyone who reads it, the same doubt that I’ve experienced my whole life.

    2. Man against Time is a wonderful example of what not to be for you non-whites reading this.

      All I see is projection of his shortcomings onto others. A classic white racialist trait. No, it’s never a white man’s problem is it? It’s someone else’s problem or that someone else is keeping the good white man down!

      LOL Chinese are genetically wired for rage? You have got to be kidding me! Talk about bizarre…When we think of the one race that is associated with rage, it’s guess who? Yep mr. man against time himself or the white man.

      Again, projection much?

    3. What Chinese rage, I have never heard of such a thing. But I do hear of Yellow fever. Its a terrible illness suffered by people such as you. Desiring the superior beauty of a race that is above you.

      1. Mixed races in a manner that was so incredibly unbalanced was never attempted before, nor with as much sociological implications as it had before. I don’t get why it’s so hard to understand.

        The WMAW phenomenon is directly tied into notions of white supremacy.

        1. it did happen before in history, but not peacefully with some sugar coating. when the Spaniards conquested Mexico, they killed most of the men and rape/impregnated the Indian women. that was very unbalanced mixing. what amazes me is that the same unbalanced mixing can occur without the use of violence, but purely by mind control.

      2. I understand that. I was just trying to prove to the stormfront man above that mixed racing is far older than how long the Jews existed and “shoved it” down the throats of others. My apologies, but I wasn’t referring to any of your posts.

        1. Oh, anyways I took the post on Jack Luck down.

          BTW, dunno who you are, there’s a community of us elsewhere, not here. If you think this website could use improvement do let me know.

          In the last 3 days I jumped 3 pages on the Google search results and would ideally like to be on the first page.

      3. I’m from Eastern Europe originally, and if everything goes okay, will be a mother to a Hapa boy in March or April (Yes, AMWF couple.)

        I hope I’m not offending when I’m asking you these questions, but any advice on how to make sure my son is proud of who he is within this society and doesn’t suffer from low self esteem or other mental issues, and besides AFWM couples, what are other issues that Hapa boys are struggling with? Maybe add a little variety to the blog, or perhaps maybe once in awhile talk about issues that Asian men face. Just some ideas 🙂

        1. You commented before? Or did you comment on Facebook?

          Just out of curiosity, does it make sense to you – that the vast majority of half Asian sons are born to white fathers, whereby implying that Asian men fail to match up with white men, and we can easily internalize this?

          I mean I’m sure you’re very beautiful and that your husband is Asian but the fact that AMWW is so rare is something that we all pick up on.

          Anyways I’ve been meaning to clean up this website a bit, just haven’t had time. I’m invested in other projects elsewhere.

      4. You might recall me from Jocelyn’s post, Speakingofchina. I did comment yesterday about, well, the brainwashed asian woman if its any help. (Seriously tried to at least get her to see that her thinking is incorrect, but she kept accusing me that I’m against her and her master.)

        I’m a history major, and have always been interested and fascinated by history, well, by minority history anyways. I never liked or approved of one culture being dominant over others, I don’t like hypocrisy that comes along with the fact what’s okay for men is not okay for women. (Again not talking about your blog, just the things I had to hear from ex-friends and my parents when I told them I’m into Asian men, and a strange guy even called me a racist because I wasn’t into other men; if it was other way around, nobody would care and they would accept my preferrences.)

        To answer your question, it doesn’t make sense, just the same as back in South pre-civil war when white men slept with black women, but any children born to them were automatically slaves, (I do wonder how those women explained to their children why they were slaves and their fathers did nothing about it.) but unfortunately, its the way the world has worked, and its sad that a lot of the world is dominated by the idea that white is superior to others, when I don’t think its true at all.

        Truth is we all could learn something from each other, and no one is superior to anyone else.

      5. @sv

        It’s great that you found the love of your life. If you don’t mind me asking. Curious, what do you see in Asian men? Is he satisfying in bed? Can you speak an Asian language?

      6. @Anonymous. I’ll answer two of the questions. I guess because of my own background I am into Asian men, at least subconsciously. (Not Asian, but I am what is called ethnic minority, which means I descend from one of the marginalized groups of Europe.) Ever since I was a pre-teen, I always found Asian men physically attractive, far more attractive than European men. I can’t speak Asian languages but I always had interest in Korean culture (baby’s father is of Hong Kong Chinese descent.) so yes, he can speak the Cantonese language.

        @Eurasian Writer I think I’m concerned because its one thing to hear things from mother, but its another when the rest of the world is telling you things. I will try my best to instill pride in who he is and his background, but I’m worried that society will undo whatever positive messages I’ll try to empower him with.

    4. You spent on a month coming up with this nonsense of which you have no grip. The writer is correct to say this is not his problem alone. it is a problem for generations to come.

  49. ” However, even if you hadn’t of mentioned it, I would have guessed you were Chinese because of how angry you are.”

    “The stereotype “Asian Rage” exists for a reason, and is almost always used when referring to Chinese people.”

    There’s no need to make racist statements. I have a feeling that you are a closeted racist.

  50. Hi friend,

    I came across your blog, and I’ve felt deeply troubled. I am a tall (5’11”), blue-eyed white male and I’ve spent the last several years in a relationship with a wonderful girl from Korea. While I know Koreans are very different from the Chinese, she is still an AF dating a WM. Beyond ethnicity, we have some more differences from the typical WMAF relationship, too:

    -My previous girlfriends have been white, and I’m the first non-Korean she’s dated.
    -She loves her family a lot and has frequently mentioned how well her father treats her mother, so I’m not sure she hates AM’s.
    -She comes from a better family than I do, and while I make good money, she’ll probably be making more money after she graduates med school.

    Again, just trying to provide some context so you can better understand our relationship and will hopefully be able to give more specific advice.

    Frankly, I’m worried about the mental health of my future kids. While we’re not planning on having kids for a while, reading your blog makes me really nervous about the mental stability of a child raised in a WMAF relationship. What can I do, as a future father and a partner to raise any future children as positively as possible? The most obvious thing I can think of is to provide positive AM role models for my sons (Thankfully, I don’t think this will be too much of an issue as many of my close friends are AM’s). But beyond introducing positive role models into their lives, is there anything else that you think I can do to ensure that my children will be brought up with a positive self-image? The last thing I would want is for my future children to think that they are unwanted or unloved. Also, I know parenting is more than just one person there anything you would theoretically recommend for my girlfriend to do? She’s just as concerned as I am.

    Thank-you for bringing this issue to my attention, and for any advice you think would help. I don’t know if this will mean much to you, but I’m sorry you had such a horrible experience growing up and I’m glad you’re doing better now.

    1. Some more background info:

      She’s two years older than I am.
      We first interacted at a party in college, but I knew her from one of my classes.
      She’s not the type of person to show off.
      She’s not Korean-American, just Korean, so I’m not sure the extent American culture influenced her.
      She never “threw herself” at me. I thought our relationship progressed pretty normally.

      Again, thanks for any input you can provide. I would love to raise children equally proud of both sides of their heritage.

      1. And please don’t lie to yourself, you know your girl friend loves you more just because you are white………And what answer would you give to your asian looking future son when ask you why are WMAF couples 100 times more numerous than AMWF couples??

      2. From a comment posted below: “what answer would you give to your asian looking future son when ask you why are WMAF couples 100 times more numerous than AMWF couples??”

        That’s a good question. Hopefully I will have provided him with enough positive male role models from both sides of his heritage that my son would be secure enough in their identity to hear whatever I’d say. As for my answer, I’d just tell the truth, “Most of those relationships are built on people taking advantage of each other rather than love.” If I needed to elaborate, I would, but I would never want to frame it in a way that sounded like being an AM is a bad thing. If anything, I hope he would feel as if he had dodged a self-hating bullet. Honestly, who would want to be a relationship with a girl from any race that disliked her identity so much.

        I hope I answered your question suitably. I understand why this question would be problematic.

      1. Thank you for your blog
        I am Eurasian and your story is very similar to mine only I am female.
        My father is a narcissistic misogynist racist white male who most women in his own culture would not tolerate.
        My mother is a Malay woman from a royal background with a traditional matrilineal culture and high aspirations without wanting to do much work herself.
        A toxic combination .
        My parents fundamentally disrespected one another and endlessly fought .
        My mother was disappointed and depressed not least with me for not meeting the expectations of her sacrifice and consistently told me she wished I had not been born .
        My father was disappointed he couldn’t treat me the way he treated my mother without a fight.
        I have self harmed, attempted suicide and have an ongoing eating disorder, anxiety and depression.
        There is a lot more I can say on this but I’ll leave it there
        I am very very interested to know how many Eurasians
        particularly those living in predominantly Caucasian scultures have had difficult or similar experiences

    2. What can you do?

      Why, for starters, you can fist yourself.

      After that, you should blow out the brains of your fugly Korean whore wife, and then your own right after.

      Just to reiterate:

      1. Don’t breed
      2. Kill yourself

    3. I don’t want to scare you off, but in Korea any man who doesn’t make more money than his wife is a loser in the eyes of society and in the woman’s eyes, because he’s supposed to take care of his future wife children and parents. So her giving you a pass while she’s headed to a “brighter future” financially so to speak is very weird. Also, her speaking well of her father means nothing. You’d be amazed at the amount of asian girls who have great relationships with their fathers yet still despise asian men as men, the reason being white man worship. I’m not telling you to get paranoid, there is no need to, but you better STUDY HER HARD before considering marrying her. Not to mention, a lot of asian girls are known to be sweet and nice before the wedding, and turn coo coo overnight once they got the ring. Study, vet, study. She could an amazing woman, but the chances are not high.

  51. The world’s multi-billion plastic surgery, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industry targets Asian women specifically and profits from Asian dollars + low self esteem. These are Asian owned companies, Western companies, any other companies. It is not in the interest of corporate profit for Asian women and men to have high self esteem. I read that 50% of Korean women under 30 have plastic surgery, and up to 15% of young Korean men. There is definitely a global mental health crisis in most Asian communities, in large part because of the media produced by these companies, which needs to be addressed:

  52. The world’s 20 billion dollar plastic surgery, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industry targets Asian women specifically and profits from Asian dollars + low self esteem. These are Asian owned companies, Western companies, any other companies. It is not in the interest of corporate profit for Asian women and men to have high self esteem. I read that 50% of Korean women under 30 have plastic surgery, and up to 15% of young Korean men. There is definitely a global mental health crisis in most Asian communities, in large part because of the media produced by these companies, which needs to be addressed:

  53. Actually I feel sorry for you. I have lived in Japan for 22 years. I am of European origin. Japan has been famously fixated on racial purity throughout its history and yet, now, children of mixed race seem far more accepted than you seem to be of yourself.

    There is no inferiority among Asian men. There is no self hate. Japanese men are handsome, self-assured, interesting people. They are attractive to women in every way.

    There is this “Yellow Fever” thing in the US , this “banana” accusatory culture (“yellow” on the outside and white on the inside) in the US. People fall in love. Accept it. PEOPLE, the emphasis is on PEOPLE fall in love. Tribalism is toxic.

    What I would suggest is a long self-investigation in front of the mirror. Underneath your silly self-hate is a wonderful person.

    You know, in Japan, they love high tech animation, or anime. Most often, when Japanese render their ideal male or female they seem to be a blend of Eurasia ancestry. You, my friend, are decidedly the ideal of desirability here in Japan. Feel good about yourself, not because of that but because you are YOU!

    For the record, I did not marry a Japanese woman to renounce white women. My wife did not “marry up” to marry me. In fact, marrying a white man is a potential step down (whites are hair – primitive, whites are noisy-uncivilized and potential violent). Racism is silly and goes in ALL directions.

    I wish you luck.

    1. The point here isn’t to distinguish between good and bad. The point is the be the loudest, most vehement Eurasian on the block until I force critical reexamination of certain patterns and open racism.

      You fail to discourage me from this path. In fact you only motivate me.

    2. @James Whitelow Delano,

      What do you know about the Eurasian experience or being Asian, you are a white male who has white privilege. You’re the accepted racial currency all around the world. You have no credibility when you talk about race! You’re just another ignorant white man who doesn’t want to or is unable to empathize or sympathize with other races. In your little white fantasy world everyone is equal and no one gets mistreated.

    1. Perhaps where we part company would be I would accept that PEOPLE fall in lust with PEOPLE and it is entirely human and definitely free from constraint of tribe. 😉


      1. @James Whitelowdown,

        Doesn’t falling in lust and marrying someone because they are white cause mental damage to their children? People should marry because of love and be role models of love to their children.

        1. Don’t get all troll-like, mate. People fall in love. Period. People, as in people, fall in love. Done. Have a nice life. Better yet. Go fall in love. If someone has a different color set of eyes, different color hair, different skin tone, doesn’t matter. If you think otherwise, the problem is yours. Now, please feel free to slander, libel me, . Feel free to rip me to shreds. I really don’t care. はい, どーぞ. 私はあなたが少し精神障害だと思います。Good bye, mate and good luck (you do make me feel fortunate to live in Japan and thank you for that). Now go out and fall in love, will you? PLEASE!

          1. BTW: @Eurasia Writer @anonymous, you brave souls. What do you really know about Asia. How much time have you spent here. I’ve lived here half my life. Do you presume to know more about Asia and being Asian than me? I have ancestors from various northern European countries. If you were to live 1/2 your life in a northern European country, would I know, by virtue of my DNA more about Europe than you. Of course, not.

            Tell me something about Japan, beside a cliche. Tell me about local culture. Tell me something about Ichinoseki. What is unique about Okinawan music. Where does natto come from. How do you say racist in Japanese. Do people use bad language here? What is a Mongolian blue spot? Do Europeans have big noses or tall noses when described in Japanese. What is a Yokozuna? Where are the current 4 Yokozuna from? Which Japanese volcano was the last to erupt? When was the last earthquake. In which prefecture do people live longest here? How do say, “Happy New Year” before January 1st. How do you say it, after 1 January? Why does it suck to be from Iitate-mura right now? What train line do you take to Ueno? Where is Ueno? What does Edo-ko mean?

            How much do you know about Asia? Who are the Batek. What is happening in Alasha Banner in Inner Mongolia. Is Inner Mongolia an independent country or part of anther country. What is the ethnic group that at the foot of the Cangshan Mountains. In which country is Cangshan.

            What is the driving force behind deforestation of Iban peoples land? Where are the Iban from? What is unique about them and how are their tattoos different than the Orang Ulu peoples? Who are the original inhabitants of Malaysia and why do they look African?

            Why is climate change threatening Tondo? Where is Tondo? Are the people rich or poor there?

            In Nuristan, why do people sometimes have blond hair and blue eyes. Yes, in Asia. Where is Nuristan. Are there red haired and blue eyed people in Mongolia. Why?

            What in heaven’s f–king name do you really know about Asia, while you are stereotyping me?

            Come to Asia and discover your ancestry here and you will not have time to wallow in self pity.

          2. I’m a Eurasian guy, half Japanese. I was born and raised in Japan, I’ve lived in China for three years and currently I live in Hong Kong. I speak English, Japanese, and Mandarin-Chinese fluently. I definitely know more about Asia and being Asian than you, and moreover, I definitely know more about Japan and being Japanese than you.

            Your experience of being in Asia is that of a white man being in Asia– you’ll never see the world from my perspective, or from any other Asian guy’s perspective. Acknowledging that is step one, and if you’re unable to make it passed step 1, you’re just not qualified to contribute meaningfully to this discussion.

          3. white guys want to sell the idea of color-blindness so that other races are more tolerant of them.
            when you are the desired currency, you always want the market to be free so you can reap the benefit. this is why when it comes to white and Asian, the white males advocate for openness and interracial marriage, cuz they know the Asian males can’t get white females anyways, so it’s all in their favor. But when it comes to white and black, they would exert protectionism.

            and the beauty of this hypocrisy is that it all sounds so innocent and “right”.

  54. @Eurasia Writer We’re all mixed, mate. There is no purity in the human race. Modern Japan are mestizos. Their ancestors came from Siberia, up the Kuroshio Black Current from Southeast Asia and from China and Korea. Han Chinese as an ethnicity is a myth. They are every bit as mixed as Western Europeans who are mestizos too. Southeast Asians are the product of millennia of migrations. I take comfort in that. If you don’t well live with yourself.

    You are mixed. I am mixed. The Queen of England is mixed. The Emperor of Japan is probably of Korean origin. He is mixed.

    Good luck to you too. Goo’ bye.

    1. This is semantics. Regardless of what you tell yourself to justify certain life decisions, a guy who is 1/8th white and 7/8th Chinese will still be considered Asian. A White guy who is 1/16th black is still White and benefits from it. Please.

      1. @Eurasian Writer wrote :This is semantics. Regardless of what you tell yourself to justify certain life decisions, a guy who is 1/8th white and 7/8th Chinese will still be considered Asian. A White guy who is 1/16th black is still White and benefits from it. Please.

        James (My real name): Come on, you’re really white, named Billy Bob, born in Huntsville, Alabama in
        1889, right? That’s because you’re words are stolen from the lips of white supremacists of that era. The only thing missing is the white hood.

        Study history, don’t repeat history’s ugliest chapters, move forward and then get back to me.

        Please, you’ll feel better….your mother will thank me. Now, get out more often too. Get some exercise. It will build the self esteem. Get off Cheetos. Bad stuff. I am sincerely worried about you, not for you individually of course, but for the aggregate healthy of the country (I’m assuming you are American because in your narrow worldview, you fail to see how uniquely American you are. Poor fellow…).

        1. Lol. I live abroad, raised in Manhattan, from a wealthy family, Ivy League educated, in shape, 6’0″, 180 pounds, good looking. Try again.

          Just be wary that as this site gains in momentum the general public will hate you people even more than they already do.

          1. I don’t care. No more time to waste here. Life is calling. Cheers, beleaguered Ivy Leaguer. Why would an Ivy Leaguer waste time here. My time here is done. Remember, I don’t fear using my real name. You should try it!

          2. I’m fast on the way to owning the number one half-Asian websites on the planet. For someone like you this would be a public-relations nightmare in the long run. My longterm goals are to collect all Eurasians under a common banner and wreck the West and the white male hegemony, permanently.

  55. Anonymous. I live in Japan as a hyper-minority.

    I am so glad I live in Japan where there is no need to worry about such things as racism. Women here
    are free cross the street to avoid sharing the sidewalk with this American man of Northwest European
    island ancestry (you know big foreign men have wandering eyes/long arms). They are free to hip-check for seats on a train, spot me, pirouette and leave said seat next to me on the crowded train uncharacteristically empty (and foreign men have those groping hands too!). Clerks in stores can keep a closer eye on menacing suburban me, than other customers because foreign crime is up in Japan, just not as much as Japanese on Japanese crime is, but I digress ( I must provide particularly good cover to shoplifters).

    Both genders, in this largely body-hairless society, are free to gawk at my hair-vest (body hair = a little too much ancestor hanky-panky with the Neanderthals, maybe?) when I swim at the pool to the point I now wear a spandex top, all without any balancing PC pushback whatsoever, or the risk of societal banishment for perpetuating ignorant stereotypes about westerners.

    Oh, and have you noticed just how big my nose is?! I mean, it’s a doozy! I don’t mean to trivialize what this does to me on a bad day. It dehumanizes you but the real test of character is to avoid asking yourself if the reason that person was just overtly rude was rude because you are other, or were they just, well, rude?

    The former is the downward spiral that so much of the conversation on other is in the US focuses on,
    rather than the latter. I would suggest you free yourself from that downward spiral. But you know what?
    My skin color and ancestry makes me inherently unable to comprehend the experience of another human being unless that human being is EXACTLY like me. Right? Is that not the prejudicial, dare I say racist assertion you made, the brave troll that you are.

    What is your name anyone, brave troll called “Anonymous”? Do you fear reasonable conversation. I don’t fear discussing humanity. I am human first, not tribe.

    On this day one, of discussing without fear, using my own identity, I have been the subject of more concentrated racism that my entire tenure in Japan. Anonymous, introduce yourself to a mirror and in the future don’t be so afraid to hide behind anonymity.

    On balance, BTW, I LOVE living here in Japan! Racism is human and I accept it and do not get angry because most of it can be overcome by example.

    Again. Goo’ bye.

    1. you been saying good bye for 2 months. Japan isn’t all that happy go lucky for foreigners, try going into some areas and they will kick your white ass out quick

      1. It has been a year and half, actually, anonymous. Still live in Japan. Have Japanese family. Have Japanese friends. Still love it here. You don’t seem to be too well, though. Have you considered professional counseling. You’re ill. You really are. People are nice here. I walk around without fear, give respect and, for the most part, get it in return. I live in a happy place. Now flame me, hai dozo. Otsukaresama….

        1. Goo’ bye. I will check back after you’ve withered another year and a half, or who knows, maybe you won’t see the world in tribal terms any more and see people as people. i doubt it but there is always home. Ja matta!

  56. @James Whitelowdown

    Do you know that Asia includes other countries besides Japan? Have you been to other Asian countries? Are you a Sexpat? Are you an LBH (Loser Back Home) English teacher in Japan?

    1. I’m a journalist who covers human rights and the environment all over Asia from Afghanistan to Indonesia, to Mongolia and Tibet…to Africa, Latin America. I love people and culture. You should too. Really. It would make you happier. Kiwotsukette kudasai, you may end up in one of my articles…I’m happily married. I have never had sex with a sex worker. NEVER. I have no interest. Still live in Japan for the culture, the food, the beauty of the country. I have a Japanese family. Have Japanese friends. Still love it here. You don’t seem to be too well, though. Have you considered professional counseling. You may be ill. You really may be… People are nice here. I walk around without fear, give respect and, for the most part, get it in return. I live in a happy place. Now flame me, hai dozo. Otsukaresama….

  57. lol Don’t blame the world because nobody likes you. Don’t blame Asian women just because they rather western guys all the women in the world rather white guys. One interesting question is why western women don’t like Asian guys? Maybe because asian guys suck! As someone once told me “I am not racist but I am just so happy I am white 😉 “

  58. I don’t really believe you are half-Asian.

    Your blog is like if a Korean made a blog called “The Korean Reality” and mentioned Seung-Hui Cho every 5 posts. Its existence is very odd. Well, congratulations on not taking pride in your ancestry, but you’ve crossed the line from neutral to being self-loathing.

    If you are, then we have nothing in common.

    You probably work for some government agency. If you don’t, I hear they’re looking for people like you.

    Keep enjoying Canada, or wherever you live.

    1. My picture is at the top, I have several pictures of myself on this blog, and you still don’t believe me?

      I plan to go public with this, the only issue is that my family would find out and then cut me off. So essentially it’s waiting for them to pass before going outright public with it. But I plan to make a life out of this issue.

  59. I am in Bangkok now and let me tell you it’s totally different from what this blog author depicts. ‘Pan-Asian’ guys are HIGHLY desireable here. I work as an actor, I am a good looking white male. But Pan-Asian guys get MOST of the acting jobs, in LEAD roles as heroes and main characters in TVC’s (commercials). Not only that but Thai women LOVE Pan-Asian males and SWOON over them.

    Also look at Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee’s son who tragically died while on a movie set at a young age. Ladies loved him, of course if he got the lead role as a rocker hunk in the movie The Crow.

    I sympathize with what this blog author is saying but it’s not all black and white. Here in Thailand and in other countries I have been to a lot of women wouldn’t dream of dating a Western white male. The ladies plan to marry an Asian male of their same nationality and procreate and that’s that.

    I am a good looking guy and here in Thailand there’s TONS of ladies I can’t get a smile from or even eye contacts. Lots of Thai women just do not idealize white features like height, skin tone and what not. This blog author seems to be transfering qualities of Western women onto Asian women. Western women are more about looks, height, muscles, etc because of Western media with men half naked in movies all the time.

    Women from more conservative countries (lets face it, EVERY Asian country is more conservative than the USA) are not as easily impressed. There needs to be more cards on the table than just looks. Looks are a factor but there’s more.

    I have met some intelligent, well spoken Asian women from HK and Singapore who have high levels of English but retain some of the conservative values they inherited from their Chinese cultures. These girls don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t party, but are highly intelligent, articulate, educated and very impressive in conversation. These types of girls would never just go with a guy based on looks alone. Lets face it, looks will always be a factor but if you don’t have the personality and intelligence to back it up you are stuck dating superficial, money grubbing party girls.

    The author of this blog needs to get out of America more and meet women in a more academic setting rather than at bars.

    1. I understand that… but A) using your “white” looks to advance in society is immoral, and B) not all of us look amazingly good. I look good, I consider myself attractive but at the end of the day, society constantly reminds me – and Asian women constantly remind me – that white men are superior in looks, desirability, etc. Let’s be honest.

  60. Thanks for the response. So you are saying Blasians will be perceived as Black? And thus ascribed the usual Black stereotypes? So does this mean that they(male Blasians) are unlikely to view their mother as Hapas do? I know in general black people have more acceptance of mixed children but I have read it is hard for blasians in Asia. what’s your take?

      1. I am the one preaching hate!? I am preaching love, you dumbass! this guy, this fake hapa guy who is actually a full asian and pretends he’s half white is the one preaching hate. Look at what he’s done to those poor innocent people who have done nothing but to fall in love with each other and he shames them into hell!!!! I am just reacting to all the hate those racist sexist asian men spews!!!! I am a liberal feminist if u haven’t noticed!

      2. @ihateasianmen So wanting to send all Asian men to Nazi concentration camps is preaching love (at least on your blog?) Hating your own Asian son and Asian husband is also called love? Insulting the father of my child and calling him “stinky rice dick” and calling me ” bigotted, racist white woman” is also love? *snorts* wow, nice to meet you in real life Asian E.L James of Fifty Shades of Grey who silences women who have gone through domestic abuse. If you don’t like the fire get out of the kitchen.

  61. I’m an Asian female, my husband is white, we have a daughter and a son. After reading everything you’ve had to say, I fear for my son and what people might think of him based on your writings. There are a lot of people who will recognize that you are mentally disturbed, heartbreakingly so and perhaps not without reason based on your personal experiences and family history and also, not that there may not be some truth in some of what you are saying. But your approach and misogynism leaves no room for any mutual understanding or way to move forward. Through the internet, you’ve successfully magnified your voice and made it the voice of all Eurasians (due to the dearth of other voices). Unfortunately, your voice is racist, vindictive, rage-filled, hate-filled, glass-is-half empty and hopeless. I’m concerned that it may incite fear and loathing towards Eurasians. How does that help anything? My son is so sweet, funny and incredibly smart. He does not deserve to be saddled with your baggage.

    1. What might they think of him? That his mom, like virtually every other Eurasian, is Asian, and his dad, White?

      What I say is true: Asian women prefer white men yet give birth to Asian sons. There’s really no rationalizing around this. And unless you’re all willing to move forward – then forgive me while I take the throne.

      If you think the opinions here are limited to this blog – you’re sadly mistaken. Half Asians are overwhelmingly born from white fathers, and yet you think your son will somehow be immune to coming to a similar conclusion about his own self worth?

      If you think your son won’t internalize inferiority over his own mother rejecting Asianness – you’re sorely mistaken.

      Maybe one day he’ll have a blog of his own.

      1. I’m afraid ignorant bigots will read your writings, come to the conclusion that you are miserable and self-hating because your mom is Asian and your dad is White. Then they will go on to conclude, since you’ve conveniently, but erroneously, tied it together for them, that Eric Holtzclaw, Elliot Rodgers and other Eurasians did what they did because they are mentally ill because their mom was Asian and their dad was white. They will then stereotype my son and all half-Asian males as creepy. You’re committing an injustice against them that’s just as damaging to them as what you accuse their white loving Asian mothers of doing.

        Having said that, I think you have made some very valid, and logical points that I did reject initially. Asian women who, for whatever reason (abusive father, grew up white-washed, etc.) denigrate and/or reject Asian men probably are not going to be able to give their Asian or half Asian sons the love, support, and approval that every child needs.

        Women like me who grew up in white cultures may truly believe our reasons for marrying our husband are based on love and totally different from those of earlier generations of women (like your mom). But the mere fact that we chose white men over Asian men in such large numbers would send a negative and rejecting message to our sons. It’s devastating for me to have made this realization.

      2. Amy,

        Teach your son to appreciate Asian men and Asian people. Don’t bad mouth Asian men in front your son, because he is Asian and he will be hurt too. Don’t treat Asian men like crap. Don’t treat Asian badly because of their appearance. Get to know the individual before you make superficial judgments. Do this and you should be fine.

        1. Not enough. The damage is already done. Asian men are on the bottom – women subconsciously acknowledge this, so how are we, their sons, able to work through this mentally? Hope is a terrible thing to lose. Nihilism is a terrible thing to gain.

      3. @ Amy “the mere fact that we chose white men over Asian men in such large number”. Seriously all you worthless self hating bitches are our trash. Got it? All the self hating asian women are craps to look at. Don’t pat yourself on the back too much sweetie. Either that or you’re a subhuman troll.

  62. If you can’t work through it mentally and hope is lost, does that mean we were right after all? I personally don’t believe that, but that would be the logical conclusion. Why bother at all, other than to be vindictive and hurt innocents along the way? Also, all the Asian women bashing and white women fetishism. I also reads posts by Eurasian males that they would never date Asian females. Isn’t that just the flip side? How is that not equally wrong?

    I don’t say bad things about Asian people in front of my children or anyone. Never made sense to me to do that when you’re Asian yourself. But it isn’t enough. My son is not fine and he’s only six. He’s smart beyond his years, but also extremely sensitive. I can see signs of damage already and I know my husband and I inadvertently caused some of it. No offense, but I don’t want him to end up like you.

    1. If you’re not trolling then I’m sorry. You made your mistakes and the sins are paid for in the end. People underestimate the damage that can be inflicted on young children through even something as minor as their parents’ appearance and behavior. If he looked white he’d have an easy way out – so if you can just be more mindful of your actions and try to socialize him with girls as early as you can.

      1. I have made mistakes, but my kids are not the mistakes and I am no nihilist. I recognize that there is a problem, but I believe it is just a matter of figuring out a solution. My son is already very well socialized with girls. Is that what all this is really about? Girls? Or more specifically, WHITE girls? They’re not really that unobtainable. Here’s what my 6 year old did. He rated all his sister’s friends (they’re older) in order of who he had a crush on most. At first, they were like, ew, you’re in first grade. Now they are falling all over themselves trying to be his top 3 out of 22. The 22 was just a random number he made up, because he’s 6. I’ve told him to cut it out because I don’t want him to think it’s okay to treat girls that way.

        So tell me, what exactly is it that you want?

        1. Heh, as if a 6 year old child is indicative of any sort of future; have you considered the implications of working in the future? Workplace discrimination?

          Have you considered that 6 year old girls don’t represent actual female preference in the real world?

        2. “I’ve told him to cut it out because I don’t want him to think it’s okay to treat girls that way.”

          So you’re trying to emasculate your son, and make him unsuccessful with girls? Nice job.

      2. @Amy Your Asian looking son will be emasculated each and every time you kiss and sleep with your white husband. Your Asian looking son will get same pain that you have been giving to many other Asian men. Your Asian looking son will never be proud of his Asian features by seeing huge amount of Asian women like his mom bashing Asian men and openly preferring white men over Asian men. Your Asian looking son would probably die virgin just like Elliot Rodger. Your Asian looking daughter will also just like her mother will only date white men and will be seen as sex object for white men. You could have had better aborted your Eurasian son for the good of himself.

  63. @Amy Your Asian looking son will be emasculated each and every time you kiss and sleep with your white husband. Your Asian looking son will get same pain that you have been giving to many other Asian men. Your Asian looking son will never be proud of his Asian features by seeing huge amount of Asian women like his mom bashing Asian men and openly preferring white men over Asian men. Your Asian looking son would probably die virgin just like Elliot Rodger. Your Asian looking daughter will also just like her mother will only date white men and will be seen as sex object for white men. You could have had better aborted your Eurasian son for the good of himself.

    1. Aborted? Don’t ever say that. Eurasian boys and men are valuable at the end of the day.

      Also, there is one I would have dated a few years ago, but the moment he said that “asian women drove him crazy” (speaking of attraction), and it came from his heart, I decided not to let him know about my interest though there are chances he guessed it. There are non-asian women interested in asian and eurasian men (though not the high majority I do admit, for reasons this blog explains), however I’m neither white nor asian. Got the message. Accepted it.

      Anyway, don’t talk about aborting those baby boys, they don’t deserve this.

  64. Just want to say good job on rationalizing such a tough topic. There are definitely racial prejudices toward Asian due to many complicated historical and social issues in the past several hundred years. (From colonial period in general to more recent anti-Japanese propaganda during WW2).Those past events did help painting Asian into an inferior group. Since women are naturally attracted to men with higher social status, marrying a white man is a very understandable thing for an Asian women to do. (White women would probably do the same if history was played out other way around.) So don’t be too harsh on your mom, she simply followed her own instinct and did what most women would do.

    On the bright side, as society progresses and Asian countries advance, the situation is getting better. Maybe it’s going to take several generations but it’s getting there.

    Best wishes.
    A random Asian dude’s honest opinion

    1. TBH I haven’t even begun to breach the surface. An example is I really don’t know how deep the river runs… I suspect it’s a lot deeper than even I can possibly understand.

      The concept of race is so deep, deep, deep seated that it’s almost impossible to correctly assess the nature of the trauma in the present, and only the future actions of Hapas as a whole will dictate what happened.

      1. Yes. This is definitely a deep problem.

        The whole situation feels even harder to grasp since we are still in the middle of this post colonial trauma. Maybe in the distant future when humanaity look back, they would have a clearer picture of what happened, and all the struggles people went through.

        But I am an optimist, and I do believe all the trauma would be healed by time.

  65. I agreed with Qiushi that you can’t overturn 400 years rule of Western colonization and its deep impact on people psychological, mental affiliation.

    Can we fight against stereotypes heaping on Asian men? Yes we do. I’m speaking from Asian men perspective because I’m a Chinese descent in the US. Am I trying? Yes, I am.

    But the playing field, wherever you look at it, it’s not as simple and straightforward as we use to think.

    I did have a moment in my life when I was a teenager and growing up. The moment was Asian women are the worst of the women when it comes to Asian solidarity. Whenever you look at it, it’s there. You can’t change that. You can only sulk in a tiny dungeon and talk about White this/ and White that. The end of the story is, Asian women do love White men. The connotation of “Asian” brings negative undertone since Asian countries suffered massive colonization, and massive bloodsucking from British Imperialism. So the very idea of “Not Associating” with Asian-ness brings some form of moral upbringing to any Asian person in concern.

    In this case, Asian women enjoy a real escapism, be it for better or for worse. But they do hold a better hand. Only after they get married, and have sons who look like a real “Asian” man, do they (Asian women, like Amy above) realize how far they have thrown all Asian men under the bus.

    I’m not blaming Amy for her life choice. She deserves what she think she should have in life. I’m not attracted to some ugly Asian girls whom I can name it right off the top of my head. For eg., Magaret Cho, a standup comedian. She can sleep around with White guys, but I’m not attracted to her at all. AT ALL. But I do have an attraction to Zhang Ziyi, for eg. But I don’t throw all Asian women under the bus. We all have different attraction. But we don’t consider that all Asian women are alike.

    But it becomes different scenarios when we deal with Asian women who think all Asian men are nerdy, small, anti-social etc etc etc. I’ve been there. I’ve suffered a lot of those accusation coming from ASIAN WOMEN themselves. It was awful, it was horrific.

    It indeed takes time to heal my mental illness and downtime. I improved myself, I become open to any interpretation. I don’t give any … to what others are thinking solely based on my look and skin color.

    Now I’m 35, and I’m doing well enough that I’m married to this beautiful lady who happened to be “White”. I didn’t choose to be “White”, I didn’t intentionally look for “White” girl. But It so happened that we both have the same hobbies, and life styles.

    Enough said, during my life journey, I didn’t throw any Asian women all under the bus like they are unworthy. I did have a moment in my life that my first sweetheart was an Asian girl.

    Shit happens in life. The cards are already dealt. We can’t change that. We just have to play smart to stand tall in this stereotypes driven world.

    1. Yea but you don’t realize just how much damage Asian women have done until you really consider the coming disaster of the millions upon millions of hapa kids born almost exclusively to white fathers. Elliot Rodger was the first of many to come…

      This website is largely in place to prevent Asian men from catching the flack for when the chickens come home to roost.

  66. By blaming the mothers? I’m not sure that accomplishes anything either. There are a lot of Eurasian males who do just fine. They don’t all become Elliot Rodgers and die virgins. I don’t know how my son will turn out and neither do you all. He is loved, he was very much wanted, and I feel so much joy every time I see him.

    I do agree that these boys are in trouble, however. There are several things going on. First, as you’ve pointed out, there’s the self-negating message sent by the fact that their mothers chose non-Asian men, and perhaps hated Asian men, and they are Asian. I agree that Asian women do need to be more self conscious as to why they are choosing to marry someone who is non-Asian. We all believe we married out of love, but when Asian women are marrying outside their race en mass, something else is going on and we all need to be more honest about the reasons why. As for the women who go around saying, “I don’t date Asian men”, they should absolutely be called out. There has to be some examination, however, of why they are saying this. Traditional Asian culture is male dominant AND authoritarian. A lot of women, sadly, grew up with chauvinistic, abusive, domineering fathers, uncles, and/or brothers. They react by vilifying Asian men and idealizing white men. BTW, I see you as their mirror image when you vilify Asian women who marry whites while idealizing white women.

    Second, I think a large proportion of WMAF families are facing the additional issues of Aspergers and/or personality disorders, like narcissism. Men with Aspersgers or PDs frequently marry “foreign” women, who they feel are safer and less likely to detect that they are not neurotypical or who mistake narcissism for confidence. They often make poor husbands and parents, even if they are white men married to white women and have white children together, because they lack theory of mind and have difficulty empathizing. If they are narcissist, they are also frequently racist. Children growing up with such a parent, regardless of whether they are mixed race of not, can develop severe depression, even complex PTSD. They can have resultant anger, which they can either internalize or externalize. On top of that, both Aspergers and narcissism have a genetic component, so the children themselves may have it too. I think of Elliot Rodgers as the worst case embodiment. HOWEVER, he didn’t do what he did because he was Eurasian. He was just mentally ill. Perhaps there is a heavier concentration of Aspergers and narcissism within WMAF families. These families, especially the children, need our help and understanding. The may be dealing with depression and confusion as to why they are having so much trouble connecting with other people and thinking it’s because they are Eurasian when the problem is actually autism.

    Not to say it isn’t difficult to be an Asian man in western society. There’s a lot of unfortunate baggage associated with it. But if the message of your website to other Eurasian men is, “You all should just crawl under a rock and die. And blame your parents!”, you REALLY need to rethink it. A lot of your readers are young and immature. I really want to see them get beyond that stage of life when everything feels like the end of the world and totally hopeless.

    1. @Amy You yourself have been hating Asian men through out your life and now only after having Asian looking son you want to call out those Asian women who say, “I don’t date Asian men” ….WTF…Eurasians have now woken up and know those Asian women who try to install Fake Asian Pride on them only after having Asian looking kids. And how do you feel when your own relationship with your white husband emasculates your own Asian looking son who lives in the same house with you??

    2. Lets not forget that traditional western culture is also male dominant and authoritarian.. On the white side of my family during discussions on family business the uncles and my dad get together and have a discussion, and my aunts are often present but dont contribute to the conversation, and the oldest male cousins sometimes contribute. Just to be clear, my being eurasion doesn’t prevent me from contributing to these discussions– i dont speak up because I’m the youngest person there and its not my place.

      traditional western culture is absolutely male dominant and authoritarian.
      modern western culture is much less so thanks to my feminist movement
      my american born chinese guy friends grew up during that very same feminist movement and as a result are in line with modern western culture with respect to family culture and gender roles.

      this argument of yours is not relevant.

    1. WMAF couples may have already started aborting their eurasian sons to prevent another Elliot Rodger or Daniel Holtzclaw. But Eurasian daughters can be used by white men for sexual slavery.

    2. Indeed. If you’ve ever noticed, it seems that an inordinate amount of Eurasians are women. I thought this either has to do with the chromosome inheritance of both parents or it was deliberate. I really am not sure I want to know the truth.

    1. What about thugish black dudes with no jobs, a criminal record, and dependent on handouts? Girls don’t like that. There are referred to as broke azz n’s, so I’ve heard.

    2. Questions from Asian looking Sons Of Racist White Dads and Self Hating Asian Mothers
      1. How can Asian looking sons from WMAF couples be proud of their Asian features when their own Asian mothers hated Asian men who look like them?
      2.Why do 95%of Eurasians have white dads and Asian moms? Are Asian men inferior?
      3.What happens when those Asian women and white men who hate Asian men produce Asian looking sons? Are they able to love their Asian looking sons?
      4.Why are Asian looking sons emasculated when they see their own White dads and Asian moms together and other WMAF Couples who look like their own parents?
      5.Why do many Eurasians from WMAF Couples end up becoming criminals such as Elliot Rodger and Daniel Holtzclaw?
      6.Why is there not a single Eurasian who is proud to have a White dad and Asian mom?
      7.Why do some Eurasians from WMAF couples lie and tell others that they they have Asian dads and White moms instead?
      8.Why can White dads never be able to be role models of their Eurasian sons?
      9.Why do Eurasians from WMAF Couples feel Eurasians from AMWF are superior, different and extremely lucky?
      10.Why are Eurasian sons from Asian men and White men proud of their Asian fathers and white mothers BUT Eurasians from White men and Asian women are ashamed of their own parents?
      11.Why are Asian looking sons from WMAF Couples are emasculated/defeated by their own birth?
      12. How can Asian looking sons from white dads be proud when you are the sons of same white men who emasculated Asian men, who made Asians to hate their own skin color, and who made both Asian men and Asian women to hate each other?

      Answer: Google ‘Hapa Son’ or ‘Half Asian Son’ or click

  67. Well i guess its everywhere different, Here in Austria we have enough…white woman with black man and opposite…..asian men with asian women……white men with asian woman and a lot of white women with asian men (expect me also) My Sister has a Child with an Asian Men, and she is loved from all sides and people always look at her ands aying how pretty and sweet she is (and yeah she does have a bit darker skin and kind of almond eyes) its always a question about personality….. mixed couples xan marry because of love..and having childrens of Love…..Me and my asian boyfriend also wanna have a baby after our marriage…. We should never hate our self for what we are…..there is a reason why we are how we are

    1. That’s in Europe, and Austria, which is a lot less racist in general. America, where I grew up, is really racist.

      Seeing Asian men with white women was very rare even when I grew up, and I think this affected me even more, since the only Asian women I was in contact with were with white men, my mother included.

  68. Dear Eurasian writer,
    I am an American white woman. My fiance is Taiwanese. We share and learn languages together and discuss the differences between our cultures. We live in Taiwan. We will marry based on love and happiness. I am 30, he is 32. We are not broken or misled by racial hierarchies or have any other motive for spending our life together besides looking forward to enjoying each others company and teaching our children that life brings happiness and love in all different forms. America can be a very racist place and I am happy to live in Taiwan and raise our children here, where I don’t have as much fear for their happiness. But I’m not afraid to bring them to the US, I have the best supportive and loving family and friends who will accept us and our future kids just as we are. I know I will have to teach them to stand in the face of racism here and everywhere they go in life, if not for themselves, then for others. Racism is everywhere.

    I have another American friend, a black woman who met her husband in China. They have married and had a son, they live in the US today. A black American woman and a Chinese man. In appearance they are different, but something they share in their hearts is the same.

    I hope in your journey to expose these stories, you find people like us. I know there are many. I want you to know that you can find what you are looking for.

    1. Yes, but relationships involving Asian men aren’t as politically loaded as those involving white men. After all white guys seem completely unable to parent non-white children. My father was not. At very least a white mother is able to instill in her child proper self esteem.

  69. Didn’t you suspect your father of having Asperger’s? If he was on the spectrum, he would not have been a good parent to his white children either. Read up on how depressed and confused the children of Aspie parents grow up to be, regardless of race. You had a traumatic childhood and it would be if, not realizing your father was Aspie as a child, you assumed he treated you the way he did because you were non-white. Just because your father was not a good parent to you doesn’t mean all white men are unable to parent their mixed-race offspring.

    You constantly place white women on the pedestal (no offense to white women), which is really no different than what you accuse Asian women who prefer white men of doing. Why is it okay if you do it? BTW, I know white women who are terrible moms and Asian women who are great moms and vice versa. It’s not fair to make generalizations based on your experience only.

    1. WMAF relationships are based on money, sex, and race. In the long term these relationships hurt a lot of people, their offspring and both parties.

    2. If he did that’s such a small part of the Eurasian issue that it’s just scratching the surface.

      WMAW is the most common interracial pairing on earth, the majority of Asian women marry white men in some places, and yet Eurasians are somehow not supposed to notice this, as if this wasn’t indicative of our value being pretty much how non-Asian we look.

    3. Ames,

      You just don’t want to face reality. You married that cracker boy because he is white and you want white children. You don’t want to admit it, but you hate Asian men and their appearances. How are you going to raise your Asian looking son? “Mommy thinks Asian men are ugly, does mommy think I’m ugly?”

      1. Harsh way of putting it but the bigger question is: why is it that millions of women like mommy are worshipping white men? How do I deal with the constant media assessment that Asian men are ugly, and here is my own mother doing it as well?

    4. @Amy how can Asian looking eurasian sons build self-esteem when their own Asian moms preferred white men? Full Asian men can at least say my mom was not like that…

    5. @Amy Why do every WMAF Couples want their Eurasian daughters to date white men and their Eurasian sons to date Asian women? Why are these WMAF couples not happy when their Eurasian daughters date Asian men and their Eurasian sons date white women ? Do they think Eurasian women belong to White men? Do they also think Eurasian men are inferior and don’t deserve white women?

    6. @Amy White men and Asian women who hate Asian men are unable to love their Asian looking Eurasian sons. They will subconsciously hate their own Asian looking sons.

  70. If you grow up as a minority, you naturally want to fit in with the majority/dominant culture and/or race. It doesn’t mean you hate Asian men, only that you had the opportunity as an Asian female to marry someone that made you feel like you were fitting in and that your children would have a better chance of fitting in. It’s the very same reason why so many of you are enamoured with white women. Can you really tell me that given the opportunity, you wouldn’t do the same? In the course of the relationship, you’re probably not thinking of it this way. I didn’t. It presents as attraction and love. I dated both Asians and whites. I chose the one who was the most alpha, the most confident and persistent, and who made me laugh most. I did sense that some of my Asian exes were bitter that I married white. I totally understand it, but it was never that I thought Asian men were unattractive. I think it was more my own discomfort of being Asian in a white dominant culture that subconsciously, I thought I’d be safer marrying white. But things are changing. My elementary aged kids have yet to experience the overt racism that I did growing up in the 80s. My daughter is model gorgeous. Several of the mom’s of (white) boys in her class have told me their sons have crushes on her. This year, she has a crush on a cute Korean boy in her class. He’s smart, has a sharp sense of humor and cracks her up on the bus.

    1. @Ames, what if you daughter dated or married an Asian guy who was beta, unconfident, and lacked a sense of humor? Would you oppose it? Do you know that white men look at Asian women as sex objects? You need to do something about your values! Marry someone because of his character, not his personality. You’re not going to totally fit into white culture by marrying a white dude! Just like a white dude who marries a Chinese woman and lives in China wouldn’t totally fit in in China.

    2. Except this fails to take into account the rise of Asia and Asian culture that will supplant white men at the top of the food chain with Asian men.

      White countries have an expiration date and yet my mother sought out a white man for marriage.

      Only problem was that 1) I was never explicitly accepted into white culture growing up, and 2) that was more than four decades ago when my parents met and white power no longer seems to apply.

      So assuming Asians do take the reigns of world power, any mixed race children are left sifting through the pieces, unable to find acceptance in Asia and even worse, left Asian looking in a spiraling Western country that hates and resents Asians. The rise of China for example is just going to make white people hate Asian people even more. White people would only respect a conquering force that they were afraid of, such as Muslims or Mexicans.

      Marriage is about power, and most women sense this. It’s not like white women who marry black, Mexican or Arab men, who represent the future in terms of physical dominance and power. A woman who marries a Muslim man pretty much assumes her child will be accepted into the Muslim superstructure, by name alone and even by appearance. And this doesn’t even take into account that Islam is largely colorblind and puts faith in Allah over racial differences.

      With Asian women, their children represent the defeated race. With white women, their children represent the conquering race. Half Asian children largely look Asian, not white. This would maybe explain why Blasians seem to outpace Eurasians at every turn.

      I would make a post on this but it seems that posts on sociology just seem to go unnoticed on this blog.

    3. @Amy Hapa male will never be accepted by any race (both Asians and White). To whites, he is just an Asian. To Asians, he is a reminder of their racial humiliation.

    4. “A nation is not conquered until the hearts of its women are on the ground. Then it is done, no matter how brave its warriors or strong its weapons.”
      How can Eurasians from WMAF Couples be proud of their Asian features when their own Asian moms feel Asians are inferior? How can Eurasians feel comfortable with their Asian features when their own Asian moms feel discomfort being Asian?

    5. @ Amy Asian women’s strong desire to fit in will ultimately hurt their own Eurasian children (especially Asian looking sons). Eurasians are not even product of love but they are the product of hate , racism and white supremacy. What message do you think your Eurasian son will get seeing huge amount of WMAF Couples just like his own parents?

  71. Whoa! Asian culture will supplant white men at the top of the food chain with Asian men and white countries have an expiration date? It seems you’re not about paving the way for a more just and fair world. What you want is the current system, but for Asian males to be on top of the pyramid. That’s kinda sad and the opposite of progressive, but good luck and good for you for such gumption. Unfortunately, your self hatred and of Asian women will just drive us all away. No, I would not want my daughter to marry a beta male with no confidence or sense of humor. Would any of you? That sounds like a miserable life, why would anyone choose that? Why would you expect any Asian woman to? But apparently many of you do. The anger you feel towards us seems to be based on betrayal. You feel we should have chosen you, even if you were not the best of all the choices we had, because we are Asian too. None of you have answered my question. Would you if you were me? If Asian males were the hot ones and you had a choice of a fun, hot blond woman vs. a less physically attractive, self-hating, insecure Asian woman, would you have stuck by us? Don’t start talking my son and how you think he feels seeing his dad and I together because that’s a valid, but different perspective, just answer the question. If you were me….

    1. Whoa there honey! Your daughter can choose whomever she wants and loves. You don’t need to make lifetime decisions for her. If she want an Asian male and loves him, then that is great. If not, that’s okay. Don’t force your Asian male hatred on her! Not all white men are alpha studs, I think you have watch too many movies or soap operas that portray white males as good looking in control alphas. These shows are a lie. Get some help lady.

    2. Fun doesn’t pay my rent. The day your son gets rejected is the day you can gloat in how superior white men are. If he’s not incredibly damaged already.

      If you’re not willing to take any of this seriously then good luck. You’re going to need it during his teenaged years.

      But hey, maybe I’m making this all up. After all, it’s my word against yours. An actual Eurasians against a narcissistic couple looking to justify the world’s most unbalanced pairing by all means necessary.

    3. I never said anything about Asians supplanting anything. I made a sociological point about power dynamics which went over your head. But like stuffeurasianslike says, WMAW couples have racist Tourette’s. You just can’t contain your vile hatred and white worship when you’re confronted.

      And for that your child will suffer. If not today then tomorrow. You’re a racist – and a white supremacist and your own son is not white. Wrap your head around that.

    4. Also makes me wonder what kind of loser marries an Asian woman when he can have a hot blond woman. I’m guessing your husband is deeply insecure. A small penis. Terrified of black men. The same as my father.

      Your child is fucked, Amy. You already mentioned his disdain for you. Most Eurasians have nothing but utter repulsion for their mothers. Why would we not?

      Do you know why Elliot was obsessed with blond girls? Because Asian girls reminded him of what vacuous, superficial and ugly a woman Li Chin was.

  72. Truth is that I have a sense of humor and high confidence and am still an emotional wreck due to self hatred, confusion, dislike of my looks, fetishists as parents, a psychotic uncaring Chinese tiger mom, a Christian beta father who can’t even make eye contact, a mentally ill brother, constant jokes and insults from friends about my heritage, inability to be taken seriously at work and shit like that.

  73. I never mentioned race when I said I wouldn’t want my daughter to marry a beta male with no confidence and no sense of humor, so let me clarify. It’s her choice and I will support her regardless of his race is as long as he is someone who likes himself, is kind, intelligent, successful and I do think a sense of humor is important. Right now she’s into a Korean guy and I think they’re adorable together (I worry more about his parents not approving because she’s not Korean). Not going to be baited by comments about my son or husband, you can say whatever you want, you don’t know them and it doesn’t matter. The way some of you talk shit about Asian women, it’s no different from the Asian women who talk shit about Asian men. So sad and hypocritical. No one has responded directly. Given a choice, what would you decide?

  74. Eurasianwriter, your family history is painful in the extreme. Narcissist mom, Aspie Dad = low self esteem and depression in the children, even if both parents are the same race. There are many reasons why you are such a mess inside, but the complications of being mixed race is only one of your problems. You can’t blame race entirely. There are a lot of Asian men, who are striving and thriving despite racism and they are the ones changing peoples’ perception of Asian males for the better. Alan Yang and Aziz Ansari (Master of None) are among the new faces and I love them both. Most women who marry whites are not narcissists and most white men who marry Asians are not Aspies, but yeah, I’ve personally observed that there are a disproportionate number who are. Kids in such situations are frequently affected themselves and not capable of seeking help or understanding. They need our help. You’ve brought up a lot of valid points about the negative consequences of WMAF pairings (there are positive consequences too), particularly all the AMs left out and I’m glad you opened up the discussion, as horrifyingly laid bare as it was. Really, just blaming WMAFs is not the solution, not if you really want to help other mixed race kids.

    1. He’s trolling but it’s not the first time I’ve seen this kinda thing. Just search for anything hapa related and this pops up online.

      People have been saying what I’m saying for twenty years but they only listen now because of Elliot and Holtzclaw.

    2. I understand that but it’s safe to say as long as Eurasians are uniformly born under the belief that white men are the only suitable partners, as long as we remain Eurasian under the vestiges of this Neo colonialism, what does the world expect of us? Asian women worship white men, the British accent, they love European culture, and biracialism is just a convenient excuse for justifying this.

  75. The amount of anger here is pretty astounding. You feel that you’ve suffered an injustice, and I get that. That would make anyone angry. Pointing out dysfunction in WMAF couples is one thing, and a lot of WMs and AFs will be happy to discuss it too. But lashing out at them and trying to demonize them is not going to help you at all. If I show this comment section to any Asian girl who dates white men, do you think it’s going to do anything but reaffirm her choice?

    If this devolves into a Hapa version of stormfront, it’s just going to tear Asian and Eurasian men down even more.

    I think a better solution is look at it from a business and economic perspective. Currently the demand for Asian men is low and Asian men are undervalued. But on the bright side, this means that a girl in the market can find a good boyfriend if she’s smart enough to consider Asian men.

    With people finally starting to question Feminism and the growing dissatisfaction of women at their inability to get married, there are bound to be a number of white women who are going to realize they were selling themselves short by not considering an Asian boyfriend or husband.

    Even if you’re only interested in Asian girls, And there’s no real reason that WMAF couples have to be seen as the enemy. The white guy to takes an Asian girl reduces the supply just as much as your Asian or Eurasian buddy who does the same thing. But if you deal with the problem in a positive manner, and can encourage the formation of more AMWF, or AM/non-Asian couples, then that is going to reduce the demand for Asian women and increase your chances of finding one.

    If you continue to use negativity and anger, then it becomes a zero sum game. People will view you as jealous, angry and feeling entitled to a girl that they feel they got fair and square, but you still think you deserve.

    1. Stop pinning it on Asian men. Give Eurasian men all of the blame for being fucked up emotionally and psychologically. I’ve said this before. We are way worse off than full Asian men. We don’t even have parents that we can trust.

      1. It’s never been my intent to pin it all on Eurasian men. I’ve been very acknowledging of WMAF issues and even pointed out some of the problems myself and suggested strategies to make things better. But likewise, you can’t pin it all on WMAF couples either and I’m telling you why its in your own interest not to.

        In a nutshell, if you deny your own agency and act in a self destructive manner, then nobody can help you, even if they want to.

        1. Bottom line is that it’s very hard on us as the children of WMAW.

          We are entitled to our feelings and unfortunately I can accurately predict that many WMAW children are going to act out in the future – and I want the blame to be placed squarely on how nihilistic and crazy an existence we have is. I feel just dizzy writing this.

          It’s not our fault, please believe this. It’s really fucking bad being Eurasian. Don’t blame full Asians at all for the pain we feel. Maybe the root cause is just confusion or biracial depression, I don’t know.

          Just recognize what it’s like for us.

      2. I get that it’s hard. And it’s reasonable to discuss why. However, I don’t think most WMAF parents could have foreseen the effects on you. Most parents if they know they have some kind of genetic defect that would cause a severe deformity in the child would probably opt not to have the baby.

        I just now came across an older blog post where you link to a study regarding a high incidence of mental illness among Eurasians. It would be very interesting if they found any discrepancies between children of WMAF vs AMWF.

    2. @Agent,
      “I get that it’s hard. And it’s reasonable to discuss why. However, I don’t think most WMAF parents could have foreseen the effects on you.”

      I think it’s good to have a wide discussion on this phenomenon of WMAF pairs and their blind spot.

      It would be a sweep generalization if we throw all WMAF couples under the bus of fetish. But at the same time, if we look at WMAF couples, majority, I repeat, “Majority” of them make up the high percentage of fetish and asian stereotypes-driven couples. So for those genuine WMAF couples wed out of love, do not fare well in this rampant fked up pairings between White men and Asian women.

      The blind spot Asian women and White men have is,
      – Asian men are not worthy, not alpha, anti-social, awkward, nerd (Either media driven stereotypes or Asian men are supposed to own up to blame for themselve is totally your own judgement.)
      – White men are better at social, status, trophy (from Asian women perspective)
      – White women are promiscuous, hard to keep up with their demand (from White men perspective)
      – Asian women are submissive, housewives, anti-Asian 2nd substitute for White women.

      So after ignoring massive perception among White men/women and Asian men/women, when they begin having a baby who looks exactly like Asian men who now grow up in the blind spot that his parents have conveniently ignored (Let’s face it, those perceptions don’t matter to either one of them: White men and Asian women), those hapa now face the reality of the blind spot.

      Now when the genuine couple WMAF like (for e.g., Amy or Agent frosty, given the benefit of the doubt), decide to have a baby, it’s not their faults to have hapas and rendering their sons to face the blind spot. The blind spot is not due to their oversights. The blind spot is there due to this Massive Pairings of White Men and Asian Women, purely out of fetish or self-hating mentality.

      1. It’s probably still too uncommon to observe many major trends, but I’d also like to know about the experience of Eurasian kids growing up in Asia, and whether or not there is a discrepancy between the mental health of WMAF/AMWF kids.

        Growing up in the US is kind of a harsh environment. Teenage years are some of the hardest to endure with bullying in our society. During those years when kids are forming our sense of self worth, traumas can last a lifetime.

        While the parents might be perfectly fine dealing with the stigma against WMAF, the kids might be traumatized if they’re ridiculed by other kids and told that they are told they are fetish kids. To think of your parents as bad people when you are young could totally undermine your sense of self worth as well as the parent-child relationship. The stereotyping and demonification of WMAF couples could be a major part of what is screwing these kids up.

        This demonification is probably also retaliation for the racism that Asian males face, and it just becomes a vicious cycle, tragically cementing the position of Asian and Eurasian males at the low end. If we can educate WMAF couples not to bad mouth Asian males, because they’re hurting their own kids in the long run, then I think that is a message that can get through to them. But there has to be tolerance from both sides, because if WMAF couples feel attacked by society, then that’s going to reduce the chances that the message is going to get through.

      2. @Agent,

        It’s probably still too uncommon to observe many major trends, but I’d also like to know about the experience of Eurasian kids growing up in Asia, and whether or not there is a discrepancy between the mental health of WMAF/AMWF kids.

        Eurasian kids borne out of WMAF or AMWF couples are relatively new phenomenon. So there’s no definitive study for Eurasian kids, let alone WMAF/AMWF couples. You can only interpret from your observation. My observation tells me that hapa males from WMAF couples face a steep hill when it comes to social life, presumably due to their upbringing, parental training, and social stereotypes (either true or not). Hapa females from WMAF, on the other hand, do not face the same stereotypes as their sibling brothers do.

        I do find that hapa kids growing up in Asia (either from WMAF/AMWF) fare well better than their counterparts growing up, especially in the US. Since Asian men do not face a stereotypes as negative as it can get in the US, hapa males do well in Asian countries.

        Mario Maurer (German dad and Chinese Thai mother)
        – model, actor in Thailand (fluent in Thai)

        Mike Sui (Chinese dad and American mother)
        – actor in China (fluent in Mandarin)

        Joseph Schooling (Singaporean British dad and Malaysian Chinese mother)
        – gold medalist in SEA swimming

        This is not a complete benchmark to say that any Eurasian kids will do well in Asia. But at least they’re less likely to become Elliot Roger. Also note that they are fluent in local language rather than someone who grew up in the US, and migrate to Asia later, hoping they will achieve something, which is less likely (For e.g., Daniel Henney, Dennis Oh they don’t fare well in Korean media because of their limited Korean language.)

        However there are also some Eurasian kids from WMAF couples doing well in the US as well as some twisted minded psychos from WMAF couples as well.

        Nathan Adrian (White dad and Chinese mother)
        – American Olympic medalist

        Kristin Kreuk (Dutch father and Chinese mother)
        – actress, known for Lana Lang in Smallville (I watched the series)

        Psychos Eurasians
        Elliot Rodger
        Daniel Holtzclaw

        Looking at the handful of our observation, you’d see that in the US, hapa kids (male) from WMAF couples have a lot more to struggle and overcome social stigma and pressure. Once they snap, there’s no turning back.

        This demonification is probably also retaliation for the racism that Asian males face, and it just becomes a vicious cycle, tragically cementing the position of Asian and Eurasian males at the low end. If we can educate WMAF couples not to bad mouth Asian males, because they’re hurting their own kids in the long run, then I think that is a message that can get through to them.

        This is true. Vicious cycle.

        What I observe here is, for e.g., Eurasianwriter here, faces an enormous amount of stereotypes heaped upon Asian men, and has to deal with those BS yet he knows he’s mixed. Just the fact that the Asian look alone can open him some doors (harmless, amiable, etc etc), but can also shut some doors in his face (dating, communication, etc etc), especially his poor brother.

        Now when we look at WMAF couples, some couples might be truly out of love. But what else can we do? Just because Amy and Agent Frosty try their best to educate their children and try not to bad mouth Asian men, would it solve the whole problem of twisted, sick minded people like Elliot Rodger in the long run?

        We can come up with several theories on why WMAF couples are thorns in the Asian men eyes due to some black sheep or why their kids pose deranged trainwreck in the society like US.

        1st, they find themselves White when they’re young, blonde hair, white like features,
        2nd, once they become adult, their hairs become full blown dark, and immediately find themselves in the abyss of stereotype driven identity rather than your unique personality.

        This is America. Your personality does not matter. Your look alone suffice to say who you are.

        The bottom line is institutional downplay of Asian men and Whoring Asian women. Either you find it hard to believe or digest, but this is what it is.

        Institutional downplay of Asian men
        Caricature Asian men, nerd; Whitewashing of Asian men achievement by Hollywood; submissive, me love you long time, whoring Asian women display continues, just a mere couple like Amy and Agent WMAF trying to optimize your future hapa kids will be an uphill battle than you can ever imagine. This doesn’t mean you can’t achieve. This observation reflects the actual reality that hapa kids from WMAF couples face a certain developmental stage that is totally new in recorded history of kids development.

  76. Weird, some of the back and forth between Eurasian Writer, ABCD and me were deleted. I guess Eurasian Writer is censoring us. If that’s the case, I’m outa here!

  77. I can take the insulting, threatening things people like ABCD and Anonymous above have to say. But I think the fact that they are saying it (not the content) is important. It shows how what you are saying is inciting people who are mentally unstable and already full of anger, rage and hate and who may be ready to act on it. It’s a dangerous game, you do have that power, but the consequences are on you. You’re more intelligent than that and I am hoping that you find a path that doesn’t just curve back around and cut itself off. I also hope you realize we are not all your enemies. We need to find a way to come together.

  78. Fuck.. I love Asian mens and they are good-looking af stop insulting Asian people and stop the worshiping of white supremacy. I can’t even finish reading the first part of the article because I was very much disgusted.

      1. In this day and age they chase short ones too. They just chase WM. I have known two WMAF couples, both white guys were unemployed, one because he “didn’t like to work” the other one for more serious reasons, but preferred to stay jobless. These women would have nevvvvverrrrrr tolerated that from the average asian guy. The second one openly stated that he hated his girlfriend’s culture (she’s an asian asian) and wanted nothing to do with it. He was not tall, and was arrogant as can be, touched her in disrespectful ways. Yet she openly bashed asian men. It was sad. Needless to say, I didn’t care to befriend those two girls after this.

  79. I’m an Asian male in my early thirties, and found this post an interesting read, including the comments. I understand the status/power/genetic reasons SOME WMAF couples form, but the probable/potential effects on their hapa sons was something I hadn’t realized. Makes sense and i am glad the author has opened up that viewpoint for me. That being said, it seems like the generalizations are the anger point. Yes, there are a lot of WMAF couples that have formed because of racism. There are some WMAF couples that have formed out of love and racism LOL (i think some of my friends fall under this category). Hopefully, their children whether sons or daughters will be OK. If I am going to generalize anything, it would be that loveless marriages have a high potential to produce messed up kids, and loveless marriages formed based on racism will have an even higher potential to produce messed up kids. With respect to WMAF relationships, i definitely agree after reading this post that the hapa son is most at risk. I again thank the aurthor for bringing up his viewpoint and enlightening me of this potential.

  80. Wow, that was very insightful. I am a (New Zealand) white male, blonde hair, blue eyes, six foot, big nose. My wife is chinese and we live in China with her parents. Our son was born 7 weeks ago. I have cause to be more optimistic for him because our marriage isn’t based on racist perceptions. I married my wife because of who she is, a smart, clear headed rational person. And she married me because of similar reasons. NOT because of me being white. She has mentioned she wouldn’t want a Chinese guy because he would always put his own mum ahead of her… but that didn’t stop her cheating on me with he workmate last year (a chinese guy). anyways, when we married I promised for better or worse so I didn’t let that affect my love for her and we have worked through our problems (over working, lack of time together). And ow we have a son. Yes, living in China we get all the comments “oh mixed babies are beautiful and intelligent” but we both know thats a load of bull. They will be a product of their parents. I really feel for the author of this blog. He’s had a tough time of it and his parents sound more than a little deranged.
    When my wife came out of the blue and told me she had been cheating on me for the last six months.. I was completely shocked and amazed. My first reaction was “god what sort of horrible person am I that you felt you needed to escape from me???” I remember walking up to the roof of her house and thinking how I could just end it all now. But I didn’t. I just realised the bigger picture that nothing is worth that. We talked and figured out stuff.
    This blog raised some really interesting points I definitely identified with and will help in the way we raise our son. So Thanks mate!

  81. Aside from serving as a place to vent and an “FYI”, what are you trying to achieve with this blog? What actions do you want people to take upon reading all this? Do you want Asian women to stop dating white guys and stick to their own race? Do you want Asian/White couples to stop having children? Do you want Eurasians to abandon their parents? What’s the endgame?

          1. Do WM/AF couples look down on you? The white male thinks he is better than you, the Asian female looks at you in disgust. I get that feeling every time I encounter these couples.

    1. I think he wants White Males and Asian Females to stop marrying and having kids for wrong reasons like due to white supremacy, racism, hate of Asian Men, Yellow/ White fetish, to climb social ladder, self hate etc etc…………….

    2. @ Guest I think he wants White Males and Asian Females to stop marrying and having kids for wrong reasons like due to white supremacy, racism, hate of Asian Men, Yellow/ White fetish, to climb social ladder, self hate etc etc…………….

        1. I’m saying that divorce rates don’t really mean anything… people fall in love and get divorced. It happens all the time. WMAW might stay together out of desperation but that doesn’t include the discussion of separate bedrooms, broken homes.

          Look, my parents never divorced because my dad is a super conservative Christian who believes divorce a sin. My mother Chinese who believed it would be shameful to divorce her white husband. The marriage was entirely broken from the beginning. They should have gotten divorced, but they didn’t because they had an image to retain.

          Meanwhile I have an uncle who was married to a white woman, they divorced but are still on excellent terms and have joint custody and are almost like best friends now. It was just better for them to be apart than to stay together and be unhappy. Their son? An engineer now.

  82. Oh boo hoo….you’re not screwed up in the head because of your race…you’re screwed up because you’re a whiny bitch who never takes responibility for his actions….no no…it’s “white society’s fault”….Fuck off, loser.

  83. Eurasian Writer: You are very very brave. And very true to yourself. Reading this article, almost like feeling the pain you dissect your own heart. You writing it shows you care so much about this world and people. It’s a big service for us all.
    But Hey, you can be even more brave, and you can be cheerful too! Things will get better, if good and honest people keep fighting against the hypocrisy. As for your parents, I can feel the resentment you hold against them. Is it possible you find a way to forgive them? Of course, it’s easy to say than do. Yet in my eyes, your parents are victims of anti-Asian racism too. They must have very uneasy conscience seeing the pain inflicted in their own children.

    May I put in a little suggestion for you to fit in Asian people? I cannot say for white folks but I know Asians for I am one. Asian people generally are very open to friendship. Sure you will experience some odd looks at first. However, they certainly will not reject your ingenuousness. Be alert to the flashy type, though, the chances are they might have a bit of the mindset we are discussing here. The seemingly dull type, well, actually are not dull if you get to know them.

  84. May I have the strength to divert the poisonous arrows of your passive aggression should I ever encounter you while while holding hands with the love of my life…

    Also, thank you universe for not having been born in the U.S of A, the most quietly racist of all nations.

    A human.

  85. You are just a whiny little bitch. You should grow thicker skin instead of being a cry baby.

    Yea, women in general of all races, not only Asian, prefer White males, for whatever reason it may be. Just like they prefer tall men. What happens when a 5 foot woman breeds with a 5’10 guy? She might get a son who is 5’5. What if this son is continually rejected by women because of his height? Should this son also hate his mother for breeding with a tall man and perpetuating the prejudice against short guys? Tell me how your whole point doesn’t fall apart when I point this out.

    1. Gee, I wonder what white man is writing this. Save your own criticism for your son when he puts a knife in your face.

      In case you didn’t notice, short white guys get Asian women. Making them extremely manipulative relationships.

      It’s so funny with white guys – it’s a joke for you in the beginning – but after your son is born you start freaking out, buying books about raising mixed race kids, trying to put him into Karate class, it’s hilarious. Every man wants a winner for a son but white men with their chest beating and conservative parenting styles are producing nothing but loser after loser after loser with their geishas.

      Maybe ask me nicely and I’ll try not to make my website the top half Asian website in the world… but oh wait, it already is. So your kids will find it.

      WMAW couples try to “own” the half Asian dialogue to prevent shit like this from getting out… it’s outta the bag now, asshole.

      White males will do ANYTHING to avoid taking responsibility for their fetishes.

      1. As I expected, you wrote nothing about my statement. So I will ask again, if a 5 foot white woman breeds with a 5’10 white man and they a 5’5 son, resulting in this soon being continually rejected by women, should this son also hate his mother for breeding with a tall man and perpetuating the prejudice against short guys? After all, just like in your argument, she ruled out an entire class of men who are under 5’10 just because of a physical attribute who has nothing to do with character. What is your reply to this?

        And don’t worry, if I ever have kids I will be a responsible parent and this blog will never be found. You see, you might not realize this, but just because your parents were terrible parents and human beings which resulted in you becoming a very damaged individual, doesn’t mean everybody is like that.

        1. “What is your reply to this?”

          He would go for an Asian woman.

          White conservative dads HATE this website. You guys just can’t deal with the fact that you simply cannot parent your half Asian children using your “go get ‘er” tactics, they simply don’t work. And it’s hysterical because conservative white men love Asian women – they feel like white women are too liberated and Asian women are the next best thing… and you really just want to fill your quotas and raise half Asians as little white children.

          In your mind you can raise a half-Asian son born via C-section to an Asian woman to be a pull yourself up by your boot straps good ole boy white child, to fulfill your dreams of having a cool, jock son, like most conservative white dads.

          But you’re failing and everyone knows it.

          There are some 7 million half Asians worldwide and literally all you are producing are mass killers, homosexuals and losers. Why is that? Go ahead and name some successful Eurasians – just do it.

          WMAW couples literally have produced next to nobody of note despite being the largest mixed race pairing on earth. Your son will be a loser and you know it, so now you think that by talking down to an anonymous person on the internet you can somehow change biological reality.

          Oh, b-b-b-b-b-ut I’m alone in this belief, right?

          Besides there being an entire forum filled with half-Asian sons saying the same shit, and we have 3 million views in 11 months?

          1. And before you reply, don’t tell me you’re gonna parent him better.

            He’s going to be a loser, gay, or on medication, or worse.

            Guaranteed. If you’re so sure of yourself, do it, because I can’t WAIT to see you come back here in 15 years saying, damn, this guy was right. I’m so confident in your son being a fuck up that I actually HOPE that you have a son. Maybe two. Maybe THREE!

            Go for it.

          2. Misery loves company and just because there’s a few dozen half Asian losers congregating on a forum doesn’t mean they represent all male half Asians. Guess what, these half Asians are out there living normal lives just like everybody else, not circle jerking on a forum crying over how white women won’t pay them any attention.

            Now back to my point, which you seemed to miss completely, I never said the son was open to an Asian girl. He was born from a 5 foot white woman and a 5’10 white man. He wants to date white girls. But white girls reject him because of his height. I see no difference. He is the result of a mix of heights. All females he desires reject him. Should he also have the same attitude as you?

          3. Cope more. Your children will find this website. Even Asian women post here saying that Asian women who date white men are trash, that their half Asian sons are gay, have emotional problems as early as 5. Look at the comments, fruitcake. There are more than 2,500 of them in total.

            Most famous half-Asian website in the world and all half-Asian dialogue is going to be affected by the dialogue said here and there. For the future of all half-Asians, for the next hundred years.

            I said it once, I’m not saying it again.

            The 5’5″ white kid will keep trying until he gives up and goes for an Asian woman. Stop acting like this isn’t what happens – especially when it’s probably what you did. And it’s what my dad did even though he’s 6’3″.

            Asian women are bottom feeding losers who love men like you – conservative white dudes who just feel this overwhelming need for CONTROL. You want to control your future, your own kids, because you feel like white women took it away from you.

            It’s loser central, baby. I wouldn’t wish being half Asian on anyone, so I actually wish it on you many times over. I hope you have an entire gaggle of half Asian kids.

          4. This intolerance of being mixed isn’t only for hapa children. I’m mixed with Japanese (okinawan – so Japanese people don’t like consider us Japanese lol) , Chinese, and Filipino . I’m a 5 ‘2 tall female. My family is from Hawaii where everyone is mixed but I am from a predominantly Asian area in so cal and I agree with the race hierarchy. It exists – turns out it doesn’t matter what race you’re mixed with Asians look down on anyone that is mixed or come from a “lesser race”. Even the Asians from a “l