Sticky: Asian Women and White Men: Why the Mental Health of Hapa Sons and Daughters of White Men and Asian Women Needs to be Addressed, and Why You Should Reach Out to Hapa People.

I changed the above picture for fear of doxxing. Use this blog as an example of how troubled Hapas can be, some worse than others. I wrote this essay about two years ago, at the peak of a very, very damaging breakdown. Since then, thanks to a supportive community and a (now large) group of Eurasians putting their brains together, I have transformed this blog into a rational discussion of the dangers of hatred, the reality of race relations even in romance, and even discovered the source of why I was so crazy; my older posts (if you go back to the beginning) can be used as a representation of the kind of damage that was done to my mind, and the kind of psychosis that can be found in mixed young men and women without proper intervention. If I hadn’t started this blog, I would likely now be dead or imprisoned, and ironically by writing I found the source of the very unsettling problems I had no more than two years ago; hence I won’t change the title. If you don’t believe that I am Hapa, continue reading. I try to present the issues as honestly as I can.

Iimage1-5magine being raised by two racists – your own parents. Your own mother wanted a white man, yet here you are – a half Asian, a man who looks Asian. Except you have a white father. Is it possible to raise a healthy child considering the loaded, white-worshipping nature of yellow fever and white fever? How can a biracial child be expected to be normal if he looks Asian, and the entire basis of his parents’ relationship was that the man not be Asian?

In short: I am the son of a foreign born Asian woman from Hong Kong who deliberately married a tall, red-haired, blue eyed, bearded white man. She, like many Asian women, sought out a man who had a “Western” background so that she could feel integrated into her new home, and better than her fully Asian peers. She was by and large mentally ill, violent, abusive, cruel towards my father when he wasn’t making enough money, extremely controlling, and had self-image issues, changing her entire appearance to “look white.”

This man was interested in Asian culture and married because he was socially unable to marry a white woman due to his political beliefs and personality quirks (he is very socially conservative, a Holocaust denier and anti-Semite, extremely homophobic, very shy, not many friends, belief that white women are too liberated, extremely meek and unable to make eye contact with others, steps off the sidewalk when larger men approach, unwilling to work or make money for fear of violating Christian scripture).

I was raised largely as a white child, yet turned more Asian in appearance with age. I was raised in an environment that had an undercurrent of anti-Asian male racism (America), saw Asian women (including almost all of them in my own family) throw themselves at white men, and also an over-current of false Eurasian myths about beauty and intelligence. I subconsciously always believed myself to be “less” because my own mother and her sisters all were married to white men and adamantly denied I was Asian for a decade. 

My parents’ relationship was loveless, violent and broken due to her disillusionment with my father after ten years as he failed to make enough money, and grew balder and fatter and no longer lived up to the White male Prince Charming she had wanted (separate bedrooms, forced to sleep on the couch, extreme violent fighting). My brother and I suffered extreme psychological and physical abuse (beaten with coat hangers by our mother, Tiger Mommed, had her threaten to kill herself in front of us, threatened to crash the car with us in it while driving at 90 mph). This is a story of someone who was very sick, and in recovery.

When I got older, despite the fact that society told me that I was “unique” for being Eurasian, I was treated with contempt by both white people AND Asian people; Asian women would often express disgust at me for being Asian, and white people would constantly remind me that I was Asian in a way to demean and undermine me.

Two years after writing the below, I am leaving it word for word, as I wrote it, as proof of how I felt and feelings I still struggle with as a male of Asian heritage who clearly looks Asian, born to a mother who thought of Asian men as beneath her. I am highly educated, formerly well liked, popular, handsome, out going  and like many Eurasians I burned out in my twenties with the realization that people, even Asian women, hate my Asian side, so now I’ve turned my talents towards exposing the last bastion of White supremacy in the world as candidly as I can. I am literally dissecting White male / Asian women couples and the Eurasian identity to a degree that nobody else ever has.

I actually moved to China (which saved my life) in order to escape racism and feelings of inferiority – and was shocked on learning that my own mother (and many other Chinese) had moved to America in order to find the American dream – a dream that hated me for my Asian blood. 

highly recommend that any potential parent to half-Asian children make sure that they are marrying on a clean slate – with zero fetishism, zero white-worship, and zero undertones of racial hierarchies – and that they be completely honest about this, to avoid sending more young man down the path that I went.

I am doing this for every single half-Asian kid out there who has committed suicide, thought about suicide, suffered from racism, isolation, outcasting, and had two parents whose entire relationship was nothing but lust, selfishness, even hatred – leaving us with nothing but perpetual isolation. The world does not care about Hapa males if you look average or even a little bit Asian. The world – even Asian women, who truly believe that they are white – only care about whiteness and white men.


"Proud" Hapas


Why would a half-Asian be proud?

Proud of being white? Or proud of being Asian?

We’re expected to be proud of being Asian yet own mothers fetishized White men – believed white men to be far superior to Asian men, and believed white features to be more desirable on a male? Whenever people look at me, they make comments about my tall nose and small face – so why not just go get a full white guy? We’re like a testimony to how obsessed Asian women are with white features. Literally every time someone asks “what are you?” – and you respond with “I’m Half Chinese,” they say, “it must be your mom who is Chinese.”

Combine this with the fact that everyone hates Asian men – including white women, and Asian women themselves who view you at best as an odd looking Asian mixed minority (Uzbek, Xinjiang), or at worst, like a full Asian

How can we be proud to be half Asian, when everywhere we go we see Asian women throwing themselves at plain, basic, ugly White men – proving that Asian women really will do anything to integrate and upgrade themselves with white blood? We really are supposed to be okay with going to school, being laughed at for being a chink or a small-dicked Asian, humiliated for our Asian looks by white people, when your own mother was literally sleeping with the men who look exactly like the kind of guy saying this shit to you?

Then our mothers have the NERVE to tell us to be proud to be Asian? To be part of a race of men whose women outmarry at a rate of 50-60%? Why not just identify as white – since they are the guys who are able to walk all over Asian women, getting sex and love whenever they want with both white and Asian women – and if we identify as Asian we are putting ourselves right back in the cultural ghetto our mothers tried to escape from?

Our features are Asian. Our eyes might be Asian. Or our hair texture. Or our bodies. You we half-Asian, yet Asian women, and white women, continue to reject Asian men in favor of tall, powerful White Western men. Asian women claim that all half Asian men are beautiful – based on what they see on the internet, yet the internet only collects the most beautiful specimens. What about the half Asians who look indistinguishable from full Asians? Or the ones who look ugly, and then disappear from Asian womens’ minds?

We have to then live with the fact that Asian women around us continue to literally bow then like dogs to men like my father, racist, unemployable, unreliable white men – because they’re tall and white. And my father isn’t even that bad a guy! What about the white men who are such horrible racists that they get off on dominating Asian vagina in order to prove their superiority?

Oh yes, let’s be proud that:

  • 95% of our fathers were white.
  • Our mothers chased tall bearded white guys.
  • Our moms were bar girls, race climbers, status chasers, mentally ill, superficial, cruel, ex-prostitutes, mentally ill, money-obsessed, spent their whole life fetishizing white male features, obsessed with Europe, etc., etc.
  • Our fathers were manipulative, oftentimes racist men who used white worshipping Asian women to their benefit of finding partnership, sometimes abandoning us because they didn’t want a half Asian child.

We look Asian. We are “Hapa,” meaning that in the eyes of our own mothers and millions like them, and millions of people around the world – we are still Asians. We have white blood, yet we are nowhere near the level of attractiveness of the white movie stars that our mothers drooled over. Are there Chinese movie stars like Hu Dong who have tall noses? So why would a half-Asian be of any value – when Asian women really just want blue eyed, blond haired white men?

So they gave us a label: Hapa, which is nothing more than a clever attempt at giving us self-esteem, as if we were best of both worlds, or a beautiful blend – yet all it means is that we were infused with the blood of a white man, and always and only a white man. They point us at Hapas and make comments about our tall noses or big eyes, and if you don’t have those features, then you’re just another inferior Asian man. So I have had Asian women walking smugly with their white boyfriends look at me as if I was the enemy – even though my father is white. 

Have you noticed White women don’t search out Asian men to create “beautiful Hapas / Eurasians, or Hun Xue Er?” Because like Asian women, they desire white men, so they have no good reason to make up lies about the beauty of Eurasians. Their children will be white.

Don’t get me started on “there were just more white men around;” Asian women are deliberately ignoring Asian men, who by natural law exist in equal numbers, even in Asian countries, to pair up with white men.

40% of all Asian women deliberately exclude Asian men. Yet as the sons of these women, we’re to take pride in this?

There is very little that could convince me otherwise; maybe if there weren’t millions upon millions of them I would think it was a coincidence… but there are. 

And maybe if I wasn’t turned down by Asian women with regards to my Asian heritage – I would have faith that indeed, my own mother and women in my family, were all just coincidences. 

“But you get turned down because of your personality.”

Contrary to what people believe, I became like this out of anger at treated poorly, whereas until I was in my early 20’s I was well liked, popular, thousands of friends on Facebook, tall, good looking, until it became self-evident to me, through observation, careful study of online dating patterns, and personal experience, that Asian blood is problematic.


Why are there so many Hapa pornstars?


The bigger question is why 90% of them have White fathers and Asian mothers.

Some would say porn stars are sex workers – but doing porn, for millions to see, is a particular form of self destruction. It’s a global losing of face. Nobody really likes being the child of a white-worshipping, depraved fetish couple, so obviously the children suffer.

The short answer: White men + Asian women is a white supremacist, loaded and lopsided relationship. Even the “good” WMAF pairings try to ignore the disparity and write our identity for us and forbid us from talking about how Asian women have an easy time in White countries while Asian men don’t. That’s not even mentioning the bad WMAF, based on a fetish.

The long answer: From what I’ve heard and seen, Eurasian / half-Asian pornstars outnumber full Asian pornstars, which is insane considering our small numbers. My guess as to why this is happening is largely because half Asians feel deep anger at both their parents and themselves; we hate that our fathers are generally racist assholes; we hate that our mothers try to push us as being whiter, superior, eugenic children and use us to fulfill their twisted agendas; we hate that our Asian mothers try to control us with devastating psychological mind games where our race is something they both view as a commodity, and as something they resent (being lowly Asian women, themselves). The situation is duplicitous and disgusting, even if the parents don’t mean it. The relationship itself is so loaded and so self-assuring and smug in itself (“my children will be beautiful Eurasian superhumans”) that oftentimes self-destruction is the only way to get away from such cringey people. Or even, the only way to fight back and reclaim our power and autonomy.

Not to mention, of course, the tremendous confusion and self-image issues that come with being half Asian, which I’ve described before, and given the very nuanced nature of Asian self hatred (something no other race has) it definitely manifests in us.

Below is the list (as far as I know). The pornstars with Asian fathers are listed in bold. You can thank /r/Hapas for helping out.

  1. Alaura Eden
  2. Amai Liu (American / Asian / Hawaiian)
  3. Ami Bush
  4. Angel Valentine (Filipina / Spanish)
  5. Anglelina Mylee
  6. Anna Lee
  7. Ariel Rose
  8. Asia Carrera – Japanese/German
  9. Asia Levy
  10. Asia Max
  11. Astrid Jaymes
  12. Audrina Grace
  13. Ava Devine – Chinese/Italian/Spanish
  14. Ayisa Kisa
  15. Bianca Dagger
  16. Bliss Lei
  17. Callie Dee
  18. Coco Velvett (Asian / Italian)
  19. Cris Taliana
  20. Daisy Haze
  21. Daisy Summers
  22. Dark Asia
  23. Dawn Iris
  24. Dirty Pancake
  25. Eden Alexander
  26. Elana Dobrev
  27. Emmi Blake
  28. Eva Lovia (Japanese/White (Spanish))
  29. Hanna Shaw
  30. Jade Hsu – Korean/white
  31. Jandi Lin
  32. Jayden Lee
  33. Jessie Jordan
  34. Jewel Bancroft
  35. Jiana
  36. Karina Nishida
  37. Katsuni – French/Vietnamese
  38. Kelly Shibari
  39. Kianna Dior – Korean/Canadian
  40. Kira Kener – Norwegian/Vietnamese
  41. Kira Sinn 1/2 Filipina, 1/2 Caucasian
  42. Lana Ly
  43. Lie Lani
  44. Lily Lust
  45. London Keyes – Japanese/white
  46. Mahina Zaltana
  47. Mai Ly (Chinese / French-German)
  48. May Li (Kelly Baltazar)
  49. Maria Ozawa
  50. Mei Mara
  51. Mena Li / Mena Mason
  52. Mia Leilani
  53. Michelle Maylene – Filipino/French/Hawaiian
  54. Michelle Mayli
  55. Miko Sinz
  56. Miranda Kelly
  57. Morgan Lee
  58. Nautica Thorn
  59. Nikko Jordan
  60. Reina Lee (Brazilian / Australian)
  61. Rola Takizawa
  62. Roxy Jezel – English/Thai (Her father is Thai)
  63. Ruby Luxe
  64. Ryaan Reynolds (Filipino mom, Creole Dad)
  65. Saber Takestita
  66. Sable Simms
  67. Sakura Scott (Japanese mom / American father)
  68. Sasha Yung is a Filipina / Caucasian (admitted to being molested?)
  69. Shae Summers
  70. Soolin Kelter ( aka Devin Lee, Jessica Kelter ) is a scorching hot Chinese / Austrian
  71. Stacey Foxxx
  72. Suzanne Kelly
  73. Tera Patrick – Thai/English/Dutch WMAF
  74. Tia Tanaka – French/Vietnamese
  75. Shelby Wakatsuki
  76. Marina Fumiko
  77. ShylNaughty
  78. Jayla James
  79. Alyssa Wild
  80. Emily Parker (Japanese / English / Spanish)
  81. Kimora Klein (Black father / Asian mom?)
  82. Taryn Kemp (birthplace, Thailand, so take a wild guess)
  83. Holly Dee
  84. Angelina Lee
  85. Alex Dane (this one is an oldie, and a sad story, as it says she was born in the Philippines. Can anyone say “left behind spawn of a hooker and a sexpat?”)
  86. Kascha Papillon (another throwback, half Chinese, half Swedish)
  87. Regine Bardot (throwback!)
  88. Nani Forrester (another one born in the Philippines!)
  89. Dana Vespoli, who according to Wikipedia, has a Father from Thailand!
  90. Malezia (Asian, Canadian)
  91. bobbie Blair (French, Filipino)
  92. Hona Li
  93. Wanita Tan (German, Asian), aka Sarah Wanita Bernart
  94. Caren Cristiansen
  95. Shin Kou Sabre (Japanese / White)
  96. Heather Vahn is Half Filipina half white
  97. Kayla Carrera, father is Filipino too.
  98. Anna Ohura – French father, Japanese mother.
  99. Sukie – Half Asian half Mexican
  100. Rie Tachikawa
  101. Kaito Nakatani
  102. Aria Misaki
  103. Sybil Matsuda
  104. Laura Takizawa
  105. SARAH
  106. Emily Grey
  107. Eva Angelina
  108. Daisy Marie
  109. Brooke Milano
  110. Danni Cole
  111. Baileys Room
  112. Nana
  113. Tina Yuzuki
  114. Sarah (AV)
  115. Jassie James
  116. Amia Miley
  117. Nikki Price
  118. Ameri Ichinose
  119. Coralie Gengenbach (Coralie Trinh Thi)
  120. Rima
  121. Momoko
  122. Aliyah (Russian pornstar)
  123. Saori Hara

My experiences as a Eurasian around Asian women in the U.S. as well as in Asia proves how fickle their definition of "love" Is and how Asian women don't actually "love."

Above is a current thread from Reddit where a half Asian woman describes her experiences being stared at by Asian women, an experience I have also shared and which causes me a lot of discomfort and anger.

For reference, I am 6’0″, relatively half-half looking, good looking, and look more like a Central Asian / Xinjiang person than a full blooded Asian. I will detail my experiences with Asian women, both Asian American, and Asian-Asian women, in an attempt to demonstrate just how their “love” isn’t actually love, and how they seem to come and go with the tides rather than forming relationships like normal people.

Keep in mind that Asian women, and only Asian women, marry out at an incredible rate, implying that they are unique in their mating choices and that they take race into consideration while dating – rather than love.

My experiences in the US are as follows.

  • Very positive interactions with some non-Asian women,  some of whom are very, very beautiful, who seem to be attracted to my looks, or my abilities, but generally do not want to maintain a relationship, because, I suspect, I am half Asian, and an average looking white guy from a well off family is far superior.
  • Asian American women in relationships with white men will ALWAYS give me snide looks in passing. I don’t know why but I suspect this is because of their haughty “this is what we can make.” Other times when I am out with a woman, they will give me a “stare” and sometimes will even drop their boyfriends’ hand – proving that they don’t actually like the white male.
  • Asian American women with their white boyfriends (generally unattractive) will always look at me with a smirk on their face – to which I frown given that I find their white worshipping disgusting.
  • Asian American women with their white boyfriends will sometimes just stare at me with what I can only describe as a look of desperation – like just a sad, distant look.
  • Asian American women will sometimes, on finding out that I am half Asian, view me with repulsion or disgust – ironic since they are the ones creating half Asian sons like me.
  • I noticed that many Asian American women with their white boyfriends / husbands, seem to be completely miserable, rarely talk, look very depressed, and have a cold, standoffish behavior with them, which oftentimes involves a very nagging, condescending tone. My cousins and aunts, all of whom are in relationships with white men, are with men who are extremely awkward, weird (one has extreme allergies to virtually everything, another who is 5’5″ and can’t drive) and routinely humiliate or degrade them behind their backs, or even in front of them (arguing about directions).

My experiences in China are as follows.

  • Asian women ignore me. By and large, Asian women in Asia want Asian men, and even the lower class women are immune to my “charms and looks.”
  • Asian women in Asia will not chase down foreigners, due to social stigma. The ones that came onto me were morbidly obese or generally ugly with horrible skin defects (giant moles).
  • Asian women who date white men tend to be very ugly, and I get similar “looks” from them in Asia, as if they want to feel as if they are “justified” in their racial preference.

All points indicate to the fact that Asian women don’t seem to marry for love. Looking at my parents’ sexless, loveless marriage, I realize that she married primarily for integration and whiter children, and after realizing the very cold, callous nature of how Asian women view marriage, and seeing how cold my parents’ marriage was, I realized how depraved they are.

A thread is up on Reddit now, if anyone is interested, where Eurasian girls discuss being gawked at by Asian girls in public.


No other interracial pairing exhibits the sick amount of casual racism and inferiority / superiority complexes as White males / Asian women.

3THVVSXZZNK3QczVO-qAOUFC5qAfgL7HQW_cpnHzrkE.pngFor years – at least 15, to be exact – I denied I was Asian, and when people called me Asian – I would nearly snap. The reason is because Asian women are loved and adored by white men – especially the worst ones – who see Asian female worship of whiteness as being a compliment.

What it really is, is an attack on their own children, who by and large resemble Asian men.

No other racial pairing has this amount of sick behavior in it; no other interracial or monoracial pairing is based entirely on the principal of race.


🔥Most half Asian males look 90% Asian

Now imagine having your own mother being one of those women who casually gave into white men who humiliated men who look like you.

White men and Asian women will see you on the street and just assume you are another Asian male – and they will look at you with disgust (I get this all the time). Asian women will often do the “scowl” face at me while with their white partners – proving that white men / Asian women couples are about seething hatred, not love. The fact that my parents’ marriage was so violent confirms that there was no love there. 

These are the same people who go onto raise us. Hateful, bitter, racist white men – since white men love humiliating Asian men in order to increase their access to Asian women. Literally – the entire premise of WM/AW is that Asian men are not men – and we, their sons, look totally Asian. 

For this reason half Asian men tend to just wind up being even bigger failures than full Asian males. For this reason despite everything white men / Asian women can’t name any grandly successful biracial Asian men who look Asian.

“Dad, I get called a chink at school.” Oh, son, I don’t know what to do about that.

“Mom, a girl told me she doesn’t like Asian guys.” Oh, son, neither do I.

Now you wonder why Half Asians have rates of criminality that almost rival and even surpass rates of black kids from the ghetto?


Another insane WMAF story from August, 2016: Lecturer stabs Chinese wife 76 times because he wrongly thought he was not father to their children

It seems that the worst marital horror stories seem to involve White men and Asian women. Not only because of the depraved, fetishistic nature of it – but because of the amount of miscommunication, deep seated mistrust, and bizarre quality of the males involved.

I.e., Asian women, having very low standards for white males while living in Western countries, will gladly marry mentally unstable, unattractive or even violent white men n an attempt to properly integrate.

What seems to have been the case here is that his children looked Asian. 

White men – oftentimes so racist as they want a submissive Asian woman, a replacement white woman – but wind up getting kids who look 100% Asian, react in unpredictable ways. Even worse is that Asian women (like my mother) seem to only value one quality – WHITENESS – for the purpose of integration and avoiding ethnic marginalization – so the relationship severely lacks proper foundation, which I’m sure Mr. Kerr realized after a while. Some Reddit comments on this sum it up. They talk about various aspects:

From the idea of White men being perturbed by the idea of his wife cheating on him with his “competition” – i.e., lowly Asian men, to his wife cheating on him with another white guy (since it’s not him she “loves”, but his whiteness). 

Robert Kerr, 39, struck as his two sons slept upstairs in their Glasgow home, going on to make himself a hot drink while his wife Xin Xin lay dead

Taylor PhotographyRobert Kerr and Xin Xin Liu on their wedding day
Kerr fatally attacked Xin Xin as their children slept

A lecturer fatally stabbed his wife to death 76 times after wrongly believing he was not the father of their children.

Robert Kerr attacked Xin Xin Liu, 39, at their home in the suburb of Newton Mearns, near Glasgow.

Kerr, also 39, killed his wife while his two sons slept upstairs.

The court heard how he then went on to make himself a hot drink while Xin Xin lay dead.

A judge heard how the mum suffered more than 70 wounds during the horrific killing in April this year.

Kerr today faced a murder allegation as he appeared at the High Court in Glasgow.

FacebookRobert Kerr
Kerr killed his wife while his two sons slept upstairs

Prosecutors however accepted his guilty plea to the reduced plea of culpable homicide on the grounds of his diminished responsibility.

Kerr was suffering from “an abnormality of the mind” at the time of the fatal attack, the court heard.

This is his first offence, and he will return to the dock in November.

A group of Xin Xin’s relatives were in court today, with some weeping as the graphic details of her death were revealed.

The mum had moved to Scotland from China around 15 years ago to study law at Aberdeen University.

It was there she met Kerr, who was doing a computer course. They went on to get married in 2003.

Kerr was latterly a lecturer at West College Scotland in Paisley while Xin Xin was training to be a translator.

They were described as a “quiet and private couple”, but, in early April this year – weeks before the killing – Kerr had contacted his GP complaining of stress in respect of “work and personal issues”.

Kerr added he was suffering from anxiety, insomnia and spoke about “paranoid feelings”.

But just four days prior to the attack Kerr spoke to a nurse and said he had been feeling much better and appeared to be sounding “chirpier”.

It changed on April 26 when Kerr – wearing a dressing gown – fatally attacked Xin Xin as their children slept.

Just before midnight, he then dialled 999 and admitted: “I have just killed my wife. I murdered her in a stabbing frenzy.”

He went on to state there was “blood all over the place”.

FacebookRobert Kerr
Robert Kerr’s wife suffered more than 70 wounds during the horrific killing in April this year

Police discovered Xin Xin lying on the kitchen floor with a knife still in her body.

After being held, Kerr then told officers: “I found out tonight they were not mine.”

Jane Farquharson, prosecuting, said he had “suspicions” that a friend was the dad of his children.

Miss Farquharson told the court: “A paternity test recently carried out…has since confirmed that Robert Kerr is the biological father.”

A number of blood-stained items were found at the couple’s house including a milk carton.

The advocate depute said: “Kerr has since admitted that he had made himself a hot drink after this incident.”

A post mortem later revealed Xin Xin had suffered a total of approximately 76 wounds.

🔥Racist white men LOVE Asian women❗️❗️❗️ (Vital Post)

Here are some brief examples, there are hundreds of thousands of these guys. Asian women are famous for being highly valued by racist white men, who view them as the antithesis to white female feminism, race traitors, and liberalism. 

I.e., White women are viewed as not operating in accordance with the white man’s motives; so, whereby, Asian women, by virtue of wanting whiter children, and to escape the Gilded Ghetto / Model Minority second class citizenship, are very pro-white, and moreso, pro white-male.

They oftentimes, as a result, marry men like my father; antisocial, prickly, racist and extremely conservative white men, and whether they intend to stay with these men after childbirth is still something I’m not sure of, given that many Japanese women kidnap their children back to Japan, and my mother, for example, started severely chastising and alienating my father after my brother and I were born.

Example 1.

This particular guy, Nigel Wise, is in the English Defense League.


Example 2.

The creator of a massive Neo-Nazi website said: “Second, following from the key word there – “marriage” – the men who involve themselves with Asian women are looking for a serious and traditional relationship.  Women who go with Blacks and Latinos are looking for excitement.” 

Example 3.


John Derbyshire, white nationalist. Some of the things he has said.

Example 4.


The director of One Nation in Queensland has an Asian wife.

Example 5.

Can I still fuck East Asian girls and be a WN?

Example 6.


Ranking Aryan Nation member/current inmate Jimmy Maxwell. “My first wife and mother of my children is even half Korean”. Several of his Quapa kids have drugs and legal problems. One is incarcerated for murder.

Example 7. 

White guy from a few months back, married to an Asian woman, saying that a white woman who was burned to death deserved it for sleeping with a black male – hence being a “mud shark.”

Example 8.

White nationalist Youtube is married to a Taiwanese woman.

He doesn’t identify as a white nationalist because white nationalists largely still consider non-northwestern European peoples such as Slavic People and Mediterranean People part of the white race where as he believes that only for example the English, Germans, French and Scandinavians are the true whites. In one of his comments he even described southern Europeans as “the broken children of Arabs and Berbers”. Bear in mind that this man lives in Taiwan and is married to an Asian woman whose race he in his comments has described as “less capable of innovation” than the white race. Says quick prayer for their children

Here’s a link to one of his YouTube videos in which he talks about the importance of preserving the white race through white nationalism (without mixing with Slavs and Mediterranean Peoples).

Example 9.

New Zealander politician and head of National Party, Don Brash, criticized for his views on race relations in New Zealand. “Don Brash doesn’t seem racist. He’s married to an Asian woman.” [Also has a hapa son]


Example 10.


[2015] Republican running for New Jersey Assembly finds himself in hotwater for writing book containing hate speech against women and minorities. “I’m not a homophobe, I’m not anti-Semitic, not anti-Asian… My wife is Asian. My son is Korean.”

Example 11.


“Irish man arrested for causing havoc and racially abusing Muslims. Says he did it because he fears for his hapa son’s future. He “finds it difficult to be labelled a racist” as his wife is Thai.”

Why do racist white men like Asian women? My dad is a Holocaust denier and has said that gays should be hanged, among other things, such as the fact that New York City is overrun by blacks, and Jews.


As a white male; be extremely racist to the point nobody wants to be around you (my dad, who has no friends), and then go for the one race of women that will appreciate for – you guessed it – your whiteness. Asian women, in return, get white skin (a cultural value) and integration (personal value) and possibly fulfills a fetish for white men, regardless of the man’s beliefs. The white man gets a “substitute” white woman – a white skinned woman with less attitude, and more proactive in her belief that whiteness is valuable. In a way, Asian women are even more pro-white than the average white woman. 

If you are a bottom of the barrel white guy who feels like white women are too high maintenance and yet still wants to be proud to be white, and feel honored for your white blood, find an Asian woman. Not Latina, not black, not middle Eastern, but Asian. Honorary Aryans.

Are Asian women more attractive than other races of women? Of course not. Their only appeal is that they are well known for being easier to obtain if you are white.

White men / Asian women is a tradeoff; Asian women get a white lifestyle, integration into “superior” white culture- white men get to feel valued for their race. Eurasians are raised as substitute white children.

 This also explains why many half Asian criminals have expressed white-supremacist views; by and large because they aim for “upward” integration, rather than choosing to identify with a “net-negative” – or, Asian men, who are rejected by society.

🔥ABSOLUTE MUST READ: Proof Asian Women Also Hate Asian-Looking Hapas

These are among my last posts on this website, and I call them the “Holy Grail” because they’re the first and last thing you need to read on half Asian people; or on understanding that couple that makes you vaguely uncomfortable; or on understanding that weird half Asian friend you have; or because you have a twinge of disgust when seeing Amy Chua; and I hope they are as vicious as I think they are. 

Asian women repeatedly have demonstrated two interesting behavioral patterns:

  1. Hoping that their children pass as white. 1, 2, 3. (Or look at the spammer in the comments for this behavior in real time).
  2. Treat Asian-passing Eurasian males with Asian mothers with the same hostility they display for Asian men.

I have experienced this first hand. I look Asian enough that Asian women have insulted me to my face, time after time. Keep in mind that even listing “Asian” on dating profiles, or saying you are half Asian – is enough to make most Asian American and white women treat you terribly – now imagine having your own mother as “one of those women.”

Over time there have been posts on Reddit demonstrating over, and over, that Asian women view Half Asian men with the same repulsion and distain as full Asians. It’s a tragedy that these women will, in ten years, raise half Asian sons.

As you read this, remind yourself that ten, twenty years ago, these women also existed, and have by now given birth to millions of half Asian sons – many of whom are coming of age right now.

Asian woman stating she would rather have had a white man than the “Asian boy in a kilt” – i.e., Jon Hamilton, Hapa on the Bachelor with a white father.


Asian woman attacking half Asian Jon Hamilton as if he were full Asian.


An Asian woman claiming that Eurasian men are incapable of attaining the masculinity of their white male fathers.


Comedian Esther Ku lumping half Asian sons (with Asian moms) in with full Asian men.

Congratulations, monsters. You gave birth to… monsters.

Hapa / Filipina(?) Woman Rachel Dahl Appears / Willingly Featured on White Nationalist Website


Link Here.

I don’t really pass judgement other than to voice my own mental issues.

My mother was Chinese from Hong Kong and had underwent such extreme body modification (like which Rachel seems to have) in order to “appear white.” I cannot explain the psychology of this well, but my suspicion is that she (my mother) was deeply mentally ill and so traumatized by the fact that she was not white that she altered her entire appearance to the point that my young brain actually did not register that she was Asian – think heavy red lip stick, eyelid surgery, heavy hair dyeing.

My father was also a very, very, very paleoconservative white man who believed in 1950’s era traditionalism, which I have voiced many times. He hates gays, hates liberals, hates Jews, and lives in a fantasy world of HAM radio, Holocaust denial, and old books.

As far as White male / Asian women being progressive – is that really even an issue in this current age?

Let it be know – Asian women and white men literally dream of having white babies. Asian women are replacement white women  for racist white men fed up with white women’s “behavior;” Asian women are so self hating at a core level that they will even take up a White Nationalist identity in order to “fit in.”


What’s truly scary to me is that I am so familiar with mental illness that I’m very afraid for the Hapa children of couples like these – especially when they come up against real racism – i.e., every day racism, where some random redneck says “you look Asian” to her son or daughter – and that will cause an implosion.

5c3aeab51f8dc6f1fa8e4cdc581460ef e59350c39c36a76e9af3c9939dc4404a

Hapa Olympian Arthur Nory Mariano is also an extreme racist – and the worst kind


The kind that doesn’t even try to hide it. Meaning that he literally was caught on camera bullying a fellow, young black athlete with racist comments for his sole crime of being born black in Brazil.

Original link here.

Gee, when’s the last time we’ve seen a Half Asian with an Asian mom be extremely racist? Oh – I don’t know, every single time? Who woulda thunk that a white Brazilian guy with a passion for martial arts and Asian women would also raise a racist son?

Did I also mention that I’m a former white nationalist (prolific poster on Storefront and other racist Nazi websites) whose insecurity with my slightly Asian looks (enough to make my friends bully me) made me want to be white so bad that I took to attacking black people?

How much do you want to bet Arthur is racist against Asians too – despite having an Asian mom?


🔥"Like most Asian women, I prefer white men. My son won't have problems. He won't be Asian."

Revamped post. Apologies to this fellow. It’s not about his looks – more about the suffering we half Asians have to endure.

“Small dick stereotypes won’t affect my son. He won’t have self esteem issues. He is better than the full Asian males my wife / girlfriend refused to see as potential partners. He will feel like a man growing up with a white father and an Asian woman who hated Asian men. He won’t have any problems dating. It’s about feminism! It’s all about feminism! Which is why half Asian guys despite having White dads are treated as non-sexual objects!”

As an Asian looking half Asian male, you have pretty limited options.

  • Believe your mom when she tells you you’re the most handsome, you’re a sweet little Eurasian boy, you just need to go to school to be treated as equal to white males. Ignore open racism and just “pretend” that your mother (and all her sisters) was different because she put food on your table. Become a thirty year old virgin before settling as another Asian girl’s second choice. Most Hapa males know that Asian women want a white man first, but failing that, they can get the next best thing – a substitute, counterfeit white male – a Eurasian son.
  • Go gay. (And take a white lover). Again, not always a conscious choice, but one that I believe may be influenced by the male child’s emasculation by birth. Imagine looking like an Asian boy watching women who look like you pretty much belong to white men, being openly supportive of a hierarchy that places big burly white men at the top, and men who look like you die alone. It can definitely influence your sexuality.
  • gayhapas2

(In before one of the usual full-Asian men comes in here telling me to suck it up. Your life is entirely different. You get laid? Congrats. You don’t endure the childhoods we do, whereby you actually have the mentalities and confidence required you to push through. Many of us are literally castrated sexually, emotionally and psychologically from birth.)

Proof that Asian Preference for White men has nothing to do with Feminism; Proof that Asian Women Practice Open Racism

Jed Rubenfeld.


I wholly support feminism for whatever form of equality it purports.

However, given that Asian women often use the line “we owe Asian men nothing,” and that it is Asian patriarchy that is responsible for social ills, I challenge them to explain why:

My father and many like him are extreme anti-gay campaigners, anti-black racists and routinely make comments about Jews, feminism (last Father’s Day he made comments about a local women’s studies professors’ mustache). My mother also never even broached the subject of feminism and her marriage to her husband was loveless and largely based on the fact that she could lay claim to a 6’3″ bearded redhead. I say with 100% certainty that she married him because he was white – yet growing up, I look more or less Asian, depending on what you’re looking for. If you don’t believe me, merely email me at and we can arrange a meetup.

Essentially, they are lying, they know they are lying, they are raising children under the premise of this lie – then asking their children be “ambitious” and to play by the rules – when his own parents never played by the rules of common decency. Why would a half Asian son aim to be ambitious if he gets treated as Asian and his own mother thought Asian men inferior?

Below is proof in the form of written testimony by Asian women wherein they describe their preferences as being either, A) Physical B) for Integration C) for Status, or D) for Self Image Problems.

Behind closed doors most Asian women including the mods of /r/AsianAmerican and /r/Asiantwox would never admit the more blatant reasons for their “preference,” (RE: TALL, WHITE) despite it being obvious to their future children, who, like most children, would require pride and careful upbringing to navigate racist society successfully.

(For reference my dad is one of the biggest gay-hating anti-feminist white guys, but he was tall and white, so).

Wherein they create an impossible situation in which their own Asian looking sons are told to be proud to be Asian under the conditions that their fathers are white, and then, even more brazenly:

We are forbidden from talking about it, so essentially Hapas are forced into a sort of biological servitude to open racists; e.g., an Asian mother, and a white father who enables extreme racism. 

Even more flagrant, is their attempt to forbid us from having any such issues, wherein when their children ultimately exhibit violent or even erratic behavior, Asian men are blamed, and then blamed again for the behavior of children that are biologically unable to escape their mother’s genes.

As in, Asian men were blamed in the first place for something that was beyond their control, and for being angry about being excluded for some kind of insane degree of racism directed at them for no reason other than their race, the racism that the children themselves will suffer from a few decades down the line.

Essentially, what this means, in a pattern of eternal return, is that Asian women are complicit in the creation of an anti-Asian atmosphere in the West, one that will permeate down so as to affect their future children, and then Asian men get blamed still for the behavior of half-Asian children that are left scratching their heads, or worse. It literally is the cyclical pattern seen in the cartoon in the sticky.

It is a practice in extreme irony on the level of a televised black comedy.

Like true sociopaths, what they (and by they, I mean the white-only Asian women, not all Asian women) refuse to play by any sort of rules and just attempt to clear the way for total, unconditional lack of accountability, and then we, their children, are left picking up their baggage and expected to figure it out for ourselves.

The good news is:

  • These women are insane robots who are incapable of love to their husbands and ruin their lives some 10-20 years down the line, like my dad’s was ruined. I frankly don’t see how a woman who marries for such horrible reasons would ever be capable of genuine love (hence the scowling, standoffish behavior of married Asian women).
  • Asian men are not stuck with the most cutthroat, nihilistic monsters on the planet

The bad news is:

  • These are the people who parent us.
  • Sociopaths breed sociopaths, or even worse.


Why would Half Asian males with Asian moms possibly have any problems?



I don’t know why it’s so offensive to suggest that biracial Asian young men will find insults against Asian men hurtful… especially when we are considered Asian men by most people. Even if these comments come from our parents this is unforgivable.

The thought that there are Asian looking sons of people like this somewhere out in the big, racist world, with Asian males at the bottom – yeah, seems scary.

Society has this… weird, love / hate relationships with Asians, which borders on both the physical and psychosexual, with Asians being seen as collective sexual objects – while large numbers of them are seen as threatening; i.e., your average Asian woman is a “proper substitute” for white women – yet many, many Asians suddenly becomes a point of contention.

Society hates Asian people – and it hates Asian men the most. So what happens when society hates you – and your own mother supports (in the most intimate way possible) a white racist?

Balloon Boys being coerced by their conservative white father to support Trump

Because of the nature of WMAW – Its politics, its conservative nature, the weird, grabbish quality the white males lord over their children, the fact that these kids are being abandoned in droves by their racist white fathers. – I think it’s fair to point out that the hapa children of white men – without proper intervention from EVERYONE – are going to prove to be a national security risk.


🔥Another good example of why half-Asians are a high risk demographic, thanks to their Asian mothers

Shout out to whoever made and compiled this.

This kind of talk is endemic both to:

  • Asian women, who constantly talk about how inferior Asian men are – in real time, for half Asian sons who aren’t even theirs to hear. So even the “so called” good couples still have children who are exposed to millions of these women. The question is – why would any half Asian be proud to be Asian as a result, or even worse, look ANYTHING like an Asian male? And many, many half Asians look TOTALLY Asian.
  • White men, especially the ones who are into Asian women. They just love to bash Asian men to make themselves feel bigger with Asian women. (Remember, it’s uniquely white men that are raising half Asian sons, so the children will try to live up to the father’s ethnicity).

So the question is why do half Asian sons try to play down their Asian heritage? I did this for ten years, and went practically insane as I looked more and more Asian. Again, I bullied full Asians, never grew my hair out longer than a couple weeks to avoid it being too dark, and when seeing my black hair fall on the barber’s smock I became almost instantly depressed.

I’ve listed dozens of cases, but I think this sums it up.

Elliot Rodger: “How could an ugly Asian attract the attention of a white girl, while a beautiful Eurasian like myself never had any attention from them? I thought with rage. I glared at them for a bit, and then decided I had been insulted enough. I angrily walked toward them and bumped the Asian guy aside, trying to act cocky and arrogant to both the boy and the girl.”

Daniel Holtzclaw: “How does that white dick taste?”

John Hamilton: “I’m Scottish below the belt.” 

What are these women going to do when a woman – even an Asian woman – says the same thing to their son? This has been said verbatim to me, and other half Asian men I know:

“I don’t date Asian guys.”

And you wonder why half Asians with Asian mothers have literally produced nothing of merit, ever?


I've accidentally discovered two horror cases in China – URGENT!

While reading through, I came across this thread where a user named /u/AntiNSA2 (a fairly typical right-wing, conspiracy theorist white male, like my father) posted a video of him walking his two half Asian sons through the streets of what I believe is Guangzhou.

Archive here.

What immediately stood out to me was that his children seemed very aloof from him (comparable to my and my brother’s aloofness from our father, and what other users and commenters here have reported about the aloofness of biracial children to their white fathers / Asian mothers), and within the first five minutes he refers to one of his children as “Mr. Autist” – representing a complete detachment from his own son – fairly typical of racist white men who get Chinese women pregnant.

Look at his comments in the thread, he left a brief description of his activities in the video. Multiple references to his son’s autism. Note how his writing patterns indicate someone who is mentally unstable – as well as the titles of his threads. 


On further inspection I followed up on him and noticed that he admitted that his mentally ill wife drugged his children for three days as well as having stabbed them.

This harkens back to my stories of my mentally ill mother – who also married a racist white man – and her physical abuse of us using knives and other violent behavior to intimidate us – along with suicidal behavior, and violence against my father. I have repeatedly said that the weakest, most low-value white men deliberately seek out Asian women because they are easy if you are white. Many of them view their biracial Asian looking children as an afterthought and have no idea how to parent us correctly. These women more often than not suffer from severe mental illness, which is inherited by the children.

Please listen. Please watch the video.

Link where he admits to beating his wife and his wife’s abuse of his children.



Through the Entire History of Chinese in Australia, why is it that the most Shining Examples of Biracial Chinese-Australians ALL have Chinese Fathers? (And regarding a famous Taiwanese girl's "race-play" blog – where she listed half Asians with Asian fathers as examples of success).

Tim Wu, who has been used as an example by Asian women with white fetishes – as an example of successful Hapas – despite the fact that Tim has a Taiwanese father.

I know, since I’ve made multiple posts of the same nature – but a genuine query after months of study. What is voiced below is actually mirrored in other countries, such as Canada and France, and even the United States.

Despite Asian women being the last people on earth (I mean, the last remaining people to do so, while everyone else is against white supremacy) to support good ol’ boy White male power structures – or in other cases, wealthy Jewish power structures – why is it that all of the most influential Half Asians of all time in entire countries have Asian fathers? Why is it that actual power and influence has been earned by those with Asian fathers – while the sons and daughters of white men and Asian women have done nothing? 

Australia is a shining example. Below are names that will be recognizable to most Australians (I am not Australian, but I’ve seen enough of these guys to assume they are a big deal).

Sir Leslie Joseph Hooker “LJ” – one of Australia’s richest self-made entrepreneurs. Chinese father, Australian mother.

Billy Sing – Australian war hero (really, really famous)

Penny Wong – Australian politician

Caleb Shang – Australian war hero.

I challenge anyone who reads this to name a single Australian of biracial Chinese heritage who has ever done anything of merit besides pout in front of a camera – that has a White father / Asian mother.

The same case can be made for France. A simple search for “French father Chinese mother” – without the quotations – will reveal dozens of links to positive examples of those with Chinese fathers – but nothing but odd side notes from those with Chinese mothers. Why?

Simple answer – White male / Asian woman couples are loaded with notions of superiority, inferiority – and despite the fact that Asian women (I’m talking about the beautiful ones like my mother, not the girls who marry white because it’s all they can get) marry white men for the perceived power – the Asian looking sons will never be taken seriously, and lack the paternal guidance to deal with racism.

If you can’t figure out why a woman who is an OPEN white supremacist (i.e., only blue eyed / blond haired men are good enough for me) and a white male who allows such bias and has ZERO understanding of what it is to be non-white, both make terrible parents to biracial children – then there’s something wrong with you, not me.

Another thing to note is that there are a number of “race play” blogs out there – some of them genuine, including this one. 

She ALSO lists Tim Wu as an example of successful, happy, handsome Hapas, meaning that these hateful Asian women have to steal from the children of Asian men in an attempt to justify their extreme hatred.



🔥Have a half Asian son on the way? Let me explain what he's in for, in 2016. Nuanced racism!


One of many half Asians who have died at their own hand.

Anyone interested in a brutally honest explanation of what it means to be half Asian with a white dad and an Asian mom, and what your children will experience, let me save you the time and do it for you. Are you an Asian woman who absolutely hates Asian males and is going to have kids with a white guy? I feel sorry as hell for the kids, so I hope you have as many kids as you can, so you can feel the pain I felt. 

Are you an Asian guy with a white woman or vice versa? Oh, wait, lest I forget, the white women who seek out Asian men or happen to fall in love with them are anti-racist, have to deal with mountains of shit and passive aggressiveness from society and create children who go onto win Academy Awards and make the world a more beautiful place, while the White men who seek out Asian women and vice versa are oftentimes hyper-white-supremacist and get a free ride.

Let me explain in skin-crawling detail the reality of being half Asian (the bad kind, the kind that are under 190cm and have more stereotypically dainty Asian features, so in other words, the reality as opposed to the fantasy).

  • You’re Asian; maybe it shows up in your eyes, or your hair, or your cheekbones, or your body. You grow up knowing your own parents both hated Asian men. You see White men and Asian women walking down the street by the hundreds; and none of the reverse. But you look in the mirror – and see an Asian guy, or your white friends will literally sit in front of you (this happened to me so many times I lost count) and nitpick your Asian features, to humiliate and degrade you, even though I don’t even look that Asian. You get turned down for being Asian? “Just be yourself, son.” You faced discrimination? Your dad shrugs his shoulders. You might have whiter skin and be slightly taller – you’re still Asian in white society’s eyes.
  • Family? What family? Because of the lingering racism and self-hatred in your family members, your entire family will be disjointed, your mother (who probably like mine is completely depressed, miserable and married due to deep, deep self-hatred and status) and father (who actually permitted such extreme bias simply because it was an easy way for him to have sex) will constantly be fighting because of cultural clash (my parents were in separate bedrooms their whole lives despite trying to put on an image of a happy White / Asian couple), and you’re essentially on your own, from start to finish. Did your mom emotionally abuse you because she was hateful, and mentally ill, and had this insane complex where she Tiger Mommed my full Asian looking brother, and ignored and beat me because I looked nothing like her? Mine sure did. I was surprised to even see Chinese moms holding their children’s hands when I first came to China! Sometimes I wonder if my mother’s coldness to me was because I looked nothing like her.
  • Your friends will all say extremely racist shit to you about other Asians, assuming you don’t care. Examples: “There are so many Asians here in the library.” “He’s a try hard, he’s an overcompensating Asian.” “You blend in here (i.e., Flushing, San Fran, Chinatown, Shanghai).” “Are you taller than everyone in China?” I can’t stand all these Asian engineers here.”
  • In fact, men will say extremely racist things about Asian people while having sex with Asian women. I had a non-white (Middle Eastern) roommate for three years in college who did the same thing; and he humiliated Asians constantly despite having sex with Asian women – because they were the easiest (especially Chinese immigrants, and even funnier, a Hapa girl at UMass Amherst). He was then surprised and disappointed with me, when after three years of doing this to me, when I became super racist, and a white nationalist, in an attempt to compensate for my Asian blood.
  • Think you can use your “high status” and “white skin” in Asia? Think again! Once I arrived in Asia, I went from being a handsome man who would be turned down for being Asian in America – to being a man who was ignored as being part of the Xinjiang minority. I have to listen to my coworkers talk about how shorter, uglier English teachers were “so handsome” – reminding me over and over that it wasn’t my Chinese blood I was to be proud of; but how my mother was “one of those” who took me away from the burgeoning economy of China and gave me a “life” that was hell on earth with barely enough food to eat because she needed a white man.
  • Especially fun is when you walk down the street (with a girl) and other white male / Asian woman couples will look at you in a way that makes your skin crawl; as if they truly think they own you, and think that their racist relationship is justified in “creating” you. However, when I wear glasses, I just become another Chinese guy – and I’ve seen Asian women look at me with such disgust in their eyes – one of their own sons.
  • Asian people do not accept you unless you speak fluently and change your last name to an Asian one. Expect a lifelong experience of being called “white” by Asians, and Asian by whites. The only difference between the two is that Asians don’t say it in a way that is meant to degrade and dehumanize you.
  • When white people find out that your mother is Asian they will nod, “of course.”
  • People will seek to degrade you by bringing up your Chinese or Asian heritage. “You look Asian when you wear ________.” This is uniformly an insult. 
  • Nobody cares at all about your Asian side; they will respond with “cool,” but generally they will seek to humiliate and bring you down with it; when you try to explore other cultures, even your own. Examples: “You’re not German, you’re Asian.” 
  • Sometimes, people will remind you that the only reason you’re “handsome” is because you’re “not full Asian.”
  • In Western society – the pathological hatred for Asians is so extreme – that any ounce of blood becomes a point to attack you with. Now, I assume Asian women understand this and try to breed it out, with white men. Or maybe it’s because Asian women truly believe white men are innocent Prince Charmings and don’t care. The only problem with this is that it just reinforces your son’s “laughable” low status in society. Hollywood has been writing Eurasian characters with White dads and Asian moms as bit parts since the 40’s.
  • Many white women will despise you after finding out you have Asian blood. Asian American / British women in particular will hate you even more, hence it was always a good idea of me to play down my Asian heritage. So extreme was this that I considered wearing blue contacts and coloring my hair to be “super white.” I turned into a raging racist and lost all of my friends because I wanted to be white, that bad. 
  • Mentioning you are Asian at all is a fast track to getting sidelined even in online dating. In fact, for years, I just put “white.”
  • It’s much better, and more convenient to identify as White in order to avoid blatant discrimination in work and dating making Asian pride ridiculous.
  • Expect no support from home; after all, since the marriage itself was built on such flimsy foundation of hatred, white male racism and escapism, that the marriage will have been broken 20 years from now – and your mom just saying “you’re white.” 
  • Your dad of course, has no idea what we have to go through.
  • Dating – what a shit show! 95% of White women do not want a single ounce of Asian blood. Westernized Asian women don’t, either! Westernized Asian women are notorious for openly voicing their hatred of Asian guys! But then again, Asian women from Asia probably don’t want us either! Hapa girls – we all know they inherit their mother’s hatred of Asian men, so dating another Hapa is almost impossible. Then let’s also remember how our Asian moms try to push us towards Asian girls in a weird attempt to control us out of their own insecurity.
  • Confusion! Even Amanda Rosenberg, marketing manager of Google Glass, has admitted to being mentally ill!


How do you circumvent these problems? Fairly easily. Make sure you marry the tallest, biggest, strongest white man you can, and make sure your kid has the emotional endurance of T-1 tank so that he can survive the next 20 years!

As if Eurasian identity couldn't get any weirder

Really really creepy “scientific” experiment regarding Eurasians and Jews. Must see.

What a weird part of history Eurasians occupy. Where’s the Master Race?

The real issue here is that Eurasian identity seems to fit a nice little peg of Western culture – where the women almost fit a very specific niche for the white dudes slightly more confident than those who go for Asian women. Literal slave-babies whose entire value is our “looks” – note that this woman is a scientist and all this emaciated prick does is want to sniff her panities. 

Of course he’s not going around sniffing Eurasian male underpants. In fact, nobody seems to want to do that. This was 5 years before the first thunder claps of the Hapacalypse began with Elliot Rodger.

I’d feel bad for Eurasian children on the whole – oh wait, I am one. The only reason I’m still alive is because I was tall and masculine enough to weather the terrible storm that I was subjected to. I literally tremble in fear for those coming after me.

My theory on Krit Mclean, the naked Eurasian model – and his conservative white dad / Thai "submissive" mom, and how he tried to make them lose face


200a19c27aa22a7a41ca941bcdded707 (2).pngSomebody posted this link on Reddit. The NYPost featured a front page article about him, stating that his fight began in his parents’ Manhattan home– his father being a (presumably wealthy) 70 year old white man with a much younger Asian wife and a 21 year old Hapa son.

I also have a conservative white dad who deliberately married an Asian woman for her “traditional” values; and I have an Asian mom who deliberately married a white man for status. I’ve explained how this happened over and over on this blog. Just search for it. I dealt with many issues with my looks (I look Asian enough for people to use it as a point of disrespect and denial), but more so coming from a loaded home.

There are immense expectations to be a good little Eurasian child, to “represent” this pairing, to “represent” a merger between East and West, and to be a “master race” replacement child for both pure white children (since the White men hate White women) and for pure Asian children (which the Asian mom hates). White conservative men will attempt to “shape” or “mold” their biracial children to be perfect, as do Asian women, and the two parties are together, complicit, in a very, very political agenda.

Given that the fight started at home, and that Krit mentioned Trump, my guess is that Krit’s father was a Trump supporter – ironic, since Trump supporters are famous for being racist and for loving Asian women, and no non-white looking half Asian son would ever support Trump.

Realizing he would never be able to convince his parents of his pain, he did exactly what someone should do to hurt, as bad as he can, a conservative Trump-supporter-cum-white-dad and his conservative trophy Asian wife, one of the most loaded, status oriented pairings on earth. 

He lost face, but this time in front of millions upon millions of people.

Sound familiar?

The Columbia / Notre Dame educated daughter of a millionaire / billionaire Goldman Sachs Vice President and a Chinese wife did the same thing.


As did the Princeton educated son of a famous Oriental scholar.

What Krit did was essentially a Kelly Baltazar. I can’t believe it.

All of these crimes / outburst are starting to show a pattern;

  • Psychosexual / sex based crimes (Kelly, Daniel, Elliot, now Krit)
  • Self destruction
  • Disassociation
  • Large scale exposure to effectively destroy the parents’ image forever. (Sulk, Kelly,

Daniel, Elliot)

Critiquing the usual "excuse" of Asian women who only date White men

  • No other ethnic group in America divides itself as much as Asians do
  • No other ethnic group prizes it’s half-white children as much as Asians do
  • No other ethnic group constantly talks about how beautiful their mixed race children are and how their children will all be models. I literally challenge anyone to find another ethnic group that says these kinds of things – literally promising that their children will be models. No other ethnic group (other than Hapas) are filled with average looking people trying to become “models.”
  • No other ethnic group takes as little pride in their appearance as Asians do
  • No other ethnic group tries to “blend in” and assimilate as much as Asians do

As a result – half Asian identity – is all about looking as non-Asian as possible. It’s about blending in; i.e., removing all traces of your Asian features. So Asian mothers are actually complicit in demanding that their children be white. No other group of children on the planet endure this kind of mental torture. No wonder so many half Asians go insane.

Tracy Chou on Quora had this nice little tidbit to explain about how White men are universally more appealing to Asian women than Asian men.

I did notice that not once did she even mention true love. And my mother’s marriage to my father – based on the ideal of assimilation and lust, was one that came crashing down at age 30 when she realized that he was a loser. It was never love. For some reason – for all of the excuses that Asian women throw at their choices, there never is love involved, and looking back at my family photos I noticed that love was entirely absent from my mother and fathers’ relationship; just as it seems to be absent from Amy Chua’s photos, or from Amy Tan’s – it’s was all just an elaborate plan. 

White men can’t possibly imagine that “love” itself, from a woman, can be plotted, and that plot is deeply rooted in Asian American insecurity. Their confusion comes from their own understanding of white women – who they interpret “love” for black men as being about dicks. 

Assimilation into Western society. Having grown up in a Western society, Asian-American girls sometimes identify more with “white” culture (defined by things like than with Asian culture — as such, referred to as “bananas”, for being yellow on the outside but white on the inside. A girl who perceives the world from a Western point of view is naturally drawn to others who she perceives to belong to Western society. Unfortunately, a whitewashed Asian guy still looks Asian.

And so my mother, feeling as if she had the opportunity to assimilate, assimilated. The problem was that my brother and I did not. She mistakenly told us to take pride in our Asian heritage – despite marrying a white male with copies of Enoch Powell in his library. Neither parent was prepared to help us deal with racism, to deal with feeling like we were less.

Asian women actually want their sons to hate their own Asian features – because to embrace them is to go against assimilation. Asian women actually teach their own children to hate themselves. Half Asian pride is a joke – if assimilation is the plan – then wouldn’t the child have the ultimate aim of looking white?

Asian women actually view half Asians sons who look Asian with the same disgust. And you wonder why half Asian men want to be white so bad – or why madness is almost inherently built into our community?